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JUNIOR First Semester 3 Human Physiology/BIOL 368 1 Human Physiology Lab/BIOL 369 3 Structural Biochemistry/CHEM 366 3 College Physics 1/PHYS 105 1 College Physics 1 Lab/PHYS 106 3 Intro to Psychology/PSYC 111 or Basic Sociology/SOCI 110 3 General Electives 17


Second Semester 8 Biology Electives** 3 College Physics 2/PHYS 108 1 College Physics 2 Lab/PHYS 109 3 Fine Arts Series/LFIN*


SENIOR First Semester 2 Biology Topics/BIOL 490-495 or Directed Research/BIOL 487 or Biology Research I/BIOL 488 6-8 Biology Electives** 3 LPHI 237 or any LTHE 300 level course 1 Leadership Seminar 3 General Electives 15-17

Second Semester 5-7 Biology Electives** 3 Senior Seminar/LBST 383 6 General Electives


* Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for course options. ** The following upper-level science coursework is recommended (those highly recommended are shown in bold): Vertebrate Embryology (BIOL 307/308); Histology (BIOL 320/321); Microbiology (BIOL 331/332); Immunology (BIOL 338/339); Virology (BIOL 334); Parasitology (BIOL 354/355); Endocrinology (BIOL 363); Human Gross Anatomy (BIOL 365/366); Cellular Biochemistry (BIOL 373/374) and Cell Biology (BIOL 375/376); please consult with your advisor. †The student may pursue another approved program that allows the student to acquire all prerequisite coursework prior to anticipated LECOM matriculation; please consult with the PreHealth Advising Program Director to prepare an academic schedule. Total Credits to be Completed at Gannon: 128-132

LECOM 3+4 EARLY ACCEPTANCE MEDICINE Gannon University, in affiliation with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), offers an early acceptance program for qualified students to earn a bachelor’s degree from Gannon University and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree from LECOM. The 3+4 early acceptance program grants highly motivated academically strong students an opportunity to gain conditionally guaranteed acceptance to LECOM as early as the senior year of high school. Participation in the program alleviates much of the cost of applying to medical schools, while providing a strong background in scientific and biomedical courses at Gannon University. After completing their undergraduate education at Gannon University, students matriculate to either the main campus in Erie, Pennsylvania which includes an additional location at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania or a branch campus in Bradenton, Florida. Successful completion of the first year of medical school at LECOM will allow students in the 3+4 early acceptance program to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in health science from Gannon University. GU Undergraduate Entry Requirements • Completion of four years of science courses at the high school level (biology and chemistry courses are required, while physics is highly recommended)

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019