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Co-requisite: FRSC 461 Pre-requisites: FRSC 261, 350, 361; BIOL 345; CHEM 408


1 credit, Spring

FRSC 480: Forensic Research/Internship This course is meant to provide the students with an individualized, hands-on learning experience in a mentored setting. Students will be exposed to selected topics in the field of forensic biology or chemistry to be solved by the students with advice and oversight from the faculty, with mentorship from the staff, or professional supervisor. Settings could include crime laboratories, research laboratories, federal or state agencies, or other sites approved by staff overseeing the course. Pre-requisite: Sophomore standing or higher; permission of instructor 1-3 credits

MATHEMATICS GEOFFREY DIETZ, Chairperson FACULTY: Professor: Michael Caulfield, Geoffrey Dietz. Associate Professors: Patrick Headley, David Prier. Assistant Professor: Christine Cedzo, Rich Ligo. Aims and Objectives Mathematics majors at Gannon must satisfactorily complete a minimum of forty-eight credits ranging over such areas as discrete mathematics, calculus, abstract algebra, mathematical analysis, probability, statistics, linear algebra, differential equations, and mathematical modeling. In addition, mathematics majors will receive a significant career-enhancing experience through placement in an appropriate internship position or through a challenging undergraduate research project. The Mathematics curriculum is designed to allow students to develop a strong secondary interest in allied fields such as business, computer science, economics, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering or education. There is ample opportunity to select the most beneficial combination of courses to achieve the student’s goals. The content of a particular student’s curriculum requires department approval to insure proper competency by graduation. Mathematics majors receive preparation for the first Actuarial Exam administered by the Society of Actuaries. Students who pursue a concentration in Acturial Science will receive preparation for two additional exams. This competency required of students in mathematics has resulted in careers in research, in education at all levels, and in technical positions in industry and government. Mathematicians are increasingly in demand in today’s employment market. Mathematics majors, by satisfying additional requirements of the School of Education, can earn Teacher Certification in Secondary Education for the State of Pennsylvania.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS MATH 055: Algebra Refresher Exponents, polynomial and rational expressions, factoring, linear equations and inequalities, rational equations, graphing, functions, and applications. This course will meet 4 hours per week during a regular semester, but will count as 3 credits of load for student financial aid and quality point average considerations. It may not be used to satisfy any graduation requirements in any degree program. Prerequisite: One year of high-school algebra 3 credits (see description) MATH 100: First Year Seminar This course is a discussion/experience-based course to orient the new students to Gannon University, to introduce the Liberal Studies Core and LIFECORE, to assist in the transition from

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019