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Elective Courses The following courses are offered as electives to provide the student with the opportunity to investigate in more detail a specific area of interest. NURS 343/GNURS 543: Palliative Care This course provides an examination of the theory of palliative care focusing on the complexities of caring for terminally ill and dying patients as well as those with life-threatening or chronic illness. This course is designed for students from a variety of health care disciplines. Aspects of the interdisciplinary team in providing a comprehensive approach to palliative care are emphasized. The physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs of patients and families as well as ethical and legal issues concerning care are explored. Open to all majors. Prerequisites: LTHE 121, LPHI 131, and minimum of junior standing as an undergraduate student recommended. 3 credits NURS 416: Special Topics in Nursing Special topic courses are developed by faculty around a specific area of interest. Objectives may be defined by faculty or mutually identified by students and faculty. 1-3 credits, Fall or Spring #NURS 417: Elective Clinical Practicum The Elective Clinical Practicum provides senior professional nursing majors with learning experiences to expand the student’s understanding of the professional nurse role in a chosen clinical area. The course is limited to seniors who have a demonstrated ability to work independently. The student must follow the School of Nursing guidelines for practicum courses. 1-3 clinical laboratory credits, Fall or Spring NURS 419: Basic Dysrhythmia and 12 Lead EKG Interpretation This course is designed for professional nursing majors who desire to develop skills in dysrhythmia interpretation. Identification of EKG features, predisposing conditions and treatments; role of the nurse in patient care; and current ACLS interventions are emphasized. Crosslisted with SPRT 425. Prerequisites: BIOL 115, 116, 117, 118 or BIOL 365, 366, 368, 369 3 credits NURS 423/GNURS 523: Women’s Health Issues This course will provide the student an understanding of health issues affecting women. Major health promotion strategies and their theoretical models will be presented. Analysis of case studies will enhance student understanding of effective methods of promoting positive health-seeking behaviors among women of all ages across cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The influence of social, economic and political issues on women’s health will be stressed. Open to all university students. The course is cross-listed for undergraduate and graduate nursing curricula. 3 credits NURS 435/GNURS 535 Fundamentals of Forensic Nursing This introductory course provides the student with knowledge and nursing strategy to better meet the needs of those affected by forensic related health care situations and ultimately improve patient outcomes. The course explores the history and development of forensic nursing as a scientific subspecialty of nursing; the forensic nursing process; application of the forensic nursing role (i.e. sexual assault management, death investigation, child death review, abuse/neglect, emergency department, etc.), violence and victimology; injury identification and interpretation; evidence recognition, collection, preservation, and documentation; and finally, forensic nursing and the law/legal interface. The course is cross-listed for undergraduate and graduate nursing curricula. 3 credits

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019