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THE NEXT STEP Baccalaureate Degree Program for Graduates of Two Year Colleges Science (Numerals in front of courses indicate credits) Pre-Senior Year 24 Science Sequence 3 Introduction to Philosophy/LPHI 131 3 Foundations of Theology/LTHE 101 3 Literature Series/LENG 3 Fine Art Series/LFIN 36

Senior Year 27 Science Sequence 3 Senior Seminar/LBST 383 3 LPHI 237 or any LTHE 300 course 1 Leadership Seminar 34

Students will be permitted to take other courses in substitution for any course listed above which they have satisfactorily completed prior to admission into the Next Step program. Students are required to complete 7-19 credits in the Liberal Studies Core. Students may transfer courses equivalent to Sacred Scripture, Introduction to Philosophy, the Literature Series and/or the Fine Arts Series. Students must take the Leadership Seminar, the Theology/ Philosophy III Series, and the Senior Seminar or approved capstone at Gannon. The Science sequence must include a total of 60 credits of course work, of which at least 24 credits must be earned in one of the following fields: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, or Technical area. Six credits of this total may be earned prior to admission to this program. A minimum of eight credits must be taken in each of the science or math fields (excluding math and Environmental Science). The Gannon University – Duquesne School of Law, 3+3 Early Admissions Program has been designed for qualified students to earn an undergraduate and a law degree in six years rather than seven. Under the early admissions program students may receive a Bachelors Degree in specific majors after three years of undergraduate work and the successful completion of the first year of full time study at the Duquesne School of Law. The student would then receive their Law Degree after successful completion of the second year at Duquesne School of Law. Qualified students may wish to pursue this option.

SPORT AND EXERCISE SCIENCE Department Chair: SUZANNE E. KITTS, Ph. D. FACULTY: Associate Professors: Tania Flink, Kory Stauffer Assistant Professors: Suzanne Kitts, JD Mosinski, Jason P. Willow. Instructor: Elizabeth Miller The Sport and Exercise Science Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree through the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences. The program is designed to prepare students for employment and/or graduate training in many areas including, but not limited to, athletic training, exercise physiology, physical and occupational therapy, nutrition, health and wellness program administration, medicine and allied health professions, kinesiology, and exercise science. Students can use their skills in a variety of health and fitness positions, including becoming a research assistant, a health/fitness technician, a personal trainer, an athletic trainer or a fitness specialist. Additional employment opportunities may include becoming a strength and conditioning professional, an athletic coach, a physical activity project coordinator, entry level positions in pharmaceutical sales, or positions in corporate fitness. The department also prepares the student for possible certification by national governing bodies

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Gannon University Undegraduate Catalog 2019-2020  

Gannon University Undegraduate Catalog 2019-2020