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The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010


2 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years! VALUE BEYOND BUILDING™

Fond du Lac High School | Completed 2001 General Contractor | C.D. Smith Construction Architect | Bray Associates


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Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 3

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

We want to pay tribute to alumni, community 150 years of educational excellence By James Sebert Superintendent | Fond du Lac Schools



The Fond du Lac School District’s accomplishments are the direct result of the community’s beliefs that when we invest in our children, our investment returns to us in countless positive ways. We firmly believe in the importance of developing dynamic community partnerships through collaborative efforts.


This past year, as we celebrated Fond du Lac High School’s Sesquicentennial, we truly realized how essential those partnerships have been and continue to be for our success as an educational organization in the Fond du Lac community.

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It is hoped that this pictorial souvenir will provide community members with an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and recall with affection the events and experiences that have contributed to the consistent progress of our fine school district.

On behalf of our entire Fond du Lac School District family, thank you for your ongoing support and may you simply enjoy this fantastic piece of history designed by the talented Reporter staff.


7am ‘til Closing TOP PHOTO— Jim Sebert puts up a shot for the Fondy Cards. MIDDLE PHOTO – Jim Sebert, Class of 1991. BOTTOM PHOTO — Superintendent of Schools Jim Sebert, 2010

COVER - Four historic high schools. The emblem signifying 150 years of academic excellence in the Fond du Lac High School experience is surrounded by images of four of the school district’s historic structures. Clockwise from upper left is an image of the first new high school building, constructed in 1865; the high school built in 1873 on Merrill Avenue, where Chegwin Elementary School is located; the “beak” of the current Fond du Lac High School on Campus Drive; and Goodrich High School, 382 Linden St., which ceased operations as a high school in 2001.

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In partnering with The Reporter in the creation of the Sesquicentennial commemorative piece, we collectively pay tribute to and recognize alumni, parents, staff, community members and area businesses and organizations for their steadfast support of our schools.

It is my hope that this memento will touch the hearts of many proud citizens, past and present, for which Fond du Lac will always remain home.

FDL High School on your 150th Avniversary!!!


Since 1859 when the first high school was established by Mr. Edwin C. Johnson and Miss M.S. Merrill, the Fond du Lac community has supported the ideals and objectives that made it possible for a thriving school system to provide for its youngest citizens.

As a 1991 graduate of Goodrich, and now as superintendent of the Fond du Lac School District, this commemorative recognition of Fond du Lac High School’s enduring commitment to excellence is most certainly a keepsake.


4 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

A walk down

memory lane Lasting memories made in high school during Depression years

BY SHARON ROZNIK | The Reporter | yearbook PHOTO Eugene Noe, a 1929 graduate of Fond du Lac High

Eugene Noe was granted the respect he deserves at an all-class reunion held Saturday, May 8, at Fond du Lac High — for good reason. Eugene Noe, 99, of Fond du Lac, is the oldest living graduate of Fond du Lac High School. His son, Dave Noe, accompanied him to the celebration.

The retired local postmaster graduated from high school in 1929, just before the great stock market crash. Though a derailed economy prohibited him from attending college, lessons learned during his high school days carried him through life, a career and his success as an artist and musician. With a bird’s-eye view of Fond du Lac High School from his living room, Gene marvels at today’s expansive, red brick complex.

Completed in 2001, the $41 million, 400,000-square foot facility was made possible by the community through the passage of a $49 million school building referendum in 1999. The referendum funding was used for technology upgrades, improving elementary schools, renovating the Goodrich building, and acquiring land and building a new high school. It was during the late 1920s when Noe attended the city’s relatively new high school at that time at the corner of Linden and Ninth streets.

