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the transition from high school to university life, and to encourage development of academic, personal and spiritual aspects of the student’s life. Each seminar is unique, depending upon the instructor and/or program in which it is offered. (Freshman are expected to complete the First-Year Seminar during the first semester at Gannon. If not, the student must complete the requirement prior to the sophomore year.) 2 credits ENGL 206: Pursuits of English Pursuits of English introduces students to the dynamic, evolving field of English and prepares them for advanced course work. Students will explore ways to approach and understand literature, linguistics, composition, and career and graduate studies opportunities for English majors. LENG 112 should be taken either before or concurrently with Pursuits of English. Prerequisite: LENG 111 3 credits ENGL 210: Creative Writing An introductory course providing instruction and practice in the techniques and principles of writing poetry and short fiction. Prerequisites: LENG 111, LENG 112 3 credits ENGL 211: Advanced Composition A rhetorical approach to problems of written communication. Although primary stress will be on developing the student’s writing ability, knowledge of rhetorical theory and of critical norms for prose will be required. Prerequisites: LENG 111, LENG 112 3 credits ENGL 212: Business and Professional Communication A detailed study of the various methods of communication used in the professions, business, and industry, for audiences both within and outside the organization. Numerous written exercises. Prerequisites: LENG 111, LENG 112 3 credits ENGL 214: Writing for Print/News Media This workshop course introduces new students to the basics of journalistic reporting and writing. Students receive practice in how to identify, gather, and write news; and make ethical judgments about news. The course should help students who want to work for newspapers and magazines as well as for broadcast and online media. This course is a prerequisite for ENGL 216 and ENGL 252. (This course is also listed as COMM 214). Prerequisites: LENG 111, 112 3 credits ENGL 215: Editing/Production of Print Media The course introduces students to the production of printed material, whether for newspaper, magazines, advertising, in-house publications, brochures, books, or anything else on paper. (This course is also listed as COMM 215). Prerequisites: LENG 111, LENG 112 3 credits ENGL 216: Advanced and Specialized Reporting This workshop course focuses on specialized news beats including police, courts, government, education and the environment and introduces students to computer-assisted reporting and research techniques. (This course is also listed as COMM 216). Prerequisites: ENGL 214/COMM 214 3 credits ENGL 217: Introduction to Linguistics An introduction to the basic concepts of linguistics with an emphasis on both theory and application of linguistic principles. Topics include origin, structure, morphology, syntax, dialects, oral, and written language. Prerequisites: LENG 111, LENG 112 3 credits ENGL 218: Feature Writing This workshop course introduces students to various genres of feature writing for newspapers, magazines and online publications, including profiles, entertainment pieces and trend stories. Prerequisites: LENG 111, LENG 112 3 credits

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019