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Locally Made Treats To Sweeten The Holiday Season



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6 YOU Spotlight: Bridging Two Worlds Through Love And Communication ON THE COVER: Sara Beaupre Photo by Mike Peters 10 Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

14 How To Keep The "Happy" In Your Holiday Season page


16 Empowerment After Adversity 20 A Taste Of The Sweet Life 22 Local Mom And Medical Student Shares Tips For Handling The Holiday Hustle

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13 YOU Picks: A Sampling Of Our Favorite Things From Local Merchants

It's a wonderful feeling being snuggled up next to a toasty fireplace as snowflakes fall from the sky outside. Comfy sweaters, hot cocoa and quality time with loved ones are just a few perks of the season. As the holidays quickly approach, it’s easy to feel as though you have become lost in the hustle and bustle. Have no fear, we are here to help make your life a little easier whether it’s related to where to find the best gifts as well as local gems that you will adore scoping out. Laurie Kimps even offers advice on how to keep the happy in your holiday season to enjoy it to the fullest. While you pick up presents for others, be sure to treat yourself too. Taylor Pierce has been whipping up sweet delights at The Cupcake Couture in De Pere since she took over ownership last July. Immerse yourself in the made from scratch delectables that will have you coming back for seconds. On our cover, we are graced with the lovely presence of Sara Beaupre, an evidential psychic medium. After experiencing a trauma of her own, it opened the door to a beautiful gift she has that also helps others as they grieve. The holiday season can be hard at times for those dealing with loss and she offers a pleasant reminder that loved ones are still close even when they feel far away. No matter where you are headed today, smile at a new face and take the time to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. You never know just how much they may need it and how much of an impact you have made.





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your style

‘Tis The Season For Giving


Packer Pride


The holiday season is a wonderful excuse to surprise those you love the most with delightful treasures they are sure to adore. Take the time to shop local and support small businesses while checking off your holiday gift list. Here are a few gems that your favorite people may not be able to live without.


Hello Handsome

4 1

Classic Elegance

Heavenly Glow

1. Classic Elegance, Faviana Glamour Dress S8005, $478, Roxanne’s Runway, Green Bay. 2. Packer Pride, Green Bay Packers Juniors Varsity PO Hoodie, $44.95, Packers Pro Shop, Green Bay. 3. Hello Handsome, $35, Man Basket (Locally Made Beard Oil And Three Hand Crafted Soaps In Masculine Scents), Petal Pusher, Green Bay. 4. Heavenly Glow, The All-Glowing Crème Highlighter Stick In Celestial, $35, Au Naturale Cosmetics, Green Bay. 5. Remember Every Magical Moment, Canon EOS 80D Video Creator Kit With EF-S 18-135mm IS USM Lens, $2,049.99, Camera Corner, Green Bay. 4 | | WINTER 2017



Long Lasting Lashes

Remember Every Magical Moment

8 Artistic Vibes


Bring The Heat

9 Safe Travels

10 Comfy And Cozy 6. Bring The Heat, Sterling Silver Camp Fire Girls Ring, $29, American Antiques & Jewelry, Green Bay. 7. Long Lasting Lashes, Vegan Black Earth Mascara, $18, Erth Minerals, De Pere. 8. Artistic Vibes, Recycled Lenses That Can Be Showcased As Pendants Or Sun Catchers, Starting At $35, Danielle Chauna-Mae Art Created By Danielle Wilkinson, or, Green Bay. 9. Safe Travels, Orion 60-Piece Premium Emergency Road Kit, $34.99, Martin Hardware Inc., Green Bay. 10. Comfy And Cozy, Spiritual Gangster Choose Happiness Tee, $58, Pure Barre, Green Bay. WINTER 2017 | | 5

your spotlight

6 | | WINTER 2017

Bridging Two Worlds Through Love And Communication Tragedy Begins A Spiritual Journey For Evidential Medium Sara Beaupre STORY BY MEGHAN DIEMEL PHOTOS BY MIKE PETERS


orn out of immense pain, Reedsville’s Sara Beaupre has been on a spiritual journey since her son passed in April of 2011 at 4 years old in a tragic accident. In the days and weeks that followed, Beaupre and her husband, Dr. Dan Beaupre, struggled to breathe. Life as they had known it would never exist again and they searched for help through the heavy curtain of grief that surrounded them. They spoke first with a Catholic priest, who counseled them for several months. “This man, such an amazing, selfless man, sat with us for three months, watching two people who were completely stripped of everything in their life because Cooper was our only child,” she remembers. “[The priest] said to me, ‘Sara, you’re going to change the lives of many people someday, and you will help them through the loss and tragedy of their own child.’ I looked at him, thinking I was so broken I couldn’t even change my own life.” MEDIUM CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 >>> WINTER 2017 | | 7


