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The following table shows technical electives for Electrical Engineering and Cyber Engineering (Note that ‘•’ indicates a pre-approved course for the corresponding option in each column). Elective Courses

Electrical & Electronics

Bioelectrical Cyber Engineering Engineering

ECE 335: Electromagnetic Fields

ECE 337: Computer Architecture

ECE 340: Micro-Controller Applications

• •

ECE 345/6: Advanced Digital Design & Lab

ECE 347: Embedded Systems Design

ECE 348: Digital Design with HDL & Lab

ECE 363: Power System Engineering I

ECE 366: Power System Engineering II

ECE 390-399: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering

ECE 421: VLSI Design

ECE 437: Advanced Computer Architecture

• •

ECE 449: VHDL Design

ECE 451: Optical Devices and Systems

ECE 456: R F Circuit Integration

ECE 466: Modeling & Analysis of Electric Drives

ECE 471: Control of Electrical Machines

ECE 472: Digital Signal Processing

ECE 474: Artificial Neural Networks

ECE 483: Communication Theory

ECE 485: Advanced Programming in C/C++

ECE 486: Object-oriented Modeling

ECE 488: Modern Control Theory

ECE 489: Digital Control

Other ECE3xx or ECE4xx course, with advisor approval •

CIS 3xx or CIS4xx Course, with advisor approval

CIS 286 Adv. Object-Oriented Techniques

CIS 315 Software Engineering

BME 460 Biosignal Processing

BME 479 Biomedical Robotics and Biomimetics

BME 480 Haptics

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Gannon University Undegraduate Catalog 2019-2020