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Top New Wedding Trends Dance Lessons Edith’s Bridal Shop Talking Money & much more!


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SUNDAY | JUNE 6 | 2010


Top New Wedding Trends


Dance Lessons Before the Wedding


Edith’s - The largest bridal shop in Wisconsin


Hot Wedding Favors Trend: Marry fun and function in a useful favor


Planning a Bridal Shower? ... Relax and enjoy it with these food shortcuts


How to Talk Money with your Spouse-to-be

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|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |

{ wedding trends }

Top New Wedding Trends StatePoint

Here are some new trends you can expect to see: A Green Big Day

Eco-friendly alternatives abound in all aspects of our life, so it’s no surprise brides are embracing all things “green.” With bouquets of organic flowers, recycled paper invitations, and even borrowed decorations and attire, brides are giving back to the planet, with many saving money in the process. One popular way of reducing waste is to request RSVPs online, instead of by mail. More and more couples are using less paper in favor of email or custom Web sites.

From the Couple, For the Couple

When it comes time for brides and grooms to give back to their wedding parties, personalized gifts are in vogue. “Couples increasingly are giving custom gifts to each of their attendants,” says Amy Myers, vice president of creative services at Things Remembered, the nation’s leading gift retailer.

“We’re seeing many brides embrace our Charm Story line because it allows them to give all their bridesmaids charm bracelets, but make each different by interweaving wedding-themed charms with those representative of special interests. Plus, they can engrave each charm to make the gift even more personal,” she says. Grooms, meanwhile, are personalizing gifts for groomsmen, with engraved flasks and pocket watches particularly popular.

Since couples are investing extra time to give special gifts, make sure those you give are personal. Don’t be afraid to think past the gift registry to presents they will appreciate for a lifetime.

Shining Accents

Small adornments are looming large in today’s weddings. For example, while brides have long been attracted to Swarovski Crystal accents on dresses and jewelry, now the sparkly baubles are finding their way to other items. They’re shining on the bride’s makeup compact, guest book, toasting flutes, unity candle, cake topper and even jumping out of bouquets.

Custom Logos Whether you’re planning your own wedding or plan to be a guest at one this season, expect to see some contemporary influences taking shape. The latest wedding trends are being embraced by even the most traditional couples. From personalized accents to ecofriendly options to twists on traditional staples, subtle touches are defining this wedding season. In particular, couples are incorporating all things custom, such as personalized gifts for the bridal party and unique ways to “brand” their special day.


Couples want to put their stamp on everything, and these days they are -- literally. Couples are designing custom logos to incorporate on everything from programs and invitations to guest books, cake servers and reception champagne bottles.

To make the process easy and affordable, Things Remembered is offering free wedding logo creation with purchases of $150 or more. Not only will they engrave logos on champagne flutes, picture frames and other wedding staples, they’ll give couples an electronic file to use any way they want.

Dessert Displays

The traditional wedding cake, long associated with towering layers, is being replaced with miniature cakes, often in different flavors. With a series of smaller cakes, cupcakes and other treats, guests can enjoy different options in eye-catching presentations.

Though traditional weddings still reign supreme, don’t be surprised to find today’s trends adding contemporary appeal. These twists can make the day more memorable for both the wedding couple and their guests. ❍

|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |


{ shut up & dance }

Dance Lessons

before the wedding

Bridal couples who want to glide around the dance floor with synchronized steps and confidence at their wedding might want to consider dance lessons prior to their big day.

Julie Wilson, owner of Shut Up & Dance, 325 Winnebago Dr., Fond du Lac, says her studio will train the bride, groom, their attendants and anyone planning to attend the wedding to improve their dancing skills.

“We can give private lessons to just the bride and groom or group sessions for the whole wedding party,” Wilson said. We’ve done it all, including dance lessons at rehearsal dinners and during that lull at the wedding between the service and the dinner.”



by Dorothy Bliskey

But the real benefit comes, Wilson says, when couples approach her for lessons at least a year prior to their wedding.

