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1st Semester – Senior 3 Senior Seminar/LBST 383 11 Elective 3 History of Contemporary Phil/ PHIL 286 17

2nd Semester – Senior 3 Philosophy Honors Seminar/PHIL 400 12 Elective


10 Upper Level Philosophy Courses 30 hrs.

POLITICAL SCIENCE MARK A. JUBULIS, Ph.D., Program Director FACULTY: Professors: Mark A. Jubulis. Associate Professor: Anjali Sahay. Lecturer: John Fee. Vision Statement The Political Science program seeks to attract talented students who are intellectually curious about political life and global affairs. As a dedicated community of teaching and learning, we strive to promote awareness and understanding of the key perennial questions concerning the nature of politics. Our efforts will draw strength from Gannon’s Catholic Identity and emphasis on Liberal Learning, and contribute to the enhancement of the intellectual life of the University. Mission Statement The Political Science program is dedicated to providing our students with the necessary perspectives to critically and normatively evaluate the wide variety of political regimes that have existed in different time periods and different parts of the world. Our students will develop an understanding of the purpose of politics as the effort to structure a community dedicated to the promotion of justice and the common good. This understanding is developed by making connections across the various academic disciplines, applying moral reasoning to public affairs, and cultivating the virtue of prudence. Objectives The Political Science program offers an undergraduate curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It also provides the opportunity for students to pursue a dual major or acquire one or two minors. The program covers the four major subfields of political science: American Politics, Political Theory, Comparative Government, and International Relations. The curriculum provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in either graduate school or law school, or directly pursue a career in the public, private, or not for profit sectors. Career Opportunities Individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science may qualify for administrative and management trainee positions in such fields as legislative and policy research, public relations, personnel work, budget analysis, security investigation, etc. Employment opportunities also include such professional careers as college and university teaching, law, city management, urban planning, public administration, policy research and analysis, foreign service and many other careers with local, national and international organizations both public and private.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS POLI 101: Orientation A required orientation program for freshman Political Science and Pre-Law concentrators. NC/Fall

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019