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+ represents Fall only course ++ represents Spring only course Clinical time = time in application of nursing role performance PHHR = (Promoting Health and Health Restoration); PH = (Promoting Healthy) * Nutrition/ Diet 202 must be taken at Gannon University Progression Requirements • Students must maintain a QPA (cumulative grade point average) of 2.70 to progress to the next semester • Students must achieve a minimum letter grade of C in all NURS courses AND all Science courses & lab • The curriculum is sequential, students complete level one courses before level two courses and level two courses before level three courses. BSN-NURS Next-Step The Next-Step program may be offered to students admitted to Gannon with a non-Nursing Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent international degree. Refer to the Liberal Studies component of the Next-Step Programs.

NURSING (VILLA MARIA SCHOOL OF) – RN to BSN OPTION – ONLINE PROGRAM LISA QUINN, Ph.D., CRNP, RNC, Associate Director The Villa Maria School of Nursing, in agreement with the Pennsylvania Nursing Articulation Model, believes that a common core of knowledge exists between accredited basic nursing programs and should be recognized without the requirements of special testing. The goal of the Pennsylvania Nursing Articulation Model is to provide an appropriate path of articulation between RN and BSN programs, which eliminates duplication of content. Villa Maria School of Nursing has created an option including the use of transfer credits, articulation credits, challenge exams and validation by portfolio which all aid in eliminating duplication of content. Transfer credits are awarded in accordance with the University guidelines and policies. Villa Maria School of Nursing provides articulation credits for basic nursing knowledge gained from an accredited RN program. Up to thirty-two (32) credits of nursing are granted, during the final semester of study, for articulation credit. Nursing knowledge gained through professional experience, which demonstrates attainment of professional nursing course outcomes may be validated through portfolio. Students admitted to the RN to BSN Option may choose to create a portfolio for qualifying professional nursing courses. The process for creation of and validation of course outcomes by portfolio is presented, practiced and refined in the Transition to Professional Nursing course (NURS 203). The student, who believes that specific required courses would involve repetitive learning, may have an opportunity to challenge the course by examination. Students may also earn credits through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Students must receive academic advisement regarding course credits approved for challenge examinations and CLEP exams from their advisor. CLEP exams and transfer credits do not qualify as meeting the 30 institutional credits which must be completed to meet graduation requirements. NLN Achievement testing may demonstrate a student’s knowledge in specific subjects, such as nutrition. NLN Achievement testing may be required for students who have not graduated from an accredited nursing program.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019