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January 2012

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January 2012

Top 10 ideas for winter fun


By Hanna Burch Our Voice Staff Ben Franklin Junior High School Ninth-Grader

inter has arrived! After the first snow fall that got students anxious to either get outside and enjoy the flakes or hover near an indoor heater, everyone is looking for a way to welcome the new season. Here are some ideas for winter fun for the eager snow-addict or the bored indoor hibernator during the next snow-filled months. » Get outside! Whether you enjoy the cold or not, it never hurts to breathe some fresh cold air. You could take a quick walk along the street, make snow angels in your yard or build a snowman with your little sister. » Save for a trip to Rogers Cinema. Since some movies are up to $9 a ticket, it might take some time to collect allowance or maybe just some extra cash from your grandma ... for shoveling her driveway, of course. Anyway, it’s always fun to see a new release with some friends and enjoy a giant tub of buttery popcorn. » Sled at Iverson Park. There are at least three hills there that are meant for sleds. Use them! Grab your old red saucer and head over for some fast-hilled fun. While you’re there, you might as well warm up with some hot chocolate. » Try skiing or snowboarding for the first time. There’s never a better time than now! Standing Rocks Park in the town of Stockton and Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau are some cool places to check out. And don’t just try downhill skiing. If you never have, go cross-country skiing. It’s a lot of fun and you can do it basically anywhere with flat ground. » Have a winter party. Some loud music and food might cheer up a case of the winter

blues. Nothing spectacular, just a good time with a few friends. » Visit K.B. Willett Ice Arena and go ice skating. There’s no other feeling like when you’re shooting around a rink of a pair of thin skates. The prices are cheap, too! Go searching for that old pair of skates in the basement and call a friend to meet there. » Go bowling. Not exactly a winter activity, but something fun to do out of the house with some other people. Buy a pizza, put on those (ugly) bowling shoes and STRIKE! » Use the cold weather as time to bring out your creative side. You could create a masterpiece of art, write some poetry or the chapter of a novel, listen to some different music, finish that book that’s been on your nightstand forever, or learn how to play a new card game. Little things that bring on some interesting ideas and fill up some time. » Bake a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies. Don’t forget some milk while they’re still warm! » Get a good deed on your service hour chart and volunteer in the community. There’s always something you can do for others to help bring a smile to their face. Ask your church, youth group or community crisis center how you can make a difference. Those are just a few ideas to fill up some time. Try to do at least three of them before spring arrives and the snow leaves. Happy winter!

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January 2012

New Year’s not all it’s cracked up to be


By Danielle Pederson Our Voice Staff Stevens Point Area Senior High 10th-Grader

people is that they have to here’s so much I change the page on the calcould say about Editorial endar and write 12 at the New Year’s Eve. end of a date where the 11 I don’t view New used to be. Year’s like most people do. I don’t I don’t believe in New Year’s resthink of it as a “new beginning” or a “fresh start.” All it is is a day that olutions for one big reason. They are just goals you set on a certain people decided was a good day to day. Well, I can do that any time so stay up late and drink. The biggest why make this one special? Most impact the new year has on most

Americans don’t even keep their resolutions, so why on Earth make them? If you are going to break them, why even pays for things and put in time and energy, when you could be doing other things. It is just a waste of energy, money and time. I don’t mean to crush anybody’s holiday cheer, but it just does not

Do you plan to make a New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, how do you plan to achieve it? » Brenna Carlson, sophomore, Stevens Point Area Senior High: No, I never can keep my resolution. I also could never figure out any good resolutions.

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» Lyza Schmidt, sophomore, Stevens Point Area Senior High: No, I always forget to keep it.

» Nick Schmitt, sophomore, Stevens Point Area Senior High: No, I have no real motive to keep them.

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seem logical to make a promise to yourself, in your head, where there will be no consequences. It is like going to high school when you are 65 just because you saw it on TV. Why? There is no logical reason to. But I do think New Year’s is a good excuse to get together with family. Happy New Year!

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» Kelly Michalski, sophomore, Stevens Point Area Senior High: No, I don’t really care.

» Ryan Neigbauer, sophomore, Stevens Point Area Senior High: No, I break it after a month or two anyways so why make them?




» Elaina Schuh, sophomore, Stevens Point Area Senior High: Yes, to help out at church. I will do that by doing more community service with my church.

» Brett Besaw, sophomore, Stevens Point Area Senior High: Yes, to stay up late. I will do that by not going to bed.


