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• F  oster the intellectual and empirical skills required to promote an interdisciplinary exploration of leadership behavior among individuals in organizations, communities and society. • Equip graduates with the knowledge and skills required to provide leadership in professional, community and societal roles. • Enhance the climate for ethnic and international diversity by promoting an understanding of cross-cultural and global perspectives on leadership. LEADERSHIP STUDIES MINOR The Leadership Studies Minor consists of 18 hours of LEAD courses: • F  ive courses taken from the Leadership Studies Core provide an integrative conceptual foundation of theory and practice to enhance student’s understanding of leadership in their major area of study. • S  tudents select two Leadership Studies elective (Special Topics, 6 credits) relating to their major.

Leadership Studies Minor Course Sequence LEAD 110 Holistic Leadership (3 credits) LEAD 220 Foundations of Leadership Theory and Practice (3 credits) LEAD 330 Leadership Contexts & Applications (3 credits) LEAD 390-399 Special Topics* (6 credits) LEAD 440 Leadership Synthesis: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (3 credits)

Leadership Minor Tracks The Leadership studies minor is designed to address the needs of students majoring in a wide variety of social science disciplines at Gannon University, including: • • • • • •

 usiness Administration B Criminal Justice Gerontology Political Science Psychology Social Work

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS LEAD 110: Holistic Leadership The holistic leadership framework introduced in this course provides a comprehensive orientation to the field of leadership studies. Students will develop an appreciation for the complex, multifaceted nature of leadership in organizations and society, and will gain an understanding of the contributions to be made from various academic disciplines to understanding its emergence, development and consequences. Leaders will be considered in terms of their behavioral, cognitive, emotional and spiritual dimensions, illustrating the importance of considering insights from psychological, social, philosophical, cultural and organizational domains of study. 3 credits LEAD 220: Foundations of Leadership Theory and Practice This course provides a systematic survey examining the conceptual roots of leadership and its emergence as a scholarly academic discipline. Core readings will introduce seminal theories and the historical figures that have influenced development of the field. Students will learn to view leadership behavior from alternative conceptual and theoretical perspectives, and will gain appreciation for the complexity and diversity of leadership contexts and applications present in modern society. Prerequisite: LEAD 110 3 credits

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019