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CHEM 337: Modern Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Experimental studies utilizing techniques used in modern analytical chemistry laboratories. Emphasis in precise measurements and use of instrumental methods. Laboratory: Eight hours per week. Corequisite: CHEM 336 Prerequisite: CHEM 115 2 credits, Spring CHEM 356: Chemical Literature Designed to acquaint the student with the various sources of literature available today including periodicals and the classical works of reference. Lecture: One hour per week. Prerequisite: CHEM 224 1 credit, Spring CHEM 360: Polymer Science An overview of polymer science including synthesis, characterization, properties, nomenclature and industrial processing of polymers. Thermodynamics and kinetics will be utilized to describe certain aspects of polymers. Prerequisites: MATH 140 and CHEM 224 3 credits, Spring CHEM 361: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry An advanced study of inorganic chemistry concepts including atomic structure, molecular symmetry and group theory, bonding theories, the solid state, acids and bases, coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry. The course connects the chemistry of inorganic compounds to their current and emerging applications and presents physical techniques commonly used to study inorganic materials. Recent primary literature articles and reviews are integrated to demonstrate the modern and interdisciplinary nature of inorganic chemistry. Prerequisite: CHEM 331 or concurrent enrollment 3 credits, Fall CHEM 362: Advanced Inorganic Laboratory Preparation techniques of inorganic chemistry. Laboratory: Three hours per week.

1 credit, Fall

CHEM 366: Structural Biochemistry A systematic study of the biologically important compounds including the amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, carbohydrates and lipids. Emphasis is placed upon the structure, properties, syntheses, reactions and functions of these compounds. Lectures: Three hours per week. Prerequisite: CHEM 224 or permission of instructor 3 credits, Fall, Spring CHEM 367: Biochemical Laboratory An introduction to the laboratory methods and techniques utilized for the isolation, characterization and syntheses of the biologically important compounds. Laboratory: Four hours per week. Prerequisite: CHEM 225 1 credit, Fall CHEM 368: Biochemical Pathways A continuation of the systematic study of the biologically important compounds including amino acids, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates and lipids. Emphasis is placed upon biochemical pathways and energetics involving these compounds. Prerequisite: CHEM 366 3 credits, Fall CHEM 380, 381, 382: Undergraduate Research Selected topics in the field of chemistry to be solved by the student with advice from the staff. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor Corequisite: Senior Status 1-3 credits, Fall CHEM 383, 384, 385: Undergraduate Research Continuation of CHEM 380, 381, 382.

1-3 credits, Spring

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019