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big resea a Olivia Rose is a senior biomedical engineering student who worked a summer internship through West Virginia University’s NanoSAFE REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program. Rose was one of 12 students from across the nation who were given a project to be completed within ten weeks. Rose’s project was conducted through the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department at West Virginia University under the supervision of Cerasela-Zoica Dinu, Ph.D. Her main focus in the project was to evaluate the behavior of cells when exposed to metallic frameworks, using cellular tests to examine the toxicity of lab-made metallic organic frameworks when the cells were exposed to them. Rose believes the internship she took part in during the summer has allowed her to cultivate the necessary skills and techniques she needs in order to pursue her biomedical engineering career. “What I gained from this experience was valuable knowledge in the field of nanotechnology and the potential it has in many applications,” Rose said. “Also, the techniques that I learned completing my research greatly helped expand my skills in the biomedical field.”


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Gannon Magazine January 2019  
Gannon Magazine January 2019