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Philosophy II Series Options LPHI/ Philosophy of God PHIL 233 LPHI/ Philosophy of Knowledge PHIL 235 LPHI/ Philosophy of Ethical PHIL 237 Responsibility LPHI/ Philosophy of Science PHIL 239 LPHI/ Philosophy of Education PHIL 240 LPHI 246 Philosophy of Mind LPHI 255 Philosophy of Place PHIL 210 Logic PHIL 225/ Philosophy of SPCH 225 Communication Theology III Series Options LTHE 301 Faith, Revelation and Theology LTHE 311 Theology of Jesus Christ LTHE 321 Theology of Church LTHE 323 Vatican II and the Catholic Tradition LTHE 325 Women and the Pilgrim Church LTHE 327 American Catholicism LTHE 331 Theology of Christian Worship LTHE 333 Theology of Marriage LTHE 341 The Life and Thought of Cardinal Newman LTHE 351 Catholic Moral Theology LTHE 358 God and Radical Evil Social Science Series Options ARCH 201 Archeology and History of Ancient Near East ARCH/ Becoming Human-Becoming HIST 302 the World BCOR 111 Principles of Microeconomics BCOR 112 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 285 Project Economics EDCR 101 Psychology of Learning and Teaching HIST 110 Foundations of Western Heritage POLI 111 U.S. Government and Politics

PHIL 248 Women in Western Philosophy PHIL 250 Comparative World Philosophy PHIL 271 History of Ancient Philosophy PHIL 273 History of Medieval Philosophy PHIL 280 History of Modern Philosophy PHIL 286 History of Contemporary Philosophy PHIL 290 Philosophy & Law PHIL 345 Philosophy of History PHIL 350 Introduction to Metaphysics PHIL 365 Modern Existentialism PHIL 383 American Philosophy

LTHE 359 Good and Evil: Reconciling the Holocaust LTHE 361 Hebrew Bible I: Torah LTHE 362 Hebrew Bible II: Prophets LTHE 363 Hebrew Bible III: Writings LTHE 365 The Synoptic Gospels LTHE 367 The Theology of John and Paul LTHE 371 The Catholic Tradition LTHE 372 Jesuits: Saints or Scoundrels LTHE 373 The Protestant Tradition LTHE 381 Christianity and World Religions: Western Tradition LTHE 383 Christianity and World Religions: Eastern Tradition

POLI 122 Public Policy Analysis POLI 133 Introduction to International Relations PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology SCWK 212 Social Problems, Services, and Solutions SCWK 221 Human Behavior Social Environment I SOCI 110 Basic Sociology SOCI 120 Individual, Culture, and Society SOCI 292 Cultural Anthropology

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019