“In a perfect world, a year is good,” she said. “We work with couples on their first dance – the special one they’ll be doing at their wedding – as well as the mother-son and father-daughter dance. Parents of the couple want to look polished, and often they take lessons too.”

“We can teach couples a few simple moves in a few weeks, but if they want to look like they know what they’re doing, they should start taking lessons when they start planning the wedding,” Wilson said. Wilson who grew up learning tap dancing, ballet and jazz at a local dance studio, went on to discover a local ballroom called Magic Moments, and then on to train at dance studios in Milwaukee and other out-of-the-area spots. When

|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |


Dreaming of your wedding?

Julie Wilson, owner of Shut up and Dance, teaches couples dance steps at her studio on Winnebago Drive. Saturday, May 15, 2010. The Reporter photo by Patrick Flood.

Timeless Bridal, LLC Can make your dreams come true.

“We can teach couples a few simple moves in a few weeks, but if they want to look like they know what they’re doing, they should start taking lessons when they start planning the wedding,”

she opened her very own studio in Fond du Lac in 1999, she hired many of the dance instructors who had trained her. Through them she learned to be a dance instructor.

2 S. S Madison di St., S Waupun 920.345.1400 or 920.238.1401 •

Hours: Tues. & Fri. 11-7; Wed. & Thurs. 10-5; Sat. 10-3 Additional by appointment


- Julie Wilson, owner of Shut Up & Dance

Complete Bridal Attire

Elegant • Beautiful • Memorable • Seating up to 300 • Private Bar • Beautiful Victorian Decor • Outdoor Reception Patio • Large Parquet Dance Floor

“My instructors came from Appleton, Milwaukee and Madison and all excelled in different styles of dance,” Wilson recalls. “Some were more ballroom, some swing, salsa, Latin...and I got free training from them every day. After a few months, my teaching career began as I took over all the classes.”

• Gift Openings • Linen, China, Glassware, & Candle Centerpieces Provided • Rehearsal Dinners • Sleeping Room Blocks

• Complimentary Sleeping Room for the Bride & Groom • Bridal Showers • Bachelor & Bachelorette Packages

Shut Up & Dance studio reaches out to dance enthusiasts beyond the immediate Fond du Lac area. “I have students from all over the state,” Wilson said, noting students arrive regularly from Wausau, Beaver Dam, the Fox Valley, Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison. Some of her best students have become instructors who help Wilson teach others to dance.

During private or group lessons, couples and their wedding party can learn many different dance styles in lessons that are usually about one hour in length. “They learn about leading, following, rhythm, and timing,” Wilson said, noting that popular dances include the waltz, foxtrot and rumba to name a few. “Wedding dances tend to begin with slower more traditional dances and later bust out into more wild and crazy dancing such as the swing or salsa.” Sara and Paul Lariviere, Oshkosh, met while salsa dancing at Shut Up & Dance. When the two married, they had Wilson choreograph the steps to the special bride-groom dance for their wedding. ... continued on page 6


|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |


Wedding workshops are offered a few times a year at Shut Up & Dance, with the next one coming in August.

Contact our

Wedding Coordinator Jena Ottery today!

920-923-3000 Ext. 4999 Something Special in the “Heart of the City”

Ask about Fri. & Sat Incentives



{ shut up & dance } Barb Radl and Blair Mills (R), practice their steps with other couples at Shut Up and Dance. Saturday, May 15, 2010. The Reporter photo by Patrick Flood.

