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HIST 420: History of the Contemporary World A review of Western history from the Congress of Vienna to the present. Prerequisite: LHST 111


3 credits

American HIST 221: History of the United States to 1865 The foundation of the English settlements, the American Revolution, the Early National Period, Jacksonian Democracy, Abolitionism, Expansion to the Pacific, the Civil War. Immigration and the role of minorities are emphasized. 3 credits HIST 222: The United States in the World: 1865 to Present Reconstruction, the development of the Industrial Revolution, Immigration and the role of Minorities, the Progressive movement, World War I, the Great Depression, the New Deal, World War II, the Korean War, the Civil Rights Movement and the post Cold War era. Prerequisite: LHST 111 3 credits HIST 225: Diplomatic History of the United States (Cross-listed with POLI 343) The growth of American foreign policy from its colonial origins to the breakthrough in the world arena and twentieth century world leadership and problems. Prerequisites: HIST 221, 222 3 credits HIST 231: American Colonial and Early Republic Era to 1828 An analysis of the main political, social, economic, and cultural developments from the Colonial Era through the Early Republic and Early National eras. Prerequisite: HIST 221 3 credits HIST 232: Nineteenth Century America: 1828-1896 The United States during the period of nation making through the Gilded Age. Emphasis is placed on Sectionalism, Civil War and Reconstruction, and the Gilded Age. Prerequisites: HIST 221, 222 3 credits HIST 236: The History of Women in the United States This course will examine the history of women in the United States from the pre-colonial period to the twentieth century. It will cover the experiences of Native American, European, African American, Latin American and Asian American women, women in the paid work force, race and class relations, war-time experiences, and changes in norms of gender and sexuality. 3 credits HIST 237: American Social-Intellectual History (Cross-listed with POLI 351) Social and intellectual developments from the Colonial Era to contemporary times. Special focus on religious history, education, reform movements, literary trends, and progress in science and technology. Prerequisites: HIST 221, 222 3 credits HIST 239: The Black Experience in America This course provides an analysis of Black American History from the sixteenth century to the present, with special emphasis on the African background, the slave trade and slavery during the Antebellum Period, Black Americans’ fight for freedom against segregation and discrimination, and Black American contributions to the political, social, economic, educational and cultural growth of the American nation. Prerequisite: HIST 221 3 credits HIST 282: American Military History The development of the American military experience as it changed from the limited warfare of the 18th century to the total war of the 20th Century, and the global terriorism of the 21st Century. Prerequisite: LHST 111 3 credits

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