Gene and his family, including seven siblings, lived at 226 Fourth St., next door to a Civil War veteran named Mr. Howie, who held a big horn up to his ear to hear. The Noes walked to

the reporter PHOTO by patrick flood Eugene Noe, a 1929 graduate of Fond du Lac High School and an accomplished artist, shared stories about his high school years during a visit with Fond du Lac School District representatives Cheri Everson and Gloria Schmidt in early December. He fondly remembered Miss Roberts, who taught public speaking; Mr. Schmitz, the band director; Miss Haentze, who taught Latin; and Mr. Merriman, who taught social studies. His hopes of attending college to pursue a degree in architecture were dashed when the economy plummeted due to the stock market crash. Noe was interviewed in recognition of the high school’s 150-Year Celebration and was asked to pose with his oil painting of Fond du Lac High School, a scene he views every day from his residence at Lakeview Estates.

Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 5

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

No matter where you’re at in life . . .


Eugene Noe holds a painting he did of the new Fond du Lac High School. He can view the school through his living room window.

and from school in rain and snow, and pitied the students from farms who had to travel four-plus miles just to get an education.

� ���� ����� � �������

“I mowed lawns for 10 cents. Sometimes a few of us would play baseball on our own, or go see a movie with actors like Fatty Arbuckle,” Gene recalled.

� ������� ����� � ��������

As a student, he took up clarinet and saxophone. His talents later led him to play in a 12-piece jazz band. “Band teacher Joe Schmitz was a great influence on me. He represented music in the city back then,” he said. Miss Roberts also made a lasting impression on her students, according to Noe. She was the one who taught students manners and how to speak in front of a crowd. “She taught us how to act in restaurants and in public. I realized I could straighten myself out by having a kind of style,” Gene related.

� ��� � ���� � ����

Florence, his sweetheart and future wife, worked at Woolworth’s for 5 cents an hour. That was back when all the stores were located on Main Street, and the streets were crowded on Saturday nights. “There were dances, so many dances. Dance halls were located in every small burg throughout the county,” Gene said.

� �������� � ���� ������ Loans � �������� ��������

Sometimes before a night out on the town, Gene and a friend would drive out to see the bootlegger on the farm. The purchase was always arranged in a cornfield. When he was told he had enough credits to graduate early, Gene said no thanks. Jobs were scarce, and he wanted to savor his senior year in high school. After graduation he worked for a decade at Rueping Leather Company.

‘Lot of tough times’

“I remember a lot of tough times. There were homeless people who lived near the river on the west side of town. I didn’t think about it a lot at the time. I was concerned for myself and my family,” he said.

We open doors!

Gene says he came through life “all right,” despite the fact he couldn’t go to college (he wanted to be an architect or an engineer). He retired as assistant local postmaster in 1973 and took up painting as a hobby later in life.

Providing financial solutions to the Fond du Lac area since 1954

Gene and his late wife raised two sons, Dave and Don, and taught them to find a place in life they could enjoy. If he could give one piece of advice to young people today, he would tell them to remain positive. “I preferred school and education over everything else. And I wanted to make sure that my children felt that way too,” he said.


“Never put yourself down, or say you can’t do something,” he said.

91 N. Pioneer Road • Fond du Lac, WI 54935 (920) 921-1123 •

6 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

Fond du Lac High School Principal Jon Wiltzius

‘I had no idea how fortunate I would be …’ During the first couple of years that we were in the new high school, many tours were provided to community members and other school districts.

yes or no vote would be decided upon by the Fond du Lac School District voters. The vote was a narrow “Yes.”

I remember one elderly gentleman who stated that he wished he could come back to high school and experience this wonderful new building as a student.

I had no idea how fortunate I would be to be able to work in such a facility like Fond du Lac High School and serve the students and families of Fond du Lac.

I have had the privilege of working at both Goodrich High School and the new high school.

The school was built to hold approximately 2,300 students. After the first semester, with an enrollment of almost 2,400 students, we had to add an additional 75 lockers in the academic area of the new building.

I remember sitting at Woodworth Middle School with other school officials listening to the radio for the results of the school referendum on whether a

Jon Wiltzius, high school principal

THE REPORTER PHOTO BY JUSTIN CONNAHER Fond du Lac High School Principal Jon Wiltzius addresses the audience during a celebration Feb. 19 of Fond du Lac High School’s 150th year. On the panel next to Wiltzius are images of Goodrich High School, top; Ed Fruth, bottom left, longtime coach and teacher (Fruth Field is named in his honor); and Lowell P. Goodrich, former superintendent of schools (L. P. Goodrich High School was named in his honor).