January 2012

Top books of 2011

Our Voice Staff Ben Franklin Junior High School Ninth-Grader

Top movies of 2011 There have been many great movies released this year. Here’s a list of my Top 10 movies that came out this year. Some of them are the fun kid movies we all like once in awhile. Make sure to watch them! 10. “Just Go With It” 9. “The Smurfs” 8. “I Am Number Four” 7. “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”

6. “Footloose” 5. “The Muppets” 4. “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” 3. “The Help”

2. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” 1. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”



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By Hanna Burch

My favorite books are all classics, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t loved some newly released books this year. Before we enter into 2012, I’ve put together a list of books that have peaked or that have been released and become top hits this year. Check them out! 10. “Abandon” by Meg Cabot 9. “The Luxe” by Anna Godbersen 8. “Plague” by Michael Grant 7. “Angel” by James Patterson 6. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” by Jeff Kinney 5. “I Am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore 4. “What Happened to Goodbye” by Sarah Dessen 3. “Goliath” by Scott Westerfeld 2. “Matched” by Ally Condie 1. “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett


January 2012

Student to Know: Brooke Filtz By Kaylyn Kluck Our Voice Staff Pacelli High School Ninth-Grader

Age: 15 School: Pacelli High School Grade: Freshman

Question: What are your goals for the school year? Answer: My main goal is to just enjoy every year I have in high school. A lot of people say it is one of the most fun times in your life. But I also want to get good grades so that I will have a lot of options for college.

Question: What clubs/sports are you apart of at school? Answer: Chamber choir, Question: What are your volleyball, student council goals for your life? and softball Answer: In the future Question: What is your I hope that no matter what favorite class at school and career I choose I will be happy and hopefully be sucwhy? Answer: Science. I find cessful in it. it interesting to learn about the little things that make up what we use every day, the things we usually wouldn’t even think about.

NOMINATE A STUDENT Do you know a local junior high or high school student who should be featured as our Student to Know in Our Voice. If so, contact Jamie Jung at 715-3452256 or email jamie.

Question: Who is your role model for success? Answer: My role model for success would probably be my dad. He started out paying for his own clothes and things like that when he was about my age because his family didn’t have a lot of money. He started a business when he was still in high school and he worked very hard for many years so that my family could have the things we do today.

fans he remained respectful and really focused on observing the game and improving his skills the best he could.

Question: What motivates you to do your best? Answer: What motivates me to do my best is constantly wanting to reach success in whatever it is I do. It is such a great feeling when you succeed at something you worked very hard for. It gives you a feeling that all the hard Question: Who inspires work was worth it. you? Question: What impact do Answer: Aaron Rodgers inspires me a lot. He worked you think a positive attitude very hard for many years has? Answer: I think a positive to get to where he is in the NFL right now. Despite the attitude has a HUGE impact. drama going on with other More than we even think. A team members and the lack positive attitude will help the of support at first from the challenges in your life be eas-

ier to overcome, and it helps make those harder times not seem so bad. Question: What is one thing you care passionately about? Answer: I care passionately about family. I think family is one of the most important things in your life. They are the people who are always there for you and love you no matter what. Family members can help you through the hardest times in your life, and they are just lifelong friends you can count on. Question: What do you do outside of school? Answer: Outside of school I love to play sports and hang out with my friends. I also enjoy four-wheeling, snowmobiling and jet-skiing.

Question: What is your best advice for students? Answer: Be organized! A planner is seriously your best friend. Make sure you always write down your assignments from each class and the books and utensils you will need to have for them.

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January 2012

Teacher to Know: Karla Lockman


osprey,” she said. Although Mrs. Lockman is a science teacher, she loved reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Something that may surprise you about Mrs. Lockman is that when she was in high school she competed in gymkhana, which is speed racing on horses around barrels and poles.

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Our Voice Staff Stevens Point Area Senior High 10th-Grader


By Danielle Pederson

arla Lockman, 30, is one of the biology/astronomy teachers at Stevens Point Area Senior High. She lives in Weyauwega, but grew up in Antigo. Mrs. Lockman went to the University of WisconsinMadison where she earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology, biological aspects of conservation with an emphasis in wildlife ecology and curriculum instruction. She then went to UW-Stevens Point to get her master’s degree in natural resources, environ-

mental education and interpretation. She has been married for seven years to Brian Lockman, and they have a daughter, Brenna, who is 16 months old. They also have a dog, Dakota. In the classroom or outside of the classroom, Mrs. Lockman has some exciting stories, one in particular was when she was working at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station. She had a group out on a pontoon boat on Sunset Lake when an osprey came and dove into the water three times and on that third dive it came up with a big, shiny fish. “By then all the students stopped caring about dissolved oxygen levels and were more focused on the