Around a month after Cooper’s passing, the couple met with another couple who had also experienced the passing of their child. During the meeting, the wife mentioned to Sara that she consulted with a medium after their own child had died. “I didn’t know much about mediumship or mediums, but I did always remember John Edward and I was fascinated by his TV show; that’s how I could relate to understanding mediums and mediumship,” Beaupre states. After some thought, Beaupre met with a medium, who gave her information that only four people knew and was not available publicly. It was such an impactful and meaningful experience, filled with such hope for Beaupre, that she considers it a lifesaving meeting. “At that point and time, I was contemplating leaving the physical world; I was ready to end my life. My husband meant everything to me, he means everything to me – he is my lifeline, my rock, my support – but at that moment in time, I did not care about anybody else. I just wanted my son back, physically.” Beaupre started to identify signs and symbols everywhere she looked, and says she felt Cooper was trying to communicate with her. Beaupre says the priest asked her, ‘People talk to God all the time. Why would it be any different for you to talk to Cooper?’ “I knew I couldn’t have Cooper physically,” adds Beaupre, “so I had to find him spiritually, and that’s what started everything.” Beaupre started her spiritual work, learning about Reiki and shamanism and trying to understand those paths first. During the shamanic training, she opened up to mediumship. As Beaupre remembered with a laugh, she had been in the bathroom during a retreat when she heard someone say, “My name is Earl and I’m her grandpa.” At the retreat, there was only one man and he had an ac8 | | WINTER 2017

cent, which the voice did not. “I was terrified because I didn’t know who was outside,” says Beaupre. “I went outside looking for this Earl. I was pretty freaked out and walked in to where I was staying and I told them the story. A girl said, ‘My grandpa’s name is Earl, but he’s dead.’” That moment began her next path to becoming an evidential medium, and Beaupre continues to develop her ability. She says the manner in which she receives information from the spirit world is multifaceted. “I see, I hear, I feel and I know,” she explains. “The one thing that is very pertinent in how I receive information is that I just know things, which is called clear cognizance. I don’t know how I know things, I just know them. Of course, it’s the one thing people will deny. Then I see. It will be different every time because of the person in the spirit world and the person sitting across from me. They’ll work with whatever facet they can to help me understand the information. I know things first, and then I’ll see or feel. Hearing comes last usually. But clear cognizance is the strongest way I work.” Beaupre explains that we’re all capable of connecting with the spirit world but she asks for people to learn how to connect with themselves first. “I started searching within myself after Cooper died, to learn how to live,” she explains. “I did that through

prayer; prayer was really big for me. I am always close to the spirit world because I believe in it, I trust it and I don’t question it.” “‘We are all spiritual beings having a human experience,’” Beaupre furthers, quoting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French idealist philosopher and Jesuit priest. “The flicker within us is whatever that place is for us. Look within your soul – it starts with you.” As she reflects on her spiritual path over the last six years, she remembers questioning every aspect of why God had to take Cooper from her. It had her on her hands and knees, and was a horrific ending to one chapter of her life but served as a starting point for her next. “I begged God for help and this allowed me to be teachable,” she says. “It allowed me to find a way to get close to something that most people can’t see, hear or touch. We just have to believe and trust that it’s there. I’m not grateful for Cooper’s passing but there is a gift in everything in life. I’m grateful that out of this tragedy I’ve found a way to live my life. Had this not transpired, I don’t believe I would be sitting in the position today to help people live their own life as I was helped.” As her son’s passing has allowed her to become empowered and make her life beautiful, she prays for the same of others who may be experiencing the darkness of tragedy that chokes out the light.