continued from page 5.... Since Sara and Paul met dancing, they had a dance-themed wedding that included dancing quotes during the sermon, a salsa wheel at the grand march and Latin music at their reception. “Our first dance was a rumba to the song ‘In My Life’ by the Beatles,” Lariviere said. “The rumba was new to both of us, but Julie went slowly and thoroughly enough so we could do it correctly. We were very pleased with how it turned out.” Other dance students, Angela Green-Ludvik and her husband Andrew Ludvik, Menasha, took a dozen dance lessons at Wilson’s studio during a three-month period before their October, 2009 wedding. “We wanted to get out there and entertain our guests, not bore them,” said GreenLudvig. “We definitely learned a lot from Julie, Amy and Kathy who were all wonder-

ful teachers. They also worked with our busy schedules to fit the lessons in before the wedding.” “Go for it,” Green-Ludvig advises. “We had a blast. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Be patient with your partner and start early. The lessons go really fast and there is a lot to remember.” Sara and Paul Lariviere, who continue to take dance lessons at Shut Up & Dance, were comfortable with their moves on the dance floor at their wedding. “We weren’t nervous. The lessons we took were very worthwhile,” Sara Lariviere said. “We had a good time and felt a lot more confident about our first dance.” ------------------------------------------------------To learn more about wedding dance lessons (or dance lessons in general) at Shut Up & Dance Studio, call Julie Wilson at 979-3434 or email her at: ❍

Creating Memories To Last A Lifetime!

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{ the dress ... and the tuxedo }

Since 1937 when Edith (Diette) Murphy opened her ladies dress shop at 9 S. Main St., the family-owned store has mushroomed into the largest bridal shop in Wisconsin. Current owner, Tom Diette, gives credit to his great Aunt Edith for starting a family business that he and his wife, Cathy, proudly oversee today. Together they operate a booming fullservice bridal shop that carries gowns for the ladies and tuxedos for the men. (They also stock the largest selection of prom dresses in Wisconsin.) While Cathy handles the women’s gowns, Tom heads the tuxedo section. Because they own their inventory and have ample space in their nearly 17,000-square foot store, they stock 400-500 wedding dresses, 1,200 tuxedos and 2,000 tuxedo vests at any given time.


The largest bridal shop in Wisconsin

by Dorothy Bliskey PHOTOS BY Aileen Andrews

“Customers can come in and buy right off the rack,” Cathy said – a growing trend she has noticed with brides. Tom says it’s not unusual for men to walk in and leave with a tuxedo the same day, which happened several times for proms this spring. ... continued on page 8


|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |


{ the dress ... and the tuxedo }

continued from page 7.... And, if a groomsman lives in a distant state or country, that’s not a problem. If there is a store near him that is a member of the same International Formal Wear Association that Edith’s belongs to, he simply has his measurements taken at that store. The measurements arrive electronically to Tom. When he comes for the wedding, his tux is safe, sound and ready for pick up at Edith’s.

Tuxedo trends

A traditional tuxedo style, with black as the preferred color, is the current trend, says Tom Diette. “Coordinating the vest with the bridesmaid’s dress remains popular,” he said. Even vests, which at one time boasted wild patterns, have mellowed and become more traditional in looks. One thing that hasn’t changed is the popularity of the camouflage vest, a popular choice in fall.

“Every bride is searching for a unique look. We strive to find that for her. It can’t be just ‘OK’ -- it needs to have that ‘WOW’ factor.” - Cathy Diette

“The vest is a wild card,” said Tom, who notes the once popular cummerbunds and bowties are no longer in demand. “Everything is vest-driven right now, and there are so many choices. We only do full back vests – rarely backless. It looks so much nicer when you take your coat off at the wedding reception.”

Every vest has its own name and comes in approximately 25 different colors. Portafino is a brand in demand. Known for its eye-catching sheen, it has a woven-like pattern right in the fabric. “It’s not really a design, but more of a textured fabric,” Tom explained, adding that the store stocks 2,000 vests. Although tuxedos took a slight hit last year during the recession, they are on the rise again, Tom said.

