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(2) Attend the Cadet Initial Entry Training Course (CIET) (a four week program completed during the summer at Fort Knox, Kentucky).

(3) Complete Basic Training through one of the Armed Forces.


c.  Professional Military Education. Whether the student chooses the four-year or two-year program, all ROTC students must pass a military history course prior to commissioning as a second lieutenant. Financial Assistance ROTC merit based scholarships are available that pay full tuition and fees ($1,200 annual book fees) plus $300-$500 per month non-taxable subsistence allowance for ten months each school year. All four-year scholarship recipients also receive a room and board incentive. Scholarships are available on a competitive basis to include grade point average, physical fitness, medical condition, and legal records. Advancing freshman and sophomores may compete for three and two-year scholarships respectively, regardless of current ROTC participation. There are also multiple scholarship and financial assistance opportunities through the United States Army Reserves and the Army National Guard specifically for ROTC. Military Science Student Activities Military Science cadre and staff encourage students to participate in college and civic activities. Military Science students are afforded the opportunity to visit selected government facilities (military bases, federal law enforcement facilities, and medical facilities). The Ranger Challenge Competition, considered a varsity sport, is one of the most challenging activities offered through the Military Science Department. The 10 person team competes in various activities to include a physical fitness test, a 10 kilometer ruck march, the one-rope-bridge, a hand-grenade assault course, and an orienteering competition. The color guard is a student run organization that presents the national and state colors in uniform at freshman commencement, graduations, sporting events, and other special functions. A suggested Military Science Curriculum FRESHMAN Fall Semester Spring Semester MLTS 101 MLTS 102 MLTS 103 MLTS 104 SOPHOMORE Fall Semester Spring Semester MLTS 201 MLTS 202 MLTS 203 MLTS 204 JUNIOR Fall Semester Spring Semester MLTS 301 MLTS 302 MLTS 303 MLTS 304 SENIOR Fall Semester Spring Semester MLTS 401 MLTS 402 MLTS 403 MLTS 404 ** Leadership Lab should be taken each semester. 1 credit each semester. All graduating ROTC students who earn their commission will earn the Leadership Studies Minor along with their academic degree major.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019