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JUNIOR and SENIOR 3 Basic Sociology/SOCI 110 3 College Physics 1 /PHYS 105 1 College Physics 1 Lab/PHYS 106 3 College Physics 2 /PHYS 108 1 College Physics 2 Lab/PHYS 109 3 Human Gross Anatomy/BIOL 365 1 Human Gross Anatomy Lab/BIOL 366 3 Human Physiology/BIOL 368 1 Human Physiology Lab/BIOL 369 3 Physiology of Exercise and Sport/SPRT 390 1 Physiology of Exercise and Sport Lab/SPRT 391 3 Kinesiology/SPRT 360 (recommended) 26 All students receiving a bachelor’s degree from Gannon must complete the Liberal Studies Core requirements and the course requirements for their field of study in addition to the courses listed above.

Doctor of Physical Therapy 3 + 3 Program This program has been designed for qualified students to earn an undergraduate degree in either Sport and Exercise Science or general Science and a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree at Gannon University in six years rather than seven. Under the early entry program, the students may receive a Bachelors Degree with a specific major in either of the undergraduate options (Sport and Exercise Science/General Science) after three years of undergraduate work and the successful completion of the first year of full time study in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Students would receive their DPT Degree after successful completion of three years in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree at Gannon University. The curriculum in either Science or Sports and Exercise Science allows for the completion of the Liberal Studies Core, the necessary coursework for completion of the intended major, and the prerequisites for physical therapy. Under the provisions of this program, students will matriculate at Gannon University for a minimum of a hundred and two (102) to a hundred and five (105) semester hours leading toward either the Bachelor of Science-Science/Pre Physical Therapy tract or Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science/Pre Physical Therapy tract. A guaranteed position in our 3+3 Doctor of Physical Therapy Program will be reserved for freshman if the following criteria are met: • • • •

 AT total of 1170 or higher or ACT score of 24 or higher S Grade point average of 3.40 or higher on a 4.0 scale Must maintain a grade point average of 3.40 or higher in Gannon undergraduate courses Must maintain a grade point average of 3.40 or higher in the prerequisite courses (with no repeat courses)

Overall GPA will be reviewed at the end of the Freshman and Sophomore year. Overall and pre-requisite GPA will be reviewed at the end of the Junior year. GPA’s are evaluated as reported by the Registrar’s Office. At the end of your junior year, student status will change from an undergraduate to graduate status that may affect your financial aid and on-campus housing. In addition, in order for the 3 +3 students to complete their undergraduate degree, they must be formally admitted to the DPT program and successfully complete the first year graduate courses. The graduate credits as specified below are the only credits that will be accepted for transfer to the undergraduate transcript for completion of the intended undergraduate degree. (B.S. Sport and Exercise Science or B.S. Science) Failure to successfully complete the graduate course work may result in additional undergraduate course work to fulfill the undergraduate degree requirements.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019