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FOURTH YEAR (start of Graduate Phase) Summer Semester 1 GPHAS 600 Pre-Rotation Lecture Series Lab 4 GPHAS 601 Pre-Rotation Lecture Series 2 GPHAS 602 Business Practice for PAs 5 GPHAS 617 Family Medicine Rotation I 12 FIFTH YEAR Fall Semester Spring Semester 5 GPHAS 618 Family Medicine Rotation II 4 GPHAS 616 Clinical Research 5 GPHAS 619 Family Medicine Rotation III 5 GPHAS 621 Emergency Medical Rotation 5 GPHAS 614 General Surgery Rotation 5 GPHAS 622 Family Medicine Rotation IV 15 14 FIFTH YEAR Summer Semester 5 GPHAS 623 Elective Rotation I 5 GPHAS 624 Elective Rotation II 2 GPHAS 631 Research Guidance 2 GPHAS 634 Clinical & Professional Capstone 14 Requirements complete for Master of Physician Assistant Science

PHYSICS NICHOLAS CONKLIN, Chairperson FACULTY: Associate Professor: Nicholas Conklin. Assistant Professor: Joshua Jones. Instructor: Perry Hilburn.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS PHYS 101: Concepts in Physics This one-semester course provides an introduction to fundamental concepts in physics sufficient to provide a foundation for other courses in the physical and medical sciences. The course is appropriate for all students, particularly those in allied-health majors. Topics will include motion, center of mass, levers, force, energy, momentum, pressure, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and sound waves. While emphasis is placed on mastery of basic concepts, computations requiring high-school level math are an integral part of the course. Prerequisite: None; however, high school trigonometry, MATH 111, 112, or 114 are strongly recommended. 3 credits PHYS 105: College Physics 1 This course provides an algebra and trigonometry-based introduction to mechanics, fluids, and waves, and emphasizes quantitative and conceptual understanding of the material. Topics covered include kinematics in one and two dimensions, Newton’s laws of motion, rotational motion, gravitation, conservation of energy and momentum, fluids, oscillations, and sound. Pre-requisites: MATH 112 or MATH 135 or MATH 140 3 credits

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019