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Foundational Core 6 credits:

Theology • LTHE 101/Foundations of Theology and Christian Morality • LTHE 201/The Bible: An Introduction

6 credits:

Philosophy • LPHI 131/Introduction to Philosophy • Second Course from Philosophy II Series Options (see list below)

3 credits:

Philosophy or Theology • Either LPHI 237/Philosophy of Ethics or LTHE Theology III option (see list below)

3 credits:

History • LHST 111/History Without Borders

6 credits:

Writing • LENG 111/College Composition • LENG 112/Critical Analysis and Composition

3 credits:

Speech • SPCH 111/Fundamentals of Speech, or SPCH 113/Human Communication & Society, or SPCH 115/Presentational Strategies (or met through Liberal Studies approved substitution)

Developmental Core 2 credits: 1 credit: 3 credits:

First-Year Seminar (may be met in major) Leadership Seminar (may be met in major) Senior Capstone (LBST 383 or may be met in major)

Integrative Core 3 credits: 3 credits: 3 credits: 3 credits: 3 credits:

Fine Arts (see list below or may be met within major) Literature (see list below or may be met within major) Mathematics (see list below or may be met within major) Science (see list below or may be met within major) Social Science (see list below or may be met within major)

Fine Arts Series Options ARTS 213 Issues in Music History ARTS 216 Music in the Theatre ARTS 260 Music and the Media ARTS 385 American Architecture EDCR 302 Expressive Arts ENGL 250 Introduction to Photography LFIN 250 Theatre and Culture Literature Series Options ENGL 352 Modern/Contemporary Drama LENG 241 Prose Literature LENG 243 Drama LENG 245 Poetry LENG 247 Introduction to Literature LENG 249 Women Writers LENG 250 Fantasy and Science Fiction

FIN 251 L LFIN 252 LFIN 253 LFIN 254 LFIN 256 LFIN 257


Introduction to Music Women in Photography Introduction to the Visual Arts Art of Film American Popular Music Introduction to Fine Arts

LENG 251 Literature and the Healing Arts LENG 252 Reading Autobiography LENG 253 Introduction to World Literature MLED 201 Adolescent Literature/Practicum

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019