“I’m here for healing, not for TV purposes,” she adds. “I am here to find out how I can help

Divorce & Family Law

you heal, help you live your life and how I can

Elizabeth Kremer Flanigan

help you bring your loved ones close. My work is focused on helping people breathe one more time and helping people heal.”

Named Rising Star (Family Law) by Super Lawyers 920.432.3381 (toll free: 888.432.3381)

WINTER 2017 | | 9

your life

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

Women Helping Women Through Shopping STORY BY LAURA BROULLIRE


f your girlfriend called and invited you to go shopping at one of Green Bay’s newest and cutest clothing boutiques, you’d grab your purse and race out the door, right? But what if you also knew that your purchases would help fund community programs and that you were guaranteed a steal of a deal? That’s the idea behind the Madison Street Boutique, located on the second floor of the YWCA Greater Green Bay. The boutique, which opened its doors in May, was inspired by the success of the YWCA Women’s Career Closet, a program that has been providing free interview clothes and career wear for local women since 1993. Women’s Empowerment Center director Joan Johnson says she took a close look at the types of donations they were receiving for the career closet last fall. “I saw a lot of things – new things – that fell outside the realm of career wear, such as jeans and swimwear,” Johnson says. “So I thought, ‘What if we could offer these not for free, but for a suggested donation and put that money back into the 10 | | WINTER 2017

Photo by Alyssa Matelski

empowerment center?’” Thus, the Madison Street Boutique was born. Stocked with donations and staffed by volunteers, the boutique looks just like any other trendy clothing shop. Colorful tops and dresses hang from racks that sit atop trendy, geometric-patterned rugs. Bright shoes, handbags and purses complement the cheerful changing room curtains and shiny metallic flowers on the wall. Sales signs are written on chalkboards and jewelry pieces, from the elegant to the eclectic, spill out of wooden display cases and drawers. But you won’t find any price tags; Johnson is quick to point out there’s just a list of suggested donation amounts. “We’re making boutique shopping available for everyone,” she says.

You look good because of the clothes. You are doing good because the proceeds all come back to our programs and you feel good because of the whole process.”

Alyssa Matelski, who is the marketing/fund development director for the YWCA, says she’s blown away by the clothing donations that come in daily. She remembers helping to carry in a box of special occasion dresses donated by a woman whose husband, a local CEO, was retiring. She said, ‘These are all my gala dresses from over the years. I don’t need them anymore,’” Matelski recalls.

With Christmas right around the corner, Matelski says the Madison Street Joan Johnson Boutique is her absolute first Women’s Empowerment Center director place to shop for a holiday party dress, sparkly purse or pair of strappy shoes. “You could go somewhere else and spend $80 on a dress that you’ll wear once,” she says, “or you can come here and spend $10 on something just as beautiful.” LOOK GOOD CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 >>> WINTER 2017 | | 11


MADISON STREET BOUTIQUE A Program Of The YWCA Women’s Empowerment Center

WHERE: Second Floor Of The YWCA Building At 230 South Madison Street, Green Bay HOURS: Tuesdays From Noon To 4 p.m.; Wednesdays From 2 p.m. To 5 p.m. And Thursdays From 3 p.m. To 7 p.m. Open To The Public PARKING: Park In The YWCA Member Lot At Madison And Stuart Streets Then Take The Elevator To The Second Floor Boutique PRICES: Suggested Donations Range From $2 to $5 Per Item With Some As High As $10 Cash Only, Please CLOTHING DONATIONS: Accepted During Regular YWCA Hours FOR MORE INFORMATION On The Madison Street Boutique, The Women’s Empowerment Center Or Their Programs, Please Visit The YWCA Website At Or Call (920) 432-5581

