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Third Year Fall (12 Credits) 12 Semester Study Abroad (during which Fine Arts, English Literature, and two general elective courses are completed)


Spring (15 Credits) 1 PSGA 300/Leadership Seminar 2 PSGA 301/Research Seminar 3 PSGA Core Elective 3 General Elective 3 LPHI 237 or any LTHE 300 course 3 PSYC 211/Statistics

Third Year Summer (12 Credits) 12 Off-Campus Internship Fourth Year Fall (15 credits) 3 PSGA 400/Senior Seminar 3 PSGA Core Elective 9 General Electives

Spring (14 credits) 3 LBST 383/Integrating Seminar 3 Natural Science 8 General Electives

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS PSGA 100: First-Year Seminar The First-Year Seminar is a discussion/experience-based course intended to orient the new student to Gannon University, to introduce the Liberal Studies Core and LIFECORE, to assist in the transition from high school to university life, and to encourage development of academic, personal and spiritual aspects of the student’s life. Each seminar is unique, depending upon the instructor and/or program in which it is offered. 2 credits PSGA 101: Intro to PSGA This course is designed to introduce students to the ideas behind, rationale for, and careers in public service & global affairs. In this course, students will engage in informational interviews with professionals engaged in public service & global affairs and write a career prospectus. 1 credit PSGA 300: Leadership Seminar The Leadership Seminar introduces students to a three-dimensional model of leadership, including a repertoire of leadership skills and means of using those skills responsibly in the various communities to which they belong. In addition, the course helps students explore the relevance of leadership skills in the leadership process. 1 credit (offered in the spring of the junior year) PSGA 301: Research Seminar The Research Seminar is intended to prepare students to develop, write, and defend their bachelor’s thesis. This course focuses upon the development of their research topic, locating relevant secondary literature, delving into the primary research at a major archive, which will culminate into the production and defense of a research prospectus. Students will present their prospectus at “Celebrate Gannon.” 2 credits (offered in the spring of the junior year) PSGA 400: Senior Seminar Writing Seminar course is geared toward preparing students to write a medium-length, thesis driven, bachelor’s thesis. The course will focus on the process of composition, with a heavy emphasis on editing and revision. Students will defend their essays in front of a panel of their choosing. Thesis writing using the research collected during PSGA 301. 3 credits (offered in the fall of the senior year)

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019