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ENGLISH LAURA RUTLAND, Ph.D., Chairperson FACULTY: Professors: Patrick O’Connell. Associate Professors: Ann Bomberger, Douglas King, Laura Rutland. Assistant Professors: Ann Bomberger, Matthew Darling, Shreelina Ghosh, Kaustav Mukherjee, Jennie Vaughn. Instructor: Carol Hayes. Lecturers: Emmett Lombard, Mary Wagner, Lora Zill. Mission Statement The Gannon University English Department prepares students to be informed readers and skillful writers. Committed to students’ personal and professional growth, the English Department exposes students to literary texts from a variety of cultural backgrounds and develops their writing skills in a variety of academic and community settings. Vision Statement Helping students to explore the writing of the past, and to use writing to engage with the present, with the aim of creating a better future. Program Description The Department offers four curricular tracks to help students tailor the major to fit their interests and professional goals. • S  econdary Education in English Track: For students interested in teaching English at the high school level • L  egal Career Track: For students preparing to attend law school or wanting to pursue another law-related career (e.g., paralegal) • P  rofessional Writing Track: For students aspiring to writing careers of various types (e.g., corporate communications, marketing or public relations, magazine or news writing) • L  iterary Studies Track: For students preparing for graduate school in English literature or a related discipline or seeking careers demanding strong liberal arts preparation All tracks cultivate the student’s ability to write in a variety of genres for different audiences and purposes. The Department also offers students a variety of internships, and a 3-3 program in legal studies with Duquesne University, and features student-run publications such as the Totem (an award-winning literary magazine). Whether they seek careers in education, publishing, journalism, media, public relations, government, business, industry or law, Gannon English Majors acquire the scholarly focus, broad preparation and intellectual awareness that form the basis of an intensive liberal arts education. Students in all tracks are required to complete an internship as part of their academic program. The English Department also offers a 4+1 B.A./M.A. program, which allows high achieving students to complete a 4-year Bachelor’s program and a 2-year Master’s program in only five years. LENG 111 and LENG 112 are normally prerequisites for upper level literature and writing courses.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS LENG 111, 112, 241, 243, 245, 247, 249, LFIN 252 and 254 are courses taught by the English Department. See the section on the Liberal Studies Core Curriculum for course descriptions of these courses. ENGL 100: First-Year Seminar The First-Year Seminar is a discussion/experience-based course intended to orient the new student to Gannon University, to introduce the Liberal Studies Core and LIFECORE, to assist in

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019