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• T  he School of Education is authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to permit candidates to proceed with Education coursework when the overall GPA is lower than 3.0 but at least 2.8. When all other criteria for admission to the School of Education have been met, candidates with GPAs between 2.8 and 3.0 may be granted permission to continue taking upper level Education courses for one additional semester. Please refer to the Teacher Certification Handbook for further details of the 2.8 GPA policy. • All candidates, regardless of area of specialization, must have completed LENG 111, LENG 112, three credits of an approved literature course, six credits of math (103 or higher), EDCR 101, and EDCR 103 with a C or better. • Early Childhood PreK-4 and Special Education PreK-8 majors also must have completed ECED 100, ECED 101, ECED 102, ECED 103, ECED 200, and SPED 101 with a C or better. • Middle Level 4-8 majors also must complete MLED 200, MLED 201, MLED 202, and SPED 101 with a C or better. • Secondary majors also must have passed EDFL 101. • Before completion of 60 credits and before applying for admission to the School of Education, candidates must show evidence that they have met the basic skills requirement in reading, mathematics, and writing. Examinations meeting the basic skills requirement include: Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests (CORE), Pre- Service Academic Performance Assessments (PAPA), The Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT), and/or The American College Test (ACT). Candidates may combine reading, mathematics, and writing module scores from different test providers to meet the basic skills requirement. In addition, a composite score method is available when a candidate does well in one or two areas but lacks a qualifying score in another area. Please note that when using the composite score, each test must meet or exceed the minimum score listed. For complete details, refer to the PA Department of Education website at and enter Basic Skill Testing Requirements in the search box. • Candidates who do NOT show evidence of meeting the basic skills requirement prior to enrolling in their 61st credit will not be permitted to enroll in upper level Education courses and may be required to change their major. • Individuals who have earned a BS or BA degree and who enroll in coursework to prepare for teacher certification do not have to meet the basic skills requirement. • The School of Education has no control or responsibility for the timely receipt of test scores. Applications to the School of Education are assessed upon the most recent test scores on file. Teacher candidates who are learning disabled may make requests for adapted testing conditions. • Candidates must earn an overall satisfactory rating in the area of professional dispositions. Details are provided to teacher candidates during their first semester as Education majors. Field Experiences and Student Teaching Requirements As freshmen, teacher candidates will complete their first field experience as part of EDCR 104 First-Year Seminar. This is an opportunity for candidates to observe for a total of 10 hours in two different educational settings. A variety of experiences in public, private, and diocesan schools located in urban, suburban, and rural locations are directly linked to coursework. Expectations for each experience are described in the School of Education Field Experience Handbooks. Prior to beginning the first field experience, all teacher candidates must complete the following: • S  ubmit a valid Act 34 Criminal Background Clearance, Act 33/151 Child Abuse Clearance, and an FBI fingerprinting clearance. All clearances are required by the School of Education and mandated by Pennsylvania School Code, Act 114. If a teacher candidate is continuously enrolled in an education preparation program, the criminal background, child abuse, and fingerprint information originally submitted shall remain valid for 60 months. Complete details are available in the School of Education office.

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