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45 S. National Ave. Fond du Lac �������������������������������� ������������������������������������

Congratulations to FDL High School for 150 years of excellence!

Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 7

Lifelong relationships

provide special memories When asked about my fondest memories of high school, I took the opportunity to go back and walk the route that I used to take to L.P. Goodrich every day. It’s the simple things that I remember. Growing up on the corner of Tenth Street and Park Avenue, across the street from Thurman’s Store and Meat Market, I used to walk to Goodrich High School every day.

TOP - School Board President Eric Everson, 2010 BOTTOM Eric Everson, Goodrich Class of 1994

Walking the old route brought back all the good times I had with my friends, a time in life when the only bill you had was how much bubble gum you would need to get through the week. We had the same group that would meet at my house and proceed to school every day. I am the only member of the old walking group still living in Fond

du Lac, but we still meet up a couple times a year. It was at L.P. Goodrich High School that I met my future wife, Cheri Thornburg. I was not happy with my locker location my junior year and I moved into an empty locker next to one of my friends. As it turned out alphabetically, his locker was next to a really cute girl. Besides, I knew she was there before I moved my locker and it was a perfect move for me. Twenty-five years later we have four wonderful children and are both very proud of the Fond du Lac schools. When I think about my memories of old L.P. Goodrich, I am still living my fondest memories. It’s the lifelong relationships that high school has given to me that are the most important. Eric Everson, School Board president

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8 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

Fond du Lac High School on 150 Years of Academic Excellence ������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� ������������������������������ Ripon College and Fond du Lac High School have shared a mutually-beneficial relationship for many years, and we look


forward to continuing this tradition for many more.

w w w. r i p o n . e d u • 1 - 8 0 0 - 9 4 7 - 4 7 6 6 • a d m i n f o @ r i p o n . e d u

Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 9

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

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10 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

fond du lac high school

The firs left, Isa gradua

through the ye

January 1859 — The first high school built in the city of Fond du Lac was organized and opened in January 1859 by Edwin C. Johnson and Miss M.S. Merrill in what was known as the Sewell store on Main Street between Johnson Street and Merrill Avenue. The students perpetrated many a joke over the fact that the nearest streets and the teachers had the same names. The school opened with nearly 100 students, being free to all residents of the city who could pass a prescribed examination in geography, arithmetic and grammar.

TOP PHOTOLife yearbook from 1911 BOTTOM PHOTO - Boys in shop class in 1950s

July 1859 — The first steps were taken to secure the construction of a high school. From its inception, the high school was considered an important and indispensable department in the rapidly advancing system of education.

Jan. 14, 1865 — A new high school costing $17,000 and having room for 430 students was built at the corner of Amory Street and Merrill Avenue. O.C. Steenberg was the principal. Aug. 1, 1866 — The high school was declared unsafe for use by an examiner. The walls and floors had to be reinforced. Dec. 4, 1868 — The high school was destroyed by fire. High school continued in rented rooms on South Main Street. July 6, 1872 — Class of 1872 graduated eight students. September 1873 — A splendid 4-story structure of brick and stone was completed on the site where the first one burned. It was built by Theodore Eul and cost $45,000, exclusive of the foundation. At the time it was considered the best high school in the state. June 13, 1878 — Teachers at the high school received a salary of $300 per year. Aug. 3, 1882 — A new high school was built on the corner of Marr and Second Streets. April 25, 1883 — Each high school student was forced to pay 25 cents to repair walls that were written on.

Coach Ed Fruth, in his prime, is shown in this photo from the 1920s. He would someday have an athletic field named in his memory. Students say he was an “exceptional geometry teacher.”

Sept. 18, 1909 — The high school was enlarged and remodeled at the total cost of $100,000. June 10, 1910 — The high school had 70 graduates.



