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Fine Arts Minor The Fine Arts Minor is intended to serve those students who, while not necessarily choosing to pursue professional involvement in the fine arts, nevertheless wish to learn more about the history, theory and practice of the various modes of human creativity. The minor is conceived as a broad, interdisciplinary survey of the expressive arts that places heavy emphasis on the creative act as a way of shaping thought. Guiding students through the minor are faculty members from various academic departments whose own interests lie in the area of creative expression. Students pursuing the minor are encouraged to make use of the University’s urban campus and close proximity to such local art resources as the Fine Art Museum, Erie Playhouse, and the Erie Philharmonic. The minor offers two options or ‘tracks’ students may take to suit their particular, academic interests: Track 1: Theoretical This track consists exclusively of theoretical courses offering participants a broad view of various modes of creative expression and their interrelatedness. Track 2: Applied This track requires participants to complete no fewer than two studio-type courses (e.g., Introduction to Photography, Fiction Writing) that challenge them to apply their acquired knowledge of arts theory and history to some creative act. Students opting for Track 2 will be required to present for faculty review a formal portfolio or performance demonstrating growth in their chosen art form. Course Requirements: Track 1: Theoretical: 6 credits from Level One, Foundation Course Selection, plus 12 credits from Level Two, Elective Course Selection. Track 2: Applied: 6 credits from Level One, Foundation Course Selection, plus 12 credits from Level Two, Elective Course Selection (of which 6 must be applied arts.) A non-credit, synthesizing portfolio or performance is also required for successful completion of this track. Level One – Foundation Course Selection (6 credits) LFIN 250: Theatre and Culture LFIN 251: Introduction to Music LFIN 252: Women in Photography LFIN 253: Introduction to Visual Arts LFIN 254: Art of the Film LFIN 256: American Popular Music LFIN 257: Introduction to Fine Arts Level Two – Elective Course Selection (12 credits) Any ARTS, COMM, or LFIN course. Applied arts courses include: ARTS 101-106: Mixed Chorus (1 credit) ARTS 151-159: Band (1 credit) ARTS 140: Fundamentals of Acting ARTS 251: Principles of Theatre Design ARTS 252: Costume and Makeup ARTS 331: Writing for Stage and Screen ARTS 340: Improvisation ARTS 360-376: Production and Performance in the Arts ARTS 390: Special Topics (1-3 credits) COMM 356: Digital Graphics COMM 357: Animation

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019