The boutique features new and gently used items ranging from small accessories and scarves to special occasion dresses, Johnson says. “We have everything from sparkly jackets to full length gowns,” she says. “This would be a great place to shop for a gift.” Gone are the days when it was less than stylish to purchase previously owned merchandise, Johnson says. Matelski agrees, citing the popularity of the online thrift store thredUP and home decorator’s ongoing obsession with refurbished furniture. “It doesn’t have that stigma anymore,” Matelski says. “Everyone is trying to get a good deal.” Further, Johnson points out that boutique shoppers can take pride in their purchases. One hundred percent of the proceeds go toward helping Green Bay area women through literacy training, computer classes, career workshops and life coaching programs. “Our motto is, ‘look good, do good, feel good,” Johnson says. “You look good because of the clothes. You are doing good because the proceeds all come back to our programs and you feel good because of the whole process.” While many women who utilize the career closet also shop in the boutique, Matelski says there is no “typical” boutique customer. “All my friends love shopping here,” she says. “We see (YWCA) board members come to shop, some of our community partners, even staff members on their lunch hour,” Matelski says. “The boutique brings in a different population of people who wouldn’t necessarily come to the YWCA.” Johnson, who would love to add a line of children’s clothing or even offer the boutique its own storefront, is thrilled with their early success. “We’ve grown so much in the few months we’ve been open.” That’s a victory all around. “We’re breaking down barriers and bringing groups together,” Johnson says. “It’s about empowering women inside and out.”

12 | | WINTER 2017


A SA M PL I NG OF OU R FAVOR I T E T H I NGS F ROM LO C A L M E RC H A N T S Made in Vermont. Lifetime Guarantee.

Great Gift! 1593 Western, Green Bay (920)496-0505 MON-FRI 9am-6pm SATURDAY 9am-4pm 127 E. Main St, Little Chute (920)788-1061 MON-FRI 9am-7pm SATURDAY 9am-4pm 1861 N Casaloma, Appleton (920)882-8585 MON-FRI 9am-6pm SAT 9am-4pm SUN 11am-4pm

Holiday gift giving made easy! Look no further than the wonderful selection of cozy slippers and socks for men and women available at Vanderloop Shoes. Don’t know their size? Gift certificates are available in any denomination and are sure to please anyone on your list. Visit Vanderloop Shoes in Green Bay, Appleton and Little Chute.

Home for the Holidays Apricot Lane Boutique is your one stop shop this holiday season! You're sure to find something for everyone on your list! Our exclusive "Fridays are For Fish Frys & Old Fashioneds" baseball tee is so cute paired with a hooded olive vest and some dark denim. Our C.C. Beanies are the perfect addition for a warm and comfy outfit vibe. Our speckled home mugs make great stocking stuffers! Stop in today to check out our unique and exclusive styles. Text ALBGB to 57711 for 25% off, inside Bay Park Square. (Denim $68, C.C. Beanie $28, Top $44, vest $58, mug $24, accessories vary)

We make GIFT GIVING easy! Handpicked boutique fashions & gifts. Shopping local made easy!

A coupon that's too good to be true...for you!

$10 OFF any $30+ purchase! Coupon expires 12/31/17. Valid on regular price items only. Some exclusions apply. One-time use. Not valid with other coupons or discounts.

New Arrivals Daily y Inside Bay Park Square Malll

Inside Bay Park Square Mall

WINTER 2017 | | 13

your life

How To Keep The "Happy" In Your Holiday Season BY LAURIE KIMPS MAKE CONNECTIONS We've all heard the expression, "It's all about the people you are with". The connections you make, through family, friends and your faith are the foundations of hope and support. God places the right people in our lives when we need them most. Spending time on meaningful relationships will help you feel more grounded when faced with the franticness of the holidays.

The holiday season is upon us! With the busyness of the upcoming holidays, it can be easy to have the "happy" in "happy holidays" turn into stress and exhaustion. We often tend to overwhelm ourselves during the holiday season. We focus on having the perfectly shaped tree, flawless decorations and giving the best presents. Much of our time is dedicated to serving an exemplary dinner and creating the perfect family gatherings. With high expectations and focus on perfection, the happiness in the holidays is set aside and the real meaning of the holiday season can get lost. We must remind ourselves that happiness, in reality, comes from unexpected places that are wonderfully imperfect. There are no right or wrong strategies for happiness nor will a change in attitude fix everything. One thing I do know is that a good attitude will bring more cheer than a bad one. The holidays should be a special time for celebration, appreciation and relaxation. A time to spend with family and friends. Here are five simple habits you can practice that will help your holiday traditions result in happiness and bliss. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS Focus and look for the good that comes in every day. Even in times of struggles, despite weather, sickness, debt and global despair. It is up to you to pursue happiness, you are not born with it, you cannot buy it, but you can certainly create and experience it. Take a look around and ask yourself, "What am I most thankful for?" and be grateful. BE KIND TO OTHERS The holidays are all about giving. Give the gift of yourself by what you say and do. Pray more and complain less. We all know that the most meaningful gifts come from the heart. One of the greatest gifts we can give are random acts of kindness without any strings. 14 | | WINTER 2017