Dec. 10, 1913 — Doing the tango at any school activity was barred by the principal. 1920 — The first Fond du Lac School Board consisted of three women and four men: Mrs. F.C. Chadbourne, Mrs. Charles Hotaling, Miss Julia Gibbons, W.A. Titus, John P. McGalloway, Frank Candlish and U.S. O’Connor. Professor R.W. Fairchild was the superintendent and Mayor J.F. Hohensee was the representative from the city commission. March 20, 1920 — A Chicago architectural firm finished plans for the new high school to be built on Linden Street at a cost of $600,000. Twelve and a half acres of Ingram Grove were purchased for $25,000. January 29, 1922 — The new Fond du Lac High School opens its doors for classes.







Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

FROM “FOND DU LAC COUNTY: A GIFT OF THE GLACIER” st graduating class of Fond du Lac High School included, from a F. Mather, Emma Jane Ward and Kate Frame. The only male ate in the four-member class, Kelsey M. Adams, was absent when the photo was taken.


Cardinals football team is ranked first in the state. 1970 — Bonfires were once common homecoming activities 1984-85 — Renovations were made to Goodrich High School in the music and physical education areas, girls locker room and second floor weight room.

1923 — Lowell P. Goodrich becomes the superintendent of schools in Fond du Lac. of Goodrich High School.

Sept. 12, 1925 — A large addition to the high school was built. It consisted of an assembly hall, large gymnasium, cafeteria and science rooms. June 3, 1935 — A total of 302 students were in the graduating class. Nov. 7, 1940 — Lowell P. Goodrich takes position as assistant superintendent of schools in Milwaukee.

terbox. o from the Chat A yearbook phot

Nov. 6, 1941 — Fruth Athletic Field is dedicated to Ed Fruth, athletic director and coach at Fond du Lac High School. 1944 — Students’ reflections on World War II appeared in Fond du Lac Senior High’s March 1944 edition of Argus. Summer of 1955 — Fond du Lac High School was renamed Lowell P. Goodrich High School after the superintendent who served the district from 1923 to 1940. 1961 — Plans are drawn and approved for a $2.7 million addition to the west end

Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 11

1962 — Renovations are completed for the high school. They include a café, bridge, classrooms, library, gym and music areas. A dedication is held.

1964 — Renovations are completed in the science rooms at the high school.

1965 — North end of the 1925 addition is demolished to make way for the 1965 addition, which included the theater, art, graphics arts and auto area shop. 1967 — Renovations are made to the high school’s heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Jan 20, 1969 — Goodrich High School band members perform in Washington, D.C. in the inaugural parade for President Richard Nixon. 1970-71 — The Goodrich High School

1991 — The Community Aquatic Center is built. In 1989, a $2.6 million referendum was passed to fund construction of the swimming facility at Goodrich High School. June 1991 — Future superintendent James Sebert graduates from Lowell P. Goodrich High School. June 7, 2001 — Commencement is held for the last graduating class at L.P. Goodrich High School. There are 448 graduates. Summer/Fall of 2001 — A portion of L.P. Goodrich High School is demolished and the complex is renovated to house the Administration Center. September 2001 — The new $41 million, 400,000-square foot Fond du Lac High School (renamed by the Fond du Lac Board of Education) opens for classes.

Fond du Lac School District superintendents through the years... I.N. Mitchell, 1887 Edward McLaughlin, 1892 L.A. Williams, 1895 Myron Keats William Wilson, 1902 Thomas Jones Guy R. Smith, 1910 J.E. Roberts, 1914 R.W. Fairchild, 1920 Lowell P. Goodrich, 1923 Theodore Jensen, 1941 Harold C. Bauer, 1946 Robert P. Moser, 1961 Ludwig A. Petersen, 1967 Jerome N. Strupp, 1970 Elwood Bilse, 1982 William Halverson, 1983 Alan Osterndorf, 1986 Michael Homes, 1993 Dewitt Jones, 1998 James Gryzwa, 2002 Greg Maass, 2003 James Gryzwa, 2008 James Sebert, 2009

June 12, 2008 — 100-year flood damage hits Fond du Lac, causing extensive damage to Riverside Elementary School (site of the former Goodrich High School), the Community Aquatic Center and the Facility Services Department. Most repairs are completed prior to the start of school in fall. Source: History of Northern Wisconsin Copyright 1881, Donnelly, Gassette & Lloyd Compiled by the Fond du Lac School District

12 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

THE REPORTER PHOTO BY PATRICK FLOOD Fond du Lac High School students fill the hallway on the way to their next classes on Wednesday morning, May 19.