Tuxedos are popular not only with the groom, groomsmen and ushers, but also with the fathers of the bridal couple. “In the bigger cities, the wedding attendees even tend to wear tuxedos.” “The traditional black tuxedo is still number one,” Tom said, noting that brown has made a comeback. White is used by some grooms, but is especially popular at prom time. Wool, the fabric of choice for tuxedos, now comes in a finer weave that is more lightweight. “The standard tuxedo used to be of heavier wool,” Tom said, noting popular tuxedo brands include Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud and After Six. Tuxedos at Edith’s can be rented or purchased. Cost varies for purchasing a tuxedo, based on whether it is new or used. The average price range of a used tuxedo (jacket and pants) ranges from $125-$160 depending on style, while a brand new tux can run from $250-$1000. Tuxedo rentals, on average, range from $79.95-$129.95, which includes everything but the shoes. Most wedding parties order tuxedos in advance, with a 6-8 week lead-time a good idea, Tom said. With 1,200 PHOTOS BY Aileen Andrews 8


|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |


tuxedos and 2,000 vests in stock, however; those wanting a tuxedo in a hurry can get one. “If someone wants a tux the same day they walk in the store, we’d have one for them.” “I’ve been doing this a long time, and it’s a fun career to be in,” Tom said, adding that he began working as a young teen at Edith’s. “Still, it boils down to one thing -- It is such a joy to meet and work with the customer.”

Wedding gown trends

Wedding gowns, nearly 500 of them, line the racks at Edith’s, just waiting to be chosen by that special bride. “Every bride is searching for a unique look,” Cathy Diette said. “We strive to find that for her. It can’t be just ‘OK’ -- it needs to have that ‘WOW’ factor.” While one bride might want very simple lines with little beading, another may prefer a lot of beadwork or the traditional long lace look. “Every bride can find a dress she loves here,” Cathy said. Trends for bridal gowns include multiple soft pleating, often in different directions on the same dress. “The soft pleating effect shows off the figure,” Cathy explains, adding that elongated waists are also popular and a way to highlight a bride’s shapely silhouette. Charmeuse, a newer satin fabric, is big this year because of it’s light weight and drapes nicely. Silk flowers accenting certain parts of the dress also accent the bride’s figure. “The flowers might be on just a small area, such as at the hip, or scattered on the dress,” Cathy said. Rhinestones in patterns on a dress are also popular.



Eden Catering

Feathers are in fashion and can be found in the bride’s hair combs and headpieces. The short cage veil with an open mesh weave is making a comeback, Cathy said, noting it is reminiscent of veils worn by Hollywood brides in the 1950s and ‘60s. Color trends are relatively unchanged, with brides choosing primarily white, diamond white (an off-white) or Ivory.


While price tags for wedding gowns can run from a few hundred dollars to over $2,000 at Edith’s, the average range spent by brides is $600-$900. Brands carried include Pronovias, a high-end line designed in Spain, and Emerald, a less expensive but diverse line. “We have something for every budget,” Cathy said, adding that sizes run from 4-28. A current ongoing promotion offers in-house wedding gowns from $299-$799.


Bridal parties getting outfitted at Edith’s can save money with what the Diettes refer to as their ‘bundling deal.’ “The more you order the more you save,” Cathy said. “And with five or more paid tuxedos, the groom’s tux is free.”


A full-service bridal store, Edith’s employs seamstresses who work steadily in a dedicated room with sewing machines and lighting that help them perform even the most intricate work, such as sewing tiny beads on one-at-a-time. In addition, several in-home seamstresses help with sewing and alteration needs.

For all your catering needs, go to…

“Our store consultants devote one-on-one time with the customer, carrying through to the alteration and fitting stage,” Cathy concludes.


|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |

OR CALL 920-477-2711 FOR MORE DETAILS 5001113543

For more information on Edith’s, go to or call (920) 921-2420. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-9; Tuesday and Thursday 10-5; Saturday 9-5. ❍


{ wedding favors }

Hot wedding favors trend: Marry fun and function in a useful favor Courtesy of ARAcontent

When it comes to creating perfection on your wedding day, it’s hard to understate the importance of the wedding favor. The favor is the piece of your wonderful day that guests will take away with them. You want it to be something special, unique and memorable, a tangible reminder that they’ll turn to again and again. “We’re seeing more brides today turning to wedding favors that marry fun and function, uniqueness and usefulness,” says Allison Bergstedt of My Wedding Reception, a leading online resource for brides seeking unique wedding favors and other wedding items. “Perhaps it’s a reflection of the times, as we are all tending to be more frugal and practical with our money. The favors of choice today are ones that guests will find useful long after the ceremony is over.”