KEEP THINGS SIMPLE Create memorable experiences, something that money just cannot buy. You can use those memories and pass them on to share with others. It could be something like, helping at a homeless shelter, baking cookies with your grandmother or picking out a tree as a family. Sending hand written notes to the people who are most important to you is another simple way to spread appreciation. This dose of conscious gratitude is good for your happiness as well as the hearts you will touch in the process. CELEBRATE AND LAUGH Celebrate life's journey, each day, not just during the holidays. In doing so, you become less stressed and that happiness you were hoping for will come along for the ride. The outcome of our holiday season is up to us. Hopefully, these habits of happiness will help you keep the "Happy" in your holiday. More importantly, it will help you spread joy to all the people around you. Wishing you and your family a very "Happy" holiday! Laurie and Craig Kimps are third generation owners of Kimps Ace Hardware in Green Bay.

MAGNOLIA HOME BY JOANNA GAINES available exclusively in

Home is the most important place on earth. It's where life happens and where your family's story is told. Magnolia Home Paints are each designed and curated by Joanna to simplify the process of turning your house into a home.

2548 Glendale Avenue, Green Bay



WINTER 2017 | | 15

your life


16 | | WINTER 2017


ristal Knudtson, 35, defines herself by several titles, including wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, co-worker and entrepreneur. She’s also a champion of women’s causes, and one of the crusades nearest and dearest to the West De Pere resident’s heart is helping other women live a more meaningful and confident life regardless of their past experiences. “I think that purpose or passion is driven from pain a lot of the time,” Knudtson remarks. “For me, specifically, I had pain in my life that I knew at some point I needed to do something with it. I just didn’t know what it was going to be.” Knudtson’s pain included years of sexual abuse, starting at age 11, which then caused obsessive compulsive disorder. That was followed by a divorce, a custody battle and postpartum anxiety, among other hardships.

A lot of times throughout my journey I feel I have chased my dreams. “Throughout my life I didn’t do anything with my first adSometimes versity,” she explains. “By my adversity, I thought, okay, I just need to sit fourth there’s other people out there need to hear the story and back and go, Wow. who other people out there who need My dream is already a voice because maybe they don’t want to use their voice. They in front of me.” don’t want their vulnerabilities Kristal Knudtson

being told but they want to hear they’re not alone.”

Knudtson says she got through the difficulties with the power of prayer. She says the tools she gained along the way helped her learn to be confident and love herself, which is something she wants other women to learn. Knudtson has started her own movement of sorts, offering resources to women on her website, Through Behind My Smile, she also hosts speaking engagements, where she encourages other women to embrace who they are and EMPOWERMENT CONTINUED ON PAGE 18 >>> WINTER 2017 | | 17


understand their worth. “The sooner we can accept and love ourselves – and this includes our quirkiness, or the things that make us vulnerable – then the sooner we can be happy and live a more confident and meaningful life,” she states. For Knudtson, part of living her life in a meaningful way also includes remembering to be grateful of what she has. “A lot of times throughout my journey I feel I have chased my dreams. Sometimes I just need to sit back and go, Wow. My dream is already in front of me. Because of my pain and adversity, I thought I never would be loved or have kids, or have an awesome job with a few great friends and inspire people. But those are all things I have.” She also reminds those on the search for more confidence and meaning to be themselves, or “YOUnique,” as she considers it. “If you’re yourself, you’re going to attract like-minded people,” Knudtson explains. “Not everyone is going to like you and that’s an okay thing. You need to know that being yourself and being YOUnique is going to attract people who should be in your circle of influence.” “Stay true to who you are,” she adds. “Stay honest. Be humble. Be kind. Be confident. Be unique.” For a list of Knudtson’s future speaking engagements, visit http:// or follow her on Facebook at https:// 18 | | WINTER 2017

5 TIPS FOR CLEARER COMMUNICATION Improving the way you communicate with others is a large step toward gaining more confidence and carving out the life you have always wanted, explains Knudtson. Here are her tips for better communication. • NEVER ASSUME: We get mixed communication because one person thought one thing and another person thought another. • FACE-TO-FACE CONVERSATION: If you really want to gain a meaningful conversation that requires honesty and feedback, face-to-face is the best way to go. Not only can you hear his/her responses but you are able to see their non-verbal response.

