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FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES MARTHA KOSIR, Ph.D., Program Director FACULTY: Professor: Martha Kosir. Associate Professor: Carlos Mamani. Adjunct Faculty: Linda Brown. Latin and Arabic are taught by affiliate faculty in the Theology, English, and History departments. Mission The Mission of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures is to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience that hones not only linguistic skills in the target language, but also advances cultural competency, critical thinking, and information literacy skills. The Foreign Language Department plays a strategic role in the University’s efforts to develop a worldview and transform students into responsible, well-rounded, and accomplished global citizens. Vision The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures will cultivate effective 21st century communicators, who will understand that linguistic and cultural borders can be overcome through knowledge, mutual understanding, and respect. Aims and Objectives The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures offers courses in language, literature and culture as well as specialized courses in terminology and practices in fields such as business, criminal justice, social services, and health sciences. The languages offered are German, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Latin with a major offered in Spanish. Chinese is offered on as needed basis and is currently on a hiatus. In addition to target language courses, the department offers a series of courses called Global Culture/Literature courses. These courses are taught in English and are open to all Gannon students, regardless of their major. They foster advanced cross-cultural understanding by exploring diverse world cultures and their productions, such as music, art, film, and literature. Students in the Foreign Language program enjoy remarkable flexibility when it comes to pursuing a degree in foreign language alone or in combining their major with another degree, be it in humanities, social sciences, or business. Some suggestions for double majors: 1) Foreign Language and International Business 2) Foreign Language and Public Service/Global Affairs 3) Foreign Language and Political Science 4) Foreign Language and History 5) Foreign Language and Communications Students may also choose to minor in foreign language. Combining a foreign language with virtually any degree will give students an extra edge on the highly competitive 21st century job market. The University maintains diverse affiliations with programs for study abroad and encourages all students to spend a summer or a semester at a university in Europe, Latin America, French Canada, or worldwide. Students also enjoy numerous opportunities to complete internships at both the international and local levels. Foreign language instruction is given in modern classrooms, all equipped with a digital dais. Instructional and informative technology is an integral part of foreign language education at Gannon University. For use outside of classroom, additional computers are available in the Language and Resources Center.

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019