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State Representative 4th Assembly District

Age: 39


Director of Corporate Sales for Hotel Sierra (Hyatt)/KI Convention Center

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Chad Weininger is a product of Green Bay. He went through the public school system and attended St. Norbert College. He learned about public service with the intent to serve the community. In 2010 Weininger was elected to the State Representative for Wisconsin’s 4th Assembly District. He jumped right in, assisting people cut through the dreaded red tape found in the legislative process. He takes his responsibilities seriously, finding a way to make a difference in the day-to-day lives of those around him.

As a legislator, Weininger is proud to have championed the passage of the Multi-Jurisdictional TID law, allowing two or more municipalities to come together to create a regional or corridor development area. Regions are able to join forces to accomplish a mutually beneficial goal. While the idea was first discussed years ago, Weininger made a commitment to get the proposal passed and delivered on his promise. His past experience includes serving as Green Bay’s City Clerk, part of the Foreign Service at the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania, Chief of Staff to Mayor Jim Schmitt, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Mark Green. As a former business owner, Weininger appreciates the opportunity to help entrepreneurs to succeed. He’s coordinated workshops and conferences and served on a variety of advisory boards with the intent to assist area businesses grow and to create jobs. While City Clerk, he advocated for greater voter turnout and better access to local government. Weininger advanced open government principles by placing council committee meeting videos and audio online, as well as distributing agendas and council packets via e-mail to interested subscribers to make government more transparent. He adds, “There seemed to be a lack of awareness of city government issues affecting local citizens.” His list of community service is long. One of the accomplishments he’s most proud of is the success with the U.S. Census. As the local chair, Weininger was in charge of designing and promoting the U.S. Census in Green Bay and coordinating activities countywide. By developing outreach plans and identifying ways to reach various demographic populations the city exceeded their typical rate of return. As a result of his efforts, Green Bay was in a better position to receive federal dollars for social, educational and developmental programs. By attending dozens of meetings and advocating for his neighbors, Weininger is attempting to fulfill his vision – making Green Bay the best place to start a business, get a good-paying job, own a home, raise a family, vacation and retire. While that can be an exhausting task he does it willingly for his community. His next challenge: raising twins (due in the spring) to be just as enthusiastic about Green Bay as he is.

A word of thanks: “Without all the amazing people who have inspired, guided, and supported me throughout my life, I would not be where I am today. I’m truly grateful for having supportive family members and friends, and all those who have allowed me the opportunity to serve them in the Wisconsin State Legislature.”

Since the age of five, Kari Moody dreamed of being a Broadway singer. She attended the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with the intent of making her aspirations a reality, only to discover a singing career wasn’t all she imagined. As she plotted her next move, she took a job as a housekeeper and night auditor at a hotel. That was all it took. She was hooked. Moody has worked in the hospitality industry since 1998. She immediately adored the customer interaction and found hospitality to be a natural fit for her personality. She dabbled in management, but found she was most enthusiastic when working in hotel sales. With her love of the community, Moody is the ideal candidate to stand before travelers from across the country and represent Green Bay.

As Director of Corporate Sales for Hotel Sierra/KI Convention Center, Moody’s had the opportunity to work with many inspiring individuals and accomplished businesses. “With every client I’m able to create unique offerings that benefit their travelers, making them feel at home. I work hard to make sure each guest is taken care of,” adds Moody. Moody’s dedication extends beyond the hotel and impacts a handful of community organizations; she commits her time outside of work to wherever her heart leads her. The three organizations she is most passionate about include the Rotary Club of Green Bay, Management Women and her church. She serves on the board for both the Rotary Club and Management Women; Moody has been on her church auction committee for eight years. Through her professional role, she’s had the chance to coordinate and manage Grizzly’s Holiday Light Tour, raising $8,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. She also looks for ways to support the tourism industry as a member of the Wisconsin Business Travel Association. In order to make a difference, Moody feels volunteers need to become vested in the organization they choose to commit their time; avoid just going through the motions. She concentrates on building relationships with those around her. “You don’t realize what you can change if you don’t try. Immerse yourself in what you believe in and make your mark on it,” she said. While Moody and her family live just outside of Green Bay, she loads up the car and frequents city happenings to familiarize her children with people of different color and background. She said, “Diversity isn’t always right next door. It’s important to introduce children to different individuals and experiences so they are an expected part of our community.” Her parents instilled in her an inclusive nature. She explains, “My parents are kind and generous. I do my best to follow their example.”

Age: 33 A word of thanks: “I thank my husband, Pete, for believing in my every decision and supporting all that I do, no matter the outcome. I am so thankful for his constant support though my volunteer activities take me away from our family life and add extra stress and responsibility for him. He takes it all in stride and is an incredible husband.”

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