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COURSE DESCRIPTIONS IMGT 306: Global Business This course investigates the international environment. Topics include multi-national organizations, international trade, effects of import/export on balance of trade, exchange rates, the international business environment, international financial markets, multi-national marketing, multi-national financial management. The course will also address the issue of cross cultural sensitivity. Prerequisite: Junior standing 3 credits IMGT 375: Organizational Internship Selected students will be able to spend a period of time (50 hours per credit hour) working as an Intern with a local organization. During this period the student will maintain a journal, will meet regularly with a faculty member, and with a supervisor to provide continuing evaluation of quality and progress of the student’s work. At the conclusion of the experience the student will submit a paper to the supervisor and faculty member and make an oral presentation. Prerequisite: Junior standing 1-6 credits IMGT 382: China Studies The purpose of this course is to study in depth the effect on all elements of an international business firm’s external environment if it were to do business in China. The geography, level of economic development, economic system, legal system, political system, business environment, culture (including history, language, religion, education, concept of the family, time perception, etc.) and current issues of China are studied. This course is to be open to students of all majors and includes a travel component. Prerequisite: None 3 credits IMGT 420: Issues in Global Management This course explores the management discipline in an international/global context. Specific topics include international/global strategy, international/global human resource management, cross cultural management, historical and developmental processes which have determined the current system of socio-political and economic disparities, international organizations & governance and international/global organizational structure and managing business and government relations in an international/global context. Prerequisite: BCOR 250 3 credits IMGT 490: Directed Study Abroad in International Management This course is designed to allow students to explore areas of management study while at a non-U.S. (geographically) university. The course content must be pre-approved by the fulltime faculty. Topics are chosen in discussions with the faculty member responsible and approved by the faculty member responsible for the management curriculum. This course can be credit bearing from 1-6 credits depending on topic and extent of work. The culminating work for this course is a written paper which must address all aspects of the international management) curriculum learning goals. Topics chosen for investigation must be within the framework of international management and also address all of the learning goals of the management curriculum. This work can also be completed at a foreign university under the tutelage of a professor at the foreign institution and with the approval of the responsible Gannon professor. Prerequisite: Permission of supervising faculty member 1-6 credits

MANAGEMENT (BSBA) The Management curriculum prepares students to successfully plan, organize, staff, lead, and control the business enterprise. In today’s business environment, managers must think critically and analyze organizational and market changes. This demands an understanding of process measurement, forecasting, functional interdependence, forward thinking and analytics.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019