THE REPORTER FILE PHOTO BY PATRICK FLOOD Langdon Divers is assisted as he enters Fruth Field to deliver the commencement address to the last graduating class of Goodrich High School on June 7, 2001. Divers, a noted local historian, was a member of the first graduating class of Fond du Lac High on Linden Street in 1922. The school was renamed Goodrich High School in the summer of 1955. Divers was 99 years old when he spoke to graduates in 2001.


Fond du Lac County Chapter

We give thanks to all the wonderful people who have committed themselves to teaching our children. We admire your leadership & dedication to our community.

Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 13

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

You’re never far from

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating our Sesquicentennial! We had a wonderful time!


t l ti C Congratulations Fond du Lac High School on Your 150th Anniversary!


� ����������� ���������� � ���� �� ��� �������� ������ � ��� ����� �������� � ��� ������� ���� � ������ �������� �������� � �������� ���������� � �������� ������ ������ AGNESIAN HEALTHCARE IS SPONSORED BY THE CONGREGATION OF SISTERS OF ST. AGNES

Congratulations School on your 1 FOND DU LAC High 50th Year Anniver sar y!!!

Expect More From A Leader


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14 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years! This article appeared in the Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter on Nov. 27, 1968

Invitation to Washington accepted

Goodrich Band will march in 2nd Inaugural Parade The Goodrich High School band has been chosen to march in its second consecutive presidential inaugural parade in Washington, D.C. School officials today confirmed that they have accepted an invitation to the band to march in the Jan. 20 parade, which will mark the inauguration of President-elect Richard M. Nixon. The selection was made by State Republican Chairman Ody J. Fish and stems somewhat from a Lincoln Day dinner at St. Mary’s gymnasium last

February. Presidential candidate Nixon was the speaker and members of the “Los Bandidos” stage band from the high school provided the entertainment.

Nixon replies

Boys in the band sent a note to Nixon saying, “If you are elected, we would be honored to play at the White House.” Nixon laughingly acknowledged the note and re-

plied, “If you come, I’ll play the piano.” Members of the Los Banditos at that time also were members of the band. The same group played at Oshkosh during the summer when Vice Presidentelect Spiro T. Agnew spoke there. The entire high school band marched in the 1965 inaugural parade for President Lyndon B. Johnson. At that time, 92 students and eight adults took part in the train trip, leaving on a Monday morning and returning on a Thursday night.

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Salutes Fond du Lac High School on 150 Years of Commitment to academic excellence

Thank you for giving our children the tools they need to help them build successful futures!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 15

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

REPORTER FILE PHOTOS LEFT PHOTO - Goodrich High School Band marches in President-elect Richard Nixon’s inaugural parade in 1969. RIGHT PHOTO - Band students visit the grave of President John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery, where the eternal flame still burns.

In addition to Van Pelt, other Band Boosters members are Claude Cartwright, president of Music Parents; Ludwig A. Peterson, superintendent of schools; James Nelson, high school principal; Mrs. Marian Simons, school district music director; Moely; Nathan Manis, president of the School Board; and Thomas Meiklejohn, county Republican chairman.

130 eligible

Band Director Calvin D. Moely said that about 130 students would be eligible to take part this year. Plans are to fly the band and several adult chaperons to Washington so that less school time is missed. The band would leave Saturday, Jan. 18, and return the night of Jan. 20.

Dirk S. Van Pelt, president of Fred Rueping Leather Co., has been named chairman of the Goodrich Band Boosters, a steering committee that will organize and plan the trip and spearhead a fund drive for approximately $18,000 which Van Pelt said would be necessary to cover expenses.

