Gannon University Graduate Catalog 2022-2023

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District-Wide Supervisory Certificate: Curriculum and Instruction – ONLINE Program Coordinator: Mr. Stephen F. Corsi (814) 871-5399 •

MISSION STATEMENT OF THE DISTRICT-WIDE SUPERVISORY CERTIFICATE: CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION The mission of Gannon University’s District-wide Supervisory Certification in Curriculum and Instruction program is to prepare school administrators for the role of a district-wide specialist who works across the total grade organization and is responsible for supervising instruction and evaluating staff, designing and developing curriculum and innovative educational programs, conducting experimental instructional initiatives and directing and conducting applied educational research.

OVERVIEW The Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor is a district-wide specialist who works across all grade levels of a school entity. Candidates who successfully complete the principal certification program at Gannon University may elect to take an additional 9 credits of coursework to be eligible to apply for certification as a Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor. Candidates who have completed their principal certification program at another institution may need 9-17 credits based upon a transcript review. In addition, candidates must have an Instructional II Pennsylvania teaching certificate. Candidates must also take and pass a Praxis examination prior to receiving their certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon completion of the District-Wide Supervisory Certification in Curriculum and Instruction program, candidates will be able to: • Demonstrate knowledge of instructional, strategic, and operational leadership • Design and lead staff in professional development • Evaluate data to inform decision making • Demonstrate the impact of change within a school environment

CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS Transfer of credits: Transferring credits to a program is done at the discretion of the program coordinator. Minimum requirements are that they are graduate courses from an approved institution which have a grade of “B” or better and are recorded on an official transcript, and which are no older than five years at the time of submission for consideration.


For individuals who have successfully completed Gannon’s Principal PreK-12 certification program, the nine credits listed below are required. A transcript review is required for all other candidates. GEDU 616 School and Community Relations (3 credits online) GEDU 617 Administration of School Personnel (3 credits online) GEDU 713 Supervisory Mastery Internship (3 credits/360 hours) STEPS TO CERTIFICATION 1. Successfully complete all required coursework. 2. Pass required Praxis exam. 3. Apply for certification on the PA Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). 4. Gannon University recommends candidates for certification, and PDE approves and issues certification.

Superintendent Certification/ Letter of Eligibility Program – ONLINE Program Coordinator: Mr. Stephen F. Corsi (814) 871-5399 •

MISSION STATEMENT OF THE SUPERINTENDENT CERTIFICATION/ LETTER OF ELIGIBILITY PROGRAM The mission of Gannon University’s Superintendent Preparation Program is to prepare superintendents to be strategic system leaders who effectively and ethically bring about continuous system improvements that result in increased student achievement.

SUPERINTENDENT AS STRATEGIC SYSTEM LEADER The Superintendent Letter of Eligibility Program is designed around the conceptual framework of The Superintendent as Strategic System Leader and is designed to meet the Pennsylvania Leadership Standards. All courses in the certification program are approved to meet the Act 45 professional development requirement for practicing administrators and are also approved as foundational courses for Gannon’s Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Leadership.

PROGRAM DISTINCTIONS Program Delivery Model for Working Professionals Classes meet online. The 12-month online program allows for the complete flexibility required for busy educators to accommodate work and family. Travel to Gannon University is not required during the program.