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MLTS 205: Cadet Initial Entry Training Course (CIET-C) This is a four-week summer leadership course at Fort Knox, Kentucky sponsored by the U.S. Army Cadet Command. The course is for students who have not previously taken the required ROTC courses during their freshman and sophomore years and who wish to contract with the ROTC program at the start of their junior year. The course focuses on basic soldier skills to include an obstacle course, water survival, M-16 rifle marksmanship, squad tactics, and leadership evaluations. Students attending this course must be academically aligned as a junior at the start of the fall semester after CIET-C. Students are required to visit the ROTC Department prior to signing up for the course. 3-6 credits, Summer Advanced Course Entrance into the advanced course is required by the completion of the following: 1) Army ROTC Basic Course, 2) Basic Training, 3) MLTS 205. MLTS 301: Training Management and the War Fighting Function This course challenges Cadets to study, practice, and evaluate adaptive leadership skills as they are presented with challenging scenarios related to squad tactical operations. Cadets receive systematic and specific feedback on their leadership attributes and actions. Based on such feedback, as well as their own self-evaluations, Cadets continue to develop their leadership and critical thinking abilities. The focus is developing Cadet’s tactical leadership abilities to enable them to succeed at ROTC’s summer Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Prerequisites: MLTS 201, 202 or 205, Corequisite: MLTS 303 2 credits, Fall MLTS 302: Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations This course uses increasingly intense situations while applying team leadership challenges to build Cadet awareness and skills in leading tactical operations at the small unit level. Cadets review aspects of full spectrum operations. They also conduct military briefings and develop proficiency in the operation orders process. The focus is on exploring, evaluating, and developing skills in decision-making, persuading, and motivating team members in the contemporary operation environment (COE). MSL 302 Cadets are evaluated on what they know and do as leaders as they prepare for ROTC’s summer Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Prerequisite: MLTS 301 Corequisite: MLTS 304 2 credits, Spring MLTS 303 & MLTS 304: Leadership Labs The student implements the plans and orders created as part of Advanced Leadership Management I & II. The student will be evaluated on how he or she handles the changing situations, personalities and environments encountered during the labs. Corequisite for MLTS 303: MLTS 301 Corequisite for MLTS 304: MLTS 302 1 credit, Fall, Spring MLTS 401: The Army Officer This course was designed to be student-centric with the ownership of learning on the student, but facilitated by the instructor. Army Officers are expected to be life-long learners who take responsibility and personal initiative for their learning. You must properly conduct your preclass assignments in order to come to class with a foundation of knowledge on the subject to be taught by your instructor. Doing so will allow us to spend the majority of the class time on specific areas that are least understood from the pre-class assignment rather than having to teach the subject from scratch. Do your homework so you can spend more time sharing personal knowledge and experiences with the class. Class will be conducted in an interactive manner with ample opportunities for small group discussions and practical exercises. Everyone will be responsible for contributing to the success of the learning experience. 2 credits, Fall MLTS 402: Company Grade Leadership The outcome of this lesson is to have Cadets receive and understand essential information on their last semester of their ROTC career. Understanding the expectations for their last ROTC semester will set the conditions for Cadets to continue to develop their military knowledge and

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019