“We figure we will have to raise $18,000 to cover flying the band to and from Washington and their room and board while there. We want to fly them so they will not miss more than a day of class.”

Fund appeal

Van Pelt added that there would be a general fund appeal to citizens of Fond du Lac and the school district but that there is no set plan of attack for a fundraising drive at this time.


$9,890 raised

For the 1965 trip to Washington, $9,890 was raised — all of it in fund drives — to cover the full expense of the band.

Van Pelt asked that contributions be directed to the “Goodrich High Band Parade Fund” and sent to his attention at the Fred Rueping Leather Co., 96 Doty St. The combined Goodrich bands will open their concert season Dec. 5 at the high school, presenting “An Evening of Marches and Selected Short Subjects.”

Fond du Lac High School on Celebrating years of Commitment to Academic Excellence. Making a difference to our youth & our community. We thank you!

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16 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

THE REPORTER PHOTO BY JUSTIN CONNAHER The $41 million, 400,000-square-foot Fond du Lac High School, shown in this photo on May 18, opened its doors to students in the fall semester of 2001.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO These are the first members of the Fond du Lac School District’s Hall of Fame, honoring those individuals who have had a lasting impact on Fond du Lac High School athletics. The first Hall of Fame banquet was held April 24 at Knights of Columbus Hall. From left are Don Bestor, brother of inductee Glenn Bestor, Hub King, Ann Klapperich, Rick Koeck, Pete Johnson, Jim Bond and Dick Diener. At the far right is Fondy High Athletic Director Brian Skortz.

THE REPORTER FILE PHOTO Former football coach Jim Johnson achieved legendary status when he prowled the Fruth Field sidelines from 1964 through 1974. His first team went 0-8 to add to a 27game Fondy losing streak, but his Cardinals won the first game of 1965 and he eventually guided the Cardinals to a 65-24-2 record in his 11 seasons. Over Johnson’s last eight years, Fondy went 59-6-1 with five Fox River Valley Conference championships and wire-service state titles in 1969 and 1974.


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Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 17

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Fond du Lac High School for

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18 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

Fondest memories

from Fondy High

“Being called Mr. Sadoff by the one-and-only, teacher extraordinaire Mr. Larry Cooper on a daily basis was great!

Kimberly the next afternoon. Another win, and the Cards earned a trip to the State Championship final versus Beloit Memorial.

The state championship in 1987 was big, but the victory over Manitowoc (ending their 40-plus-game winning streak) on Oct. 31, 1987, in the state quarterfinal was even bigger.

But we were still proud of our guys, having taken 14 student buses on Thursday, 15 on Friday, and 16 for the Saturday night game. Number 2 in the state, but Number 1 in our hearts.”

Lunchtime at my friend Wil’s house was excellent — one hour every day to relax and catch up on ‘Days of Our Lives.’” - Aaron Sadoff (School superintendent of the North Fond du Lac School District) Class of 1990 “I was voted junior prom queen. We went to lots of dances back then. We were the first class to have caps and gowns, and graduate during an evening ceremony.” - Dorothy Todd Fritz | Class of 1941 “I had a poodle skirt, and then, of course the big trend was sweaters. We had to go to Merwin’s (store) to buy matching socks to wear. They had to match your sweater.” - Janet Berg | Class of 1958 “Probably my most lasting memory of high school is from my junior year and the WIAA basketball tournament in the spring of 1973. “The Cardinal boys advanced to the quarterfinals at the UW Fieldhouse in Madison in the Thursday afternoon match-up with Madison East. Fondy was victorious and moved on to the semifinals against

The Saturday night game was a tough fought affair and our Cards came up one point short, 60-59!

- Jeff Keenlance | Class of 1974 “I enjoyed the young girls in school who were dressed nice. I recall we wore suits to school.”

“I couldn’t belong to any extracurricular activities because I had to work. My family had no money so I worked for room and board in the city so I could attend the high school. It meant doing all the housework, baby sitting, even running home during the lunch hour to do dishes and then return to school.” - Maybelle Adashun | Class of 1934

THE REPORTER PHOTO BY PATRICK FLOOD Dean and Sandy Osborn are shown with a photo of them when they were dating as Goodrich High School students in the 1970s.

