Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Page 540


PRE-HEALTH PROGRAMS MELANIE GUSTAFSON-ROPSKI, M.A., Director, Pre-Health Advising Program The following programs are in this section: TRADITIONAL PROGRAMS Pre-Chiropractic Medicine Pre-Dental Medicine Pre-Medicine Pre-Optometry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Podiatric Medicine Pre-Veterinary Medicine AFFILIATION PROGRAMS Chiropractic Medicine Northeast College of Health Sciences 3+3 Accelerated Chiropractic Medicine Northeast College of Health Sciences 4+3 Chiropractic Medicine Dental Medicine CWRU 3+4 Early Acceptance Dental Medicine LECOM 4+4 Early Acceptance Dental Medicine Medicine LECOM 3+4 Early Acceptance Medicine LECOM 4+4 Early Acceptance Medicine PCOM 4+4 Medicine Ross University 4+4 Medicine UMHS 3+4 Accelerated Medicine UMHS 4+4 Medicine

Optometry Salus University 3+4 Accelerated Optometry Pharmacy Duquesne University 2+4 Accelerated Pharmacy LECOM2+3/2+4 Early Acceptance Pharmacy LECOM3+3/3+4 Early Acceptance Pharmacy LECOM4+3/4+4 Early Acceptance Pharmacy University at Buffalo 3+4Accelerated Pharmacy University of Charleston 3+4 Accelerated Pharmacy Podiatric Medicine Kent State University 3+4 Accelerated Podiatric Medicine Temple University 3+4 Accelerated Podiatric Medicine Veterinary Medicine Ross University 4+4 Veterinary Medicine Preparatory Program Pre-Health Qualification

PRE-CHIROPRACTIC MEDICINE, PRE-DENTAL MEDICINE, PRE-MEDICINE, PRE-OPTOMETRY, PRE-PODIATRIC MEDICINE, PRE-VETERINARY MEDICINE These programs prepare students for admission to any chiropractic, dental, medical, optometric, podiatric, or veterinary school in the United States. These health professional schools require at least two semesters of biology with laboratories, four semesters of chemistry with laboratories, and two semesters of physics with laboratories. Since additional academic requirements vary by profession, and even by schools within a single profession, it is essential to meet the exact requirements for each professional school under consideration for application. Gannon’s pre-health programs have a long-standing tradition of excellence. Nearly 100% of competitive applicants are accepted to health professional schools each year.