Charming Wedding Atmosphere

Kitchen utensils

“Not everyone may have a mantle on which to display a pretty silver picture frame, but virtually everyone has a kitchen,” Bergstedt says. “So items that can be used in the kitchen make very practical favors. Plus, with so much variety of utensils used in the kitchen, it’s possible to find a favor that is not only useful, but that matches your personality as well.” Popular kitchen wedding favors include kitchen timers, olive oil bottles, cookie cutters, measuring spoons, ice cream scoops and bowls, melon ballers, cake and pie servers, cheese graters and even tea infusers.

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|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |

{ wedding favors }

Here are some hints for useful favors: Salt and pepper shakers

What favor better embodies the essence of marriage - the perfect pairing of two things that seem opposite, but that complement each other so well that neither is fully functional without the other? Salt and pepper shakers can range from fun and frolicking like the adorable bride and groom set, to classic and nostalgic represented by a set shaped like delicate seashells, to modern and bold such as a set rendered in stainless steel.


Who doesn’t have a table they would like to protect from water marks? Coasters make a great practical favor, plus they’re available in such a variety of designs and styles you’ll have no trouble finding a set that flatters the theme of your wedding. Whether you choose a beach design or a “bride and groom” theme, or personalize them with your names and wedding date or with a photo of the two of you together, coasters can keep the memory of your special day alive for guests every time they sip a beverage.

Donation and charity A wise man once said “food is the most personal gift,” and when given as wedding favors, food products can be practical and very welcome too. You can opt to go for fun, and give guests Key Lime margarita mix. Or go for heartwarming and homespun with tea bags and a tea caddy or muffin mix with mini muffin pans.

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“Giving a useful favor also taps another hot trend for ‘green’ favors,” Bergstedt says. “Any favor that your guests will keep - and not throw away - qualifies as green.” For more wedding favor ideas, visit ❍

ArtCarved, an American Original, has provided couples with an everlasting love since 1850, and carries on that tradition today with the ArtCarved Forever Warranty.™ Style, comfort and quality are the core elements that make the creation of every ArtCarved wedding band a labor of love. Live your life together with ArtCarved.

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105 N. Main St., Fond du Lac

|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |

Open: Mon-Thurs 8am - 5pm; Fri. 8am - 8pm; Sat. 9am - 12pm



Another option gaining popularity is to give guests a token that lets them know a donation has been made in their honor to a much-loved charity. For example, you can give a small pink photo frame imprinted with the breast cancer awareness ribbon and a portion of the purchase price will go towards an organization that supports young women with breast cancer. Or, use a tent card at each place setting to let guests know what charity you’ve donated to on their behalf.


{ bridal shower shortcuts }

Planning a bridal shower? Relax and enjoy it with these food shortcuts Courtesy of ARAcontent

If the bridal shower causes you the most anxiety, help is on the way. Kendall McFarland, director of product and recipe development at Simply Organic, suggests cutting down on stress with these time-saving tips to host a simple but sensational shower for the bride.

Accept help.

When the bride’s mother or other guests ask if they can bring anything, say yes. Ask them to bring something you don’t especially enjoy preparing or something you know is that person’s specialty which the bride really loves. Or have each guest bring a dessert or appetizer, so you can focus solely on the rest of the party and fun. Offers to help are gifts, so allow other bridesmaids or friends to assist if they offer. Working together can add to the shower fun, and give you stories to share as you continue down the wedding day road.

