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course and in the co-requisite Theology or Philosophy Series III course. Individual and teambased assignments serve as the methods for the students to assess, analyze and evaluate their learning style and leadership style, and to demonstrate this knowledge through the completion of a LIFECORE-based major assignment. 1 credit COMM 241: Digital Audio Production This course is a study of audio mixing and editing techniques in commercials, promos, and news applications. Professional material from the RAB will be used in class. 3 credits COMM 250: WERGi The purpose of this course is to develop skills in online/digital media production and performance. Through planning, writing, production, performance and feedback, the student will be able to build a portfolio of quality audio work. This course involves a skill orientation in the basic technological considerations of digital audio production, inclusive of computers, microphones, on-air work, special effects, and editing. There is an additional emphasis on the process of radio show preparation and quality air shift production. Prerequisites: COMM 241 3 credits COMM 252 Photojournalism This course introduces students to the principles of photojournalism. Students study and practice photojournalism techniques, with consideration of the ethical issues involved with creating and using visual images. Prerequisite: COMM 214 3 credits COMM 262: Practicum in Media and Theatre Students gain one credit for practical hands-on experience in media and theater activities on and off campus under the direct supervision of the department’s faculty and staff members. 1 credit COMM 313 Intercultural Communication Develops students’ understanding of cultural, international and global communication in order to be informed and effective global citizens. Students research the influences of history, belief, cultural practices, values, and ethics on intercultural conflict, moving toward a goal of better ethical global citizenship and civic engagement. 3 credits COMM 314 Persuasion This course is a study of the nature and methods of persuasion as they relate to oral communication with emphasis on increasing the student’s skill in persuasive speaking and ability to recognize and evaluate persuasive appeals. Prerequisite: SPCH 111 or SPCH 113 or SPCH 115 3 credits COMM 321: Broadcast Copywriting A study of the forms and formats of material suitable for both radio and television with an analysis of selected problems in the commercial uses of the media; practice in selection, adaptation and organization of content and production materials such as film, slides and graphics. 3 credits COMM 322 Argumentation and Debate Practice in the art of rhetoric as it relates to persuasive, logical speechmaking. Pre-requisite SPCH 111 or SPCH 113 or SPCH 115 3 credits ADVC 325: Emerging Media Advertising This course will focus primarily on the Internet as an emerging advertising medium. Traditional as well as new developing strategies for the creation and dissemination of persuasive messages, through online promotional campaigns will be analyzed. 3 credits COMM 327 Event Planning This course is designed to prepare students going into the promotions, communication, business or sport industries to conceptualize, create, coordinate and implement a variety of events for for-profit and non-profit organizations. Activities will include the conceptualization, establishing objectives, identifying audiences, strategies, logistics, budgeting, management, implementing and the follow up of events. 3 credits

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019