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Students remain in the General Studies program for a minimum of one semester or a maximum of three semesters. Students are permitted to enroll in their academic major after achieving the prescribed GPA, demonstrating competency in related courses, and being recommended by the Director of the Advising Center, with final approval by the College Dean and/or the Program Chair. The General Studies Program is designed to enable students to complete degree requirements within the standard time frame for their major. Bachelor degrees may be completed in four years. However, some students may take longer based on their needs and the length of time spent in the program. Course requirements and sequencing of the program in which the student intends to major may also affect graduation dates. Most students will graduate with their class, and others are not expected to take more than an additional semester or two. The purpose of the General Studies Program is to develop the skills necessary to assure academic success and make college a positive experience. The Program is uniquely designed to help motivate and empower students with the knowledge that they are capable of college work and endeavors to inspire them with confidence in their ability to become contributing members of their community, society and church.

Undeclared Program

The Undeclared Program at Gannon University is a student advising centered program that offers students the time to complete some intense college major/career exploration, while taking both liberal core classes and courses of interest. Undeclared Program students represent a significant proportion of the entering student body at Gannon University as well as at other universities and colleges. Many other students who begin their university studies in declared majors will change their majors at least once before they graduate. Making a decision about a major without adequate knowledge of course content and career options can hinder the student’s progress in the long run. If in doubt about major selection, it is better to remain flexible during the first few semesters so the student can learn more about him/herself and what opportunities are available at Gannon University. Students interested in Health Science majors need to fully explore those programs before choosing the Undeclared major. To assist in career exploration and college major selection, students may be enrolled in a specific First-Year Seminar and will meet regularly with their advisor. Students will meet with their advisor to address questions about curriculum, degree requirements, and course selection. Students are expected to make a successful transition into the correct choice of major during the freshman or early sophomore year.

Career Exploration and Development

The career center is a resource for students, alumni, faculty, staff, employers and other community partners. The team interacts with students and graduates from all academic disciplines and supports individuals interested in learning about the world of work and exploring possible destinations. Whether one is undeclared, undecided, focused in a major, launching into or across the workforce, and/or planning on attending graduate/professional school, the career team is available to provide strategies and support centered on action plans linked to potential outcomes. Through career education initiatives, the team presents on career exploration and readiness topics in partnership with faculty, students and other members of the community. All students and alumni are invited to engage in one-on-one meetings with advisors and participate in both on and off-campus career events including employer visits and job/internship fairs. Beginning freshman year, students are encouraged to leverage the career team to: explore career options; develop career development objectives; learn how to articulate transferable skills and knowledge gained from academic and co-curricular experiences; develop resumes and other essential documents; build shadowing/observation, internship, co-op, and networking plans;

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019