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LTHE 325: Women and the Pilgrim Church A study of women’s contribution in scripture, Theology, and the Church from the Church’s origins to the contemporary times. Prerequisite: LTHE 101, LTHE 201 LTHE 327: American Catholicism Most American Catholics and practically all Americans of other denominations have very little knowledge of the growth and development of the Catholic community in the United States and the role American culture played in that development. Thus, this course seeks to impart to students a good overview of the history of the American Catholic community from colonial times to the present day. We will then interpret some of the key events, movements and developments of that history, which continues to shape the distinctive ethos of American Catholicism. Hence, this course will be an exercise in historical theology, or more precisely, historical ecclesiology. Students will be able to fully capture the meaning and richness of the American Catholic experience. Prerequisite: LTHE 101, LTHE 201 LTHE 331: Theology of Christian Worship This course will introduce students to the theological foundations, historical evolution and practice of Christian worship over the course of the last twenty centuries. Though guided by Catholic insights into the nature and purpose of worship among followers of Jesus Christ, the course will be broadly ecumenical in its treatment of the variety of ways in which Christian communities have worshiped in the past and currently devote special times and places to the art of worshiping their God. The whole range of ways in which Christians have prayed in common—from the earliest, residential experiments, to the lavish liturgies housed in Europe’s great cathedrals, to the so-called “megachurch spectacles” of today—will be examined. A unique aspect of the course is the manner in which it will challenge groups of students to devise entirely new modes of worship of their own suited to needs and aspirations of millennials. Prerequisite: LTHE 101, LTHE 201 LTHE 333: Theology of Marriage This course is a study of the Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage in its various aspects: biblical, theological, psychological, and canonical. It will concentrate on the following topics: defining marriage, God and marriage, marriage preparation, and issues surrounding marriage today. Prerequisite: LTHE 101, LTHE 201 LTHE 341: The Life and Thought of John Henry Newman This course will introduce students to the life and thought of one of the most significant Church figures of modern times. Blessed John Henry Newman was a towering figure in the 19th century and his influence continues to be felt today. Newman offers us an inspirational model of a life devoted to holiness; a mind alive to religious Truths and the spiritual/invisible world; a religious mind capable of vivid expression and powerful written arguments; and the dedication and courage to align one’s life with the Truths that one confesses and the inner voice of one’s conscience. Newman’s example of persistent faith stands as a rebuke against contemporary fads of cultural and moral relativism. His defense of a true liberal education continues to serve as a warning against the negative effects of exclusive secularism, utilitarianism, and hyperspecialization. Prerequisite: LTHE 101, LTHE 201 LTHE 351: Catholic Moral Theology A study of the themes, concepts and teachings that embody the Catholic moral tradition. Students will identify and examine the Catholic Church’s teachings on morality, derived from Scripture, Tradition, the teaching authority of the Church and Christian experience. Students will also apply and evaluate these aspects of Revelation as they pertain to contemporary issues in the globalized world. Prerequisite: LTHE 101, LTHE 201

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019