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GERONTOLOGY PARRIS J. BAKER, PhD, MSSA, Program Director FACULTY: Audrey McLaughlin, Parris Baker, Assistant Professor In the next several decades care of our aging seniors will become one of our nation’s most urgent social issues. The needs of older citizens require new interventions and have placed new and greater demands on current family and financial resources. Present and future caregiving responsibilities for the older adult challenge and in some cases exhaust, individual, family, and community social service resources. Greater attention must be directed toward the growing demands for our seniors. Students pursuing four year degree programs of study in all disciplines may expand their professional competencies and increase their employment opportunities by obtaining a minor in Gerontology. Vision Statement To be the regionally recognized leader in gerontology and geriatric education. Mission Statement To prepare students to become compassionate and competent health and human service professionals who respect and honor diverse cultural practices and processes of aging, affirm aging through celebration and contribute to the reduction of gerontophobia. Core Values 1. Compassion 2. Competence 3. Community Collaboration 4. Service 5. Diversity and Inclusion 6. Interdisciplinary and holistic education Gerontology Minor Students enrolled in other disciplines may obtain a minor in Gerontology upon completion of 18 credits in Gerontology. 3 Introduction to Gerontology/GERO or SCWK 211 3 Bio-Medical Aspects of Aging/GERO 315 or SCWK 315 3 Counseling Older Adults/GERO 316 or SCWK 316 3 Mental Health & the Elderly/GERO 336 or SCWK 336 3 Gerontology Internship/GERO 375 3 Death, Dying, and Bereavement/GERO 400 or SCWK 220 18

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS GERO 211: Introduction to Gerontology An overview of the study of gerontology. Examines aging in America, stereotypes, theories on aging, adult development, work and living arrangements, and selected problems of the elderly. This course has a service learning component. 3 credits GERO 315: Bio-Medical Aspects of Aging This coursed is designed to familiarize students with the biological and medical changes occurring in people during the aging process. credits GERO 316: Counseling Older Adults This course focuses on assessment, counseling interventions and techniques geared to enriching the worlds of mature adults and their families. 3 credits

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019