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Make the morning of your wedding as unforgettable as the rest of your day. At Texture Salon your entire bridal party will be treated to a total experience. Our open and trendy atmosphere keeps you interacting with your bridal party. Not only will you see a beautiful transformation before your eyes but you will treasure the great memories of your experience at Texture Salon.

Times are filling fast call 322-0300 today and reserve your day now.

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Hours: Mon,Wed & Fri 10 to 9; Tues & Thur 10 to 5; Sat 9 to 5



953 E. Johnson St., FDL

9 S. Main St., Fond du Lac • 920-921-2420

|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |


Your dear friend or sister announces she’s engaged. She wants you to be her maid of honor. It goes without saying, you’re thrilled for her. But - does this mean you’ll have to plan at least one bridal shower? Not to mention, wear a dress not of your own choosing and find the perfect gift?

{ bridal shower shortcuts } Here are two great examples of healthy bridal shower dishes from the Simply Organic recipe collection that are easy to prepare:

Strawberry Spice Muffins Ingredients: • 1 package Simply Organic Carrot Cake Mix • 1/3 cup water • 2 large beaten eggs • 1 cup very finely diced strawberries Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large mixing bowl, combine carrot cake baking mix, water and eggs. Blend until just moist. Fold strawberries into blend. Pour into well-greased or lined muffin pan. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Makes 12 regular-size muffins or six large muffins.

Go the healthy route.

The bride, her bridesmaids and the mother of the bride all want to fit into their dresses when the big day finally arrives. The most thoughtful meal you can offer your guests is a delicious and healthful one. Provide great-tasting, nutritious snacks that go easy on salt, fat, sugar and other potentially unhealthy ingredients and your guests will fondly remember your hospitality.

Remake everyday favorites.

Great dishes don’t require hours in the kitchen. Make your easy-to-prepare favorites and dress them up with special festive seasonings. Try distinctive seasoning blends like curry or Italian seasoning, or even seasoned sugar combinations like lemon sugar or cinnamon sugar for a gourmet touch. For example: Add a liberal dose of a spice like oregano, basil or cayenne (or an herbal seasoning blend) along with some garlic and Parmesan cheese to your usual mashed potatoes and you’ll instantly serve something out of the ordinary.

Use clever shortcuts.

For inviting flavor without fuss, keep a supply of natural dressing and dip mixes on hand for fresh, homemade appetizers and snacks. Add a dip or dressing mix, such as creamy dill, French onion, guacamole or ranch to equal parts of low-fat cottage cheese and non-fat plain yogurt and mix in a blender or food processor until smooth. Serve with fresh veggies you can buy already cleaned and cut up at the store.

Plan and shop wisely.

Don’t exhaust yourself shopping. Outline your menu - including impromptu snacks ahead of time. Then pick up everything non-perishable at the same time, eliminating last-minute sprints to the grocery store. Don’t panic if your grocer is missing that key spice ingredient since it’s easier than ever to order online. For example, Simply Organic carries culinary items like organic spices, seasoning blends, baking extracts and flavors, gluten-free baking mixes and other cooking ingredients and supplies - which they will ship to you within a few days of your order.


Chef Suggestions:

Top with cream cheese frosting and sliced strawberries.

Spicy Clementine Salad Ingredients: • Fresh mixed greens • Feta cheese • Clementine orange slices • 1/2 cup juice from fresh Clementine oranges • 1/4 cup olive oil • 1/4 cup water • 1 package Simply Organic Salsa Dip Mix Directions: Layer greens, cheese and orange slices on a salad plate. Whisk the rest of the ingredients together. Chill until ready to serve, stirring right before drizzling on mixed greens. For more delicious, healthy and easy recipes, visit ❍

|  Sunday, June 6, 2010  |


{ talking money }

How to talk money with your spouse-to-be Courtesy of ARAcontent

Will you raise your kids with a particular religion, will you both register with the same political party and how will you arrange reception seating to ensure your new mother-inlaw is content with who is at her table and where she will sit? Getting married generates no shortage of opportunities to have important conversations with your spouse-to-be.