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January 2012

Dead or Alive By Hanna Burch Our Voice Staff Ben Franklin Junior High School Ninth-Grader


larms sounded and Angela was pushed forward through the crowd emptying out the doors. Gourmet food and decked tables forgotten, Plan 75 employees rushed to their departments to help with the oncoming crisis. Angela hurriedly looked around for Carleen,

as Carlos had told her, but couldn’t spot her in the blazing crowd. Out the ballroom doors, Angela pushed backward against the crowd and made her way to the end of the chaos. Soon there was no one left in the hallway, just herself. “Carleen?” she asked the large, empty space and looked around for someone. She didn’t know where to go or what to do next. She started back toward the ballroom to see if Carlos was still in there, but it was dead, the noise and gossip long left behind.

“Hello?” her voice echoed off the walls. “Hello, there,” a cold man’s voice boomed behind Angela. She slowly turned around and saw a black masked figure before rough hands closed over her mouth from behind and she smelled something sweet. ••• “Was she worth it? Did you even get the right one?” a deep voice asked from somewhere in Angela’s hearing distance. “Yes, we did, sir. She is the head’s daughter. She’s gold.”

“She better be. We didn’t risk our lives for some dumb girl.” There was an air of pause, and then both men burst out laughing. Settling down, the second one asked, “So, where’s Darlene and Barbara? They should’ve been here by now. I told them where to meet us.” The first man grunted in reply. Angela slowly opened her eyes as to not give off the fact that she was awake and looked around. She was in a small office where a wooden desk and computer monitor stood. The walls were plain

Editor’s note: This is the 14th chapter in a continuing series. The 15th installment will appear in the February issue. and bare. Two men in black suits and masks stood in the corner. Angela sensed she was on the ground and slightly tried moving. Her hands were free, but her legs tied together and a damp cloth in her mouth. “Hey. The girl’s awake.” One of the men stepped forward. Angela fully opened her eyes and stared at him. “Answer me with a nod. Do you understand?” Angela laid still and watched him. “I said, do you understand?” His voice steeled. Angela still didn’t move. She stared at him with wide eyes and tried to look confused.

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“Um, is she deaf or something?” The man walked forward and nudged Angela with his foot. She stared at him and, again, didn’t move. Her plan was to make them think she couldn’t understand them, and maybe she could get herself out of this mess. The man still in the corner came over to her and pulled the cloth out of her mouth. Angela licked her lips and smiled. “Say something,” he commanded. Angela smiled and stared. He looked at his partner. “Does she even speak English, Mark?” Mark shrugged. “I don’t know, Hal. She probably See Dead or alive/Page 8

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January 2012

Author Spotlight: Victoria Houston


By Danielle Pederson Our Voice Staff Stevens Point Area Senior High 10th-Grader

s I’m writing this article, I am in an outdoors mood. It is that time of year when most people in Wisconsin develop what I call “buck fever.” (Remember, I wrote this around deer hunting season.) Victoria Houston is a mystery writer. All of her stories take place in northern Wisconsin, also known as “the Northwoods.” They are scary to a point, but you also have to have some kind of vocabulary because some of her words are a little harder than what middle school students and freshmen are used to. I have to report that the books are outdoorsy with fly fishing, hunting and trapping as some of the themes for the murders. Yes, that is correct murders. These books are good but are not for those who don’t enjoy reading because they are about 300 to 400 pages each. Her books include: “Dead Angler,” “Dead Creek,” “Dead Water,” “Dead Frenzy,” “Dead Hot Mama,” “Dead Jitterbug,” “Dead Boogie” and more. Coming in the next issue ... I will write about Suzanne Collins and her famous Hunger Games book series.


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Dead or alive From page 7

does. She’s just messing with us.” Hal frowned. Angela decided it was time to do something. Using the three years acquired of Spanish, she quietly said, “Yo no hablo íngles. Yo no te entiendo.” Hal looked at Mark. “Any idea what that was?” Mark shook his head. “No. I think she said English or something, though.” Hal nodded just as the door burst open. “Hands up, don’t move,” a lady’s voice rang out. Hal and Mark froze, then burst out laughing. “Oh, Darlene,” Hal said. Darlene pulled off her ski mask and smiled. “Congratulations, boys! We’ve done it.”

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