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• C  umulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale • Minimum SAT score of 1130 (new SAT)/1050 (old SAT) or ACT composite score of 23 Curriculum FRESHMAN First Semester 3 Molecular and Cellular Biology/ BIOL 122 1 Molecular and Cell. Biology Lab/ BIOL 123 3 General Chemistry I/CHEM 111 1 General Chemistry I Lab/CHEM 112 3 Trigonometry/MATH 112 or Calculus 1/MATH 140 3 College Composition/LENG 111 2 First-Year Seminar 16

Second Semester 3 Animal Form and Function/BIOL 124 1 Animal Form and Function Lab/BIOL 125 3 General Chemistry II/CHEM 114 1 General Chemistry II Lab/CHEM 115 3 Calculus 1/MATH 140 or Calculus 2/ MATH 141 or Applied Statistics/ MATH 213 3 Critical Analysis & Composition/ LENG 112 3 History Without Borders/LHST 111 17

Students planning to complete a traditional four-year degree should select an academic major upon completion of their third semester. Most students complete the biology or chemistry major curriculum, but other majors are viable options for students desiring admission to health professional schools. Non-science majors may become candidates for admission, if they have taken the prerequisite science courses required by the school to which they apply. For example, pre-medical subjects required by U.S. medical schools are listed in the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR), published by the Association of American Medical Colleges. If time permits within a student’s major curriculum, the following courses are recommended: • • • • • • •

 pplied Statistics (MATH 213) A Organic Chemistry III & Lab (CHEM 323/324) Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Lab (BIOL 292/293) Histology & Lab (BIOL 320/321) Human Physiology & Lab (BIOL 368/369) Genetics & Lab (BIOL 265/266) Structural Biochemistry (CHEM 366)

Advising Students participating in a pre-health program are assigned two pre-health advisors. The primary academic advisor assists students in scheduling courses appropriate for their chosen major curriculum. The Director of the Pre-Health Advising Program acts as a secondary advisor for all pre-health students, preparing students to become qualified professional school applicants and making recommendations on their behalf in collaboration with other faculty evaluators. Early Acceptance A three-year option is available to extraordinary students who have completed three years of undergraduate study at Gannon University (a minimum of 96 credits including all of the liberal studies core requirements), and have achieved early acceptance to an accredited health professional school. The student must petition the Director of the Pre-Health Advising Program, who in consultation with the Dean of the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences, may award a Bachelor of Science degree in health science upon completion of the first year of study at an accredited health professional school. The student must submit an official transcript showing completion of the first year of coursework to the Gannon University Registrar, who will forward it to the Director for review. Upon the Director’s and Dean’s approval, a B.S. in health science will be awarded to the student.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019