Maybe you can postpone or even dodge altogether some of those talks, but at least one potentially challenging conversation can actually help ensure your marital bliss down the road - the talk about finances. Numerous polls and studies have shown that money is one of the top reasons couples fight, that it generates more stress in a marriage than almost any topic other than children and is a deciding factor in a large percentage of breakups.

Making sure you’re both on the same financial page before the wedding can help ensure that post “I do” money talks will be less divisive and stressful. And, the good news is that establishing a sound financial footing for the future is not nearly as complicated as you might fear.

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The Stayer Center

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{ talking money }

The financial experts at SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company offer some advice:

Start with a budget

If you’ve lived alone as a single for a while, you may already have your own budget, but now you are balancing income and expenses for two people. If you combine your income and expenses, you’ll need to combine your budgets too. Write down everything each of you spends every month, taking into account housing, food, utilities, transportation, student loans, credit card balances, car payments, taxes and nonessential spending. Next, consider what your financial goals are - do you want to save for a down payment on a house? Are you content to rent and instead focus on paying down revolving debt? Once you determine what your shared goals are, you can adjust your budget accordingly, reducing spending on nonessential items and focusing on spending that moves you toward your overall financial goal.

Establish an emergency fund

One reason so many families and couples suffered greatly in this recession was because they had little or no emergency funds set aside. An emergency fund helps ensure that you and your partner are secure should something happen, like one of you loses a job or experiences a seri-

ous health issue. Agree on how much you want to save for “a rainy day;” experts advise you should save 5 to 10 percent of your income in a joint savings account. Pay yourself first by having cash for your emergency fund directly withdrawn from your paycheck or checking account and deposited in your savings account. Aim to accrue three to six months of living expenses in your emergency fund.

Life insurance is crucial

If you’re young, single, in good health and debt-free, you may not need life insurance. For virtually everyone else, and especially newlyweds who have taken on new responsibilities and often new debt, life insurance is a must, experts agree. Life insurance can give you peace of mind that your loved ones will have sufficient money to take care of themselves should anything happen to you - and it’s affordable. To learn how to create a budget, to access a variety of financial tools or to learn more about life insurance go to For a free, no-obligation quote go to or call (866) 3313078 to speak with an SBLI USA representative. Even better, go to to complete the entire application process - from quoting, to paying - online today.

Knights of Columbus Hall BANQUET

Make a plan - together

Write down your mutual financial goals. Your plan should be specific and realistic, listing the actual steps you will take to achieve your goals, including buying a home, starting a family, taking vacations and saving for retirement. Decide what additional investments you’ll make apart from your regular savings, such as maximizing your 401(k) or IRA contributions.

Be sure to include tracking your expense and income, as well as your tax burden, in your overall plan. Decide what tax filing status will be best for you, and consult a tax advisor if you’re not sure.

Reduce debt

Credit card debt is the top obstacle to a secure financial future and a major stressor in a marriage. Knowing your credit scores is essential; check them annually with all three major credit bureaus. Scrutinize your reports and correct any errors that could affect your ability to get a loan at a desirable interest rate in the future. Money talk doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little strategy and the right attitude, you can build the financial security you need to secure a successful, happy life together. ❍


The Knights of Columbus Hall was dedicated in 1966. Over the past years the clubhouse has hosted thousands of weddings, anniversaries, business meetings and countless other events. We feature a large bar room, dining room seating to 300, modern kitchen and an experienced staff. All of our menu items are prepared in-house from quality ingredients.

The KC Hall is open to the public Our Friday night menu is popular throughout the year.

We offer many Wisconsin fish fry favorites as well as baked chicken, sandwiches and weekly specials.

Dates Available in 2010: July 31, September 11& 25, October 30, November 13, 20 & 27. 2011 Dates Available

Please call

920-921-1290 for availability and details.

Knights of Columbus Hall 795 Fond du Lac Ave., FDL • 5001106079


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Brides June 2010  

Brides June 2010