• FOLLOW YOUR GUT: Use your intuitiveness and what you know of the person to make a reasonable assessment. • OBSERVE: A lot can be learned by watching how others act and what they say. It can also help with your conversations and how attached you would like to be to those people. • DON’T BE AFRAID TO PAUSE: Challenge yourself to pause more in conversations to allow the other person to continue to talk and for you to think.

Would you like to see your ad in the pages of YOU Magazine? THOUSANDS OF WOMEN IN GREEN BAY GET SHOPPING IDEAS FROM YOU MAGAZINE. FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION, CALL 920-431-8372 WINTER 2017 | | 19

your life

A Taste Of The Sweet Life Tantalizing Treats To Make The Holiday Season Even Better STORY BY LAURA BROULLIRE • PHOTOS BY THE CUPCAKE COUTURE


wning a cupcake shop has been a lifelong dream for Ashwaubenon native Taylor Pierce. “I grew up baking everything,” she says. While studying business management at UW-Eau Claire, Pierce put together a business plan for her cupcake bakery. So, she feels it was fate that the original owner of The Cupcake Couture was looking to sell the business just a few months after Pierce received her degree. “It was kind of meant to be,” says Pierce, who took over ownership of the bakery last July. “I feel very blessed.” Blessed, too, are patrons of The Cupcake Couture, which is located on Main Avenue in West De Pere. Pierce offers a rotating lineup of cupcakes, with eight different flavors on the menu each day. Anything with peanut butter or caramel is going to be popular with her customers, Pierce says, but adds with a smile that her personal favorite is the amaretto cherry bomb. “Every cupcake we make by hand and from scratch,” Pierce says. “We put a lot of love and a lot of work into everything we make.” She is quick to point out, though, that there’s much more than just cup-

cakes on the menu. Special order cakes, including wedding cakes, are created in their kitchen by in house decorator Amanda Hallstead. And Pierce is proud to serve gelato and Door County Coffee & Tea, as well as edible cookie dough. Hallstead, who’s worked at the store since May, says she’s looking forward to her first holiday season at The Cupcake Couture. “I’m a huge fan of Christmas in general,” she says. This year, she and Pierce will offer made from scratch cheesecakes for holiday parties, as well as take and bake sugar cookie dough that parents and kids can cut out at home. “It should be really fun,” Hallstead says. The holiday cupcake menu will also be fun and feature such fall favorites as pumpkin surprise and caramel apple pie. Closer to Christmas, they’ll roll out additional flavors such as gingerbread, hot cocoa, egg nog and chocolate peppermint. “We also sell a box of eight cupcakes (to which) you can add a bottle of wine,” Pierce says. “It makes an awesome hostess gift.” A self-professed dog lover, Pierce is also careful not to exclude her customers’ four-legged friends during the Christmas season. “We sell dog treats and ‘pupcakes,’” Pierce says. “Our homemade dog treats are great gifts for the holidays, more than just a bone from a store. Dog lovers always love to spoil their dogs.” Since buying The Cupcake Couture, which opened in 2013, Pierce has been eager to put her own stamp on the business. She’s proud to feature “Tay’s Cupcake Factory” which allows even her youngest patrons to customize a vanilla or chocolate cupcake with their personal preferences of fillings and toppings. “Kids today, they are so customized. They want everything their own way,” she says, comparing her idea to a Cold Stone Creamery, “but with cupcakes.” This concept is especially popular with birthday parties, which Pierce hosts right in the store.

