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Law and Politics Students pursuing this track will take most of the required courses in the Political Science major, but will substitute 2 legal courses, Introduction to Law & Society and Legal Analysis & Persuasion, for 2 upper level Political Science courses. Students who intend to go on to law school are encouraged to complete the Legal Studies Certificate. The certificate can be completed within the four year program by using those courses as the allowable cognates and electives in the student’s major. If the pre law school student does not want to complete the certificate, they are encouraged to take some of the Legal Studies courses so that they can learn skills that could enable them to find summer employment and/or part-time employment in legal settings. Some helpful courses would include Legal Research & Writing I and II, Public Records Research, Computers in Law, and Trial Prep and Procedure.

PSYCHOLOGY LORI D. LINDLEY, Ph.D., Program Director FACULTY: Associate Professors: Jessica Hartnett, Lori Lindley, Luke Rosielle. Assistant Professors: Andrew Caswell, Ryan Leonard, John Ranney. Lecturer: Barbara Townsend. ADJUNCT FACULTY: Danielle Clark, Bruce Kobal. Mission Statement The mission of the Psychology Program at Gannon University is to prepare students to thrive in a diverse and changing world by engaging students in scholarship, research, internships, and a critical approach to gaining knowledge in the field of psychology. Vision The Psychology Program at Gannon University aspires to: • Empower students to evaluate and generate knowledge • Engage in cutting edge research • Promote ethics in research and the application of knowledge • Improve science literacy • Create positive change in the community • Produce graduates who will be leaders in their communities and careers Aims and Objectives The Department of Psychology and Counseling offers two separate undergraduate degrees in Psychology: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology prepares students for a variety of professional and liberal arts careers by providing maximal flexibility in vocational planning. Because of the strong foundation the curriculum provides in research methods, Liberal Studies Core, and behavioral sciences, the psychology major prepares the student to pursue graduate study in a variety of fields including Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Business and Health Care Administration, Law and others. It also prepares the student for other careers that require a strong liberal arts background. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology prepares students for graduate programs in Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Biopsychology, and other related fields. Students gain extensive research experience through advanced statistics and research courses. In addition, students select courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry or Computer Science to augment their psychology courses and increase their competitiveness in their chosen area of emphasis. Specialized courses sequences are also available for students who combine the psychology major with the pre-medical or pre-physical therapy curriculum.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019