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culminating and integrative learning experiences which facilitate integration of all knowledge and competencies gained during the undergraduate experience, including major courses, Liberal Studies Core courses, and co-curricular activities and experiences. Each Capstone Seminar is distinctive depending on the course content and instructor. NOTE: The Capstone Seminar is to be taken during the senior year and must be completed prior to graduation. Senior Capstone Seminar Options ARTS 400 Senior Seminar and Thesis BCOR 480 Business Policy CHEM 420 Analysis of Industrial Practices CIS 457/ Senior Design CIS 458 COMM 400 Senior Seminar and Thesis CRJS 495 Criminal Justice Capstone ECE 357 Senior Design EDCR 401 Professional Seminar ENGL 400 Senior Research Project and Oral Exam

GERO 400 Death, Dying, and Bereavement GOCCT 640 Clinical Reasoning Seminar GPHAS 601 Pre-Rotation Lectures Series LBST 383 Senior Seminar ME 354 Senior Design NURS 404 Nurse Power Politics PHIL 400 Honors Seminar in Philosophy SCWK 400 Social Work Senior Integrating Seminar

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Course descriptions without a Liberal Studies prefix (LXXX) can be found under their school/ department/program. Liberal Studies Component of Two Year Programs First Year Seminar LENG 111: College Composition LTHE 101: Foundations of Theology and Christian Morality LPHI 131: Introduction to Philosophy SPCH 101: Introduction to Speech Social Science

2 credits 3 3 3 1 3 Total 15 credits

Liberal Studies Component of Next Step Program Students admitted to Gannon University from another institution with an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent international degree will be required to complete the following Liberal Studies Core courses: LTHE 101: Foundations of Theology and Christian Morality LPHI 131: Introduction to Philosophy LENG Literature Series LFIN Fine Arts Series Leadership Seminar LPHI Philosophy II series OR LTHE Theology III Series Senior Capstone Seminar (LBST 383 or equivalent)

3 credits 3 3 3 1 3 3 Total 19 credits

Students may, with the approval of the Director of Liberal Studies, transfer courses equivalent to requirements of the Liberal Studies Core. Students who have received an Associate Degree from Gannon University must fulfill all Liberal Studies Core requirements in order to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree, and do not qualify for the Next Step Program.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019