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Math Legal Analysis & Persuasian/PLAW 357 Public Speaking/SPCH 111 Modern Foreign Language Cognates Elective

33 *This course may not be required in certain 3 + 3 program choices. **PC Applications exam may be taken. If passed, CIS 150 or 170-172 may be waived. PRE-LAW MINOR Beyond the Sophomore year Pre-Law students must select a major field of study. Additional Pre-Law Cognates are recommended and a Pre-Law Minor may be earned through the completion of 18 credit hours, including: 3 3 3-6



Intro Law & Society/PLAW 260 or Intro to Law/LEGL 111 Legal Analysis and Persuasion/PLAW 357 Constitutional Law/POLI 350 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights/POLI 351 Philosophy of Ethical Responsibility/LPHI 237 Legal Research Writing I/LEGL 211 Legal Environment of Business/BCOR 203 Philosophy & Law/PHIL 290 Logic/PHIL 210 Advanced Composition/ENGL 211 Business and Professional Communication/ENGL 212 Criminal Law & Procedure/CRJS 320 Congress & Legislative Process/POLI 315 Career Prep in Law/PLAW 380 Legal Research Writing II/LEGL 212

Law and Politics Students pursuing this track will take most of the required courses in the Political Science major, but will substitute 2 legal courses, Introduction to Law & Society and Legal Analysis & Persuasion, for 2 upper level Political Science courses. Students who intend to go on to law school are encouraged to complete the Legal Studies Certificate. The certificate can be completed within the four year program by using those courses as the allowable cognates and electives in the student’s major. If the pre law school student does not want to complete the certificate, they are encouraged to take some of the Legal Studies courses so that they can learn skills that could enable them to find summer employment and/or part-time employment in legal settings. Some helpful courses would include Legal Research & Writing I and II, Public Records Research, Computers in Law, and Trial Prep and Procedure.

PSYCHOLOGY LORI D. LINDLEY, Ph.D., Program Director FACULTY: Associate Professors: Lori Lindley, Luke Rosielle. Assistant Professors: Andrew Caswell, Jessica Hartnett, Ryan Leonard, John Ranney. Lecturer: Barbara Townsend. ADJUNCT FACULTY: Danielle Clark, Susan Galle-Boyko, Bruce Kobal.

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