20 | | WINTER 2017

She also stays busy supplying wedding cakes,

cupcakes and cake balls for brides and grooms who want to offer their guests something more memorable than a white sheet cake. “Boozy” cupcakes, which are infused with alcohol, are the perfect party starters for bridal showers, bachelorette parties “or just a girl’s night out,” Pierce says. And this time of year, she and Hallstead churn out their share of green and gold cupcakes for Packer parties. “Everything is homemade and gourmet,” she says. “We can customize any order. We can say ‘yes’ to a lot of stuff.” Hallstead says she and Pierce work well together because of their shared love of baking. “I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid,” she says. “Baking makes people happy and that makes me happy.”

320 Main Avenue, Suite 201, De Pere HOURS: Tuesday To Thursday From 10 a.m. To 6 p.m.; Friday From 9 a.m. To 6 p.m.; Saturday From 9 a.m. To 2 p.m.; Closed Sunday And Monday PHONE: (920) 632-7247 To See The Cupcake Menu Or Place An Order Online Visit WINTER 2017 | | 21

your life

Local Mom And Medical Student Shares Tips For Handling The Holiday Hustle BY HOLLY BOTSFORD Angie Smet’s Christmas tree is always a little lopsided and the ornaments never hang perfectly straight. “My house may not look like the Griswold family’s Christmas décor,” she said, “but I’ve learned to let the little things go.” As a mom to 11-year-old Maia and a first-year student at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)-Green Bay, Smet knows that prioritizing is key to managing stress in busy times, especially this time of year. From shopping to studying for exams, she may not always find the time to decorate the house just right or bake all the Christmas cookies she’d like, but “I’d rather spend time with family and be in our pjs a little longer on Christmas morning,” she said. To make it work, Smet plans the holidays months ahead of time. She keeps a running task list of gift ideas, allowing her to slowly but surely chip away at the process and avoid any lastminute disasters. She also says the advent of online shopping has helped tremendously. Technology can be challenging but it can also be a blessing, Smet said. She relies on several apps to save time not only around the holidays but throughout the school year. Meal Board helps her plan meals ahead of time by automatically generating grocery lists based on uploaded recipes. She uses a flashcard app to study medical terms anywhere, anytime, like at Maia’s swim practice or waiting in line at the grocery store. Smet also uses an electronic calendar to schedule everything from class-

Photo by Mike Peters

es, study sessions, appointments, volunteering at Maia’s school and even runs. For other busy students and parents, she recommends the audio recording device on smartphones. She records herself reviewing notes or daily reminders, then when she’s driving to class, to the clinic or to pick up Maia at school, she can listen back on the recordings. No matter what, Smet always needs designated family time when her daughter gets her undivided attention. Together they sled, ski, play games or paint nails. “My family is my rock and my sanity,” she said. “Making time for them helps to remind me why I’m working so hard.” Smet began juggling her duties as a full-time mom and student when she started undergraduate courses at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She had always worked in hospitals and healthcare environments but she never considered medical school as a realistic option. As a mom, she didn’t think she could make it work. Then, the opening of the MCW Green Bay campus made that goal attainable for her. “I’m so entirely grateful to have an opportunity to pursue my goals while raising a family,” Smet said, and she reminds herself of this during the craziest, most difficult times. “My daughter will remember my actions, and ultimately I’m hoping to set a really strong example of hard work and determination.” Holly Botsford is the external relations and engagement manager for the office of communications at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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LOCALLY LOCALLY & NATIONALLY & NATIONALLY RESPECTED RESPECTED Your smile Your is insmile goodishands. in good Dr. hands. Chad Dr. Yenchesky Chad Yenchesky is a clinical is aeducator clinical educator and mentor andtomentor dentists toacross dentists theacross the country and country Green and Bay’s Green Smile Bay’s Maker. SmileCurious Curious see what to we seecan what dowe forcan your dosmile? for your Schedule smile? Schedule your free your free consultation consultation and take your and take firstyour step first towards stepatowards healthy,aconfident healthy, confident smile today. smile today.

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for a complimentary for a complimentary CALLCALL consultation consultation at at GREEN GREEN BAY'SBAY'S 920-278-5233 920-278-5233 SMILE SMILE MAKER MAKER or visit our or visit website our at website at TODAY TODAY 2310 Oak Ridge 2310 Circle Oak Ridge | De Pere, CircleWI | De 54115 Pere, WI 54115 920-278-5233 920-278-5233 | |

Chad V. Yenchesky, Chad V. Yenchesky, DDS DDS