- Donald R. Singleton | Class of 1941 “Certain teachers at Goodrich were cool, and you could joke and talk to them. Others, like Mrs. (Alma) Salchert would get you for holding hands in the hall. If you were caught kissing, you were really in trouble.” - Sandy Osborne Class of 1975 “I was blessed with a tremendous number of outstanding teachers. Many were near retirement, and an awful lot of them were talented women. Many of them, including my mother, went into the field of education.” - U.S. Rep. Tom Petri Sixth Congressional District | Class of 1958

“We took dates to the drive-in movie, or when they were older, to the minor bar, where they could get a beer even though they were underage. I got out of school early each day so I could work my job in the mailroom at The Reporter.” - Jim Schaeve | Class of 1956

“Gas was cheap at 20 cents a gallon, and teens from Fondy High cruised along a designated strip of Main Street called ‘The Gut.’ I drove a 1955 Ford two-door sedan, and we’d travel from Lakeside Park to Gilles and the Beer Hut. That was the route.” -Dale Luther | Class of 1968 “I walked to school, it was probably two miles from where I live, all uphill. I built a solid cherry endtable in woodworking class. It got me hooked on woodworking for life.” - Roy Treadwell | Class of 1941

Sunday, May 23, 2010 | The Reporter | 19

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years! THE REPORTER PHOTO BY PATRICK FLOOD Stephen Strong is the spitting image of his high school graduation photo for the Class of 1951.

“My senior year I was named homecoming king and I acquired a Model A Roadster from my grandmother. The engine was in the rumble seat, and she told me if I could fix it, I could have it.”

THE REPORTER PHOTO BY SHARON ROZNIK Kris and Kate Bennett, 1971 Goodrich graduates, attend the 150-year allclass reunion.

“I developed a love for Band Room 163, thanks to band teacher and mentor Cal Moely. He was such a great influence, probably half a dozen kids that graduated from that class became band teachers, including me.” - Brad Curran | Class of 1970

- Steve Strong | Class of 1951 “I was one of the country kids. Sometimes I walked, sometimes I rode my bicycle and sometimes I got a ride to school with a neighbor who had a car.”

“I created and coached the school’s first baseball program. We started from absolute scratch and played our first game three months later. The kids were wonderful back then. We only had to deal with two major problems — kids chewing gum and running in the halls. ” - The late Jack Putman, teacher for 38 years (hired in 1947)

- Ralph Holterman | Class of 1947

THE REPORTER PHOTO BY PATRICK FLOOD Ralph Holterman, class of 1947, holds up a photograph of his mother taking a cutter sleigh to school. While she attended school, she kept the horse in a livery that was set up behind what is now Joe’s Fox Hut on Main Street.

“We were on the prom court together, and that year there were nine sets of twins attending school. Most of them were members of the band.” - Kris and Kate Bennett | Class of 1971 “I was named junior track queen. In our economy class, we debated whether the U.S. should have conscription, drafting young men. War was declared right after we graduated.” - Peg Stateson Remmel | Class of 1941 “I played in the band, I sang in the choirs, I ran on the track team. But when my class graduated, I was already in the Navy. I turned 18 in January, and left shortly after that. I had enough credits so I still received my diploma.” - Fred “Fritz” Krueger | Class of 1944

“We had great music, great cars, a good baseball team and good teachers who were concerned about their students.” - Don Krueger | Class of 1953


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20 | The Reporter | Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fond du Lac High School - Celebrating 150 years!

We have a history of providing you great stuff for not a lot of money! We salute and congratulate

the city and the Fond du Lac School system for providing so many wonderful citizens, workers and customers. The support you have shown us in the short history we have been in Fond du Lac has been overwhelming.

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Fond du Lac High School Graduates

Fond du Lac 150th Celebration  
Fond du Lac 150th Celebration  

Fond du Lac 150th Celebration