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Many Boomers Turning Their Passions into New careers HEALTH columN: There Are Two Main Types Of Heart Failure


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Time 6 well spent Two Rivers couple help children, grandchildren in many ways


New Careers Many Boomers Turning Their Passions into New careers


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Time well spent

handle it. “With midlife comes a newfound capacity to tap into your accumulated experience and wisdom to accomplish new things you may have been unable to do earlier,” says Alboher, whose new book “The Encore Career Handbook,” is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to make such a shift.


Patty and Bernie Huetti pose with pictures of their children and grandchildren at their Two Rivers home recently. They help their children and six grandchildren in many ways, both in their own home and at the homes of their children elsewhere in Wisconsin. See inside for more about the family. Matthew Apgar/50 Plus

Whether you’re looking to jump right in or make a plan first, here are some tips and things to consider:


Pat Pankratz, 50 Plus! Editor 920-686-2138 Dale Mahloch, Advertising Manager 920-686-2124 50 Plus! is published monthly by the Herald Times Reporter. It also is distributed to select businesses in Manitowoc County.

For many years, the average 50-something American looked forward to a leisure-based retirement. But as Americans are living longer and feeling younger, many are finding it necessary to remain professionally active beyond traditional retirement age — forging new paths that supply both money and meaning. “Boomers are opting to stay in the game, or better, change the game by leaving a mark and making a difference,” says Marci Alboher, vice president of, an organization helping people transition to the nonprofit world and public sector. While moving into a new kind of work is not always quick or easy, some experts say that middle-aged Americans are well-equipped to

• Don’t be discouraged by today’s tight job market. The nonprofit sector has added jobs over the past decade and

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2 . August 2013 . 50 plus!

• Transitions will take longer than you think, so be patient. • Be prepared to face age discrimination. You can counter employer prejudices by ensuring your skills are up to snuff, especially when it comes to technology. Show you understand the job market today by having a great LinkedIn profile. Consider tailoring your resume to show your strengths as an adviser and mentor.

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• Your new work may involve a tradeoff. You may trade money for meaning and flexibility. You may trade power and influence for the chance to work more closely with people you can help.

our government’s need for highly skilled employees in a variety of sectors continues to grow. Between now and 2018, experts say that there may be as many as 1.7 million jobs available at all levels of government. • Instead of jobs, think about projects. Instead of thinking about what you want to do forever, think about what you want to work on for a year or two. Think about a series of engaging commitments with periodic gaps for a personal break, retraining or travel in between. • Rarely can you find and craft the job opportunity you want, simply by applying to job postings. Create your role through networking, volunteering and retooling for a new kind of work. Consider going solo as a freelancer, consultant or entrepreneur. For tips on making the most of this chapter of your life and work, visit Don’t approach your mid-life and beyond with trepidation. With skills, experience and care, you can launch a successful new career that combines your passion with a paycheck. StatePoint

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There Are Of

Two Main Types

Heart Failure

Choose from two wonderful independent senior orr living communities!

By Dr. Charles Laham

health column Dr. Charles Laham is a board certified interventional cardiologist and director of the heart failure clinic at HFM’s Heart & Vascular Center.

Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart pumps less blood to the body than needed to fully function. Some blood backs up causing lung “congestion” and ankle “edema.” There are two main types of heart failure. The most familiar is weak heart failure due to prior heart attack or viral damage, severe heart valve leakage or untreated rapid heart beats. In the beginning, the heart can hide being slightly weak by enlarging and contracting harder and faster. As heart failure worsens, further enlargement and resultant fluid retention causes even more heart weakening and further reduces blood pumping. Untreated, this cycle continues until the heart/body can’t function, with progressively reduced blood flow and hospitalization, even death at advanced stages resulting. The second, less familiar but more common heart failure is that due to very stiff, thickened and/or overly strong heart mostly due to years of under-treated high blood pressure, diabetes, or naturally stiffened hearts of the elderly. Just like a weak heart can’t pump enough blood, an overly strong/stiff heart can’t work effectively, similar to a musclebound wrestler trying to do a graceful dance. The stiff heart also leads to less pumped blood and similar backing up of retained fluids in the lungs and legs:

the stiffer the heart, the more swelling and lung congestion.


Call DEBBIE at 901-RENT

No matter which type of heart failure (too strong or too weak), increasing fatigue, breathing problems, swelling and poor quality of life lead many to seek doctor’s help. Unfortunately, without regular heart checks, it may take years to recognize this, and may be too advanced to reverse.

This quaint independent senior living community is ideally located in the heart of Two Rivers just steps from downtown banks, restaurants, shopping and the community center. Residents find all the amenities expected and more! Rent includes: heat, water, sewer, trash and snow removal. Professionally managed. Call SUE at 794-1555


What do you think of when you hear the term “heart failure?” Despite what some may think, heart failure is not the same as a heart attack. It is not something that happens suddenly like a heart attack, but rather gradually over time as the heart ages and/or as a result of prior heart damage.

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Symptoms that those with heart failure may have include: • Breathlessness or chest pain while active, at rest, or even sleeping: especially while lying flat usually needing to sleep on several pillows or in a chair; • Persistent coughing or wheezing; • Swelling in the feet, ankles, legs or a bdomen, often with weight gain; • Constant tiredness/generalized fatigue and loss of endurance; • Feeling full in the stomach or decreased appetite; • Confusion or memory loss.

Treatments It is essential for heart failure patients to work with their primary physician and/ or a heart specialist, not only to treat symptoms but also to arrange heart tests to help figure out what caused the problem. Sometimes tests find a durable remedy such as stents, bypass or valve

The Court at

Felician Village

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1903 Division Street, Manitowoc WI two main types of heart failure continued on page 4

Sponsored by the Felician Sisters 50 plus! . August 2013 . 3

two main types of heart failure continued from page 3

surgery to correct the main cause. Regardless of heart failure type each method requires water pills, and careful dietary fluid and salt restriction to reverse swelling and shortness of breath. Often, many other combinations of medications are needed for effective heart failure therapy; these include: • Stronger water pills, which often need additional tablets to replace potassium and/or magnesium that are lost with their use. • Weaker water pills that maintain potassium levels without additional medications. • Beta blockers which help slow heart rates, reduce symptoms and prolong survival in those with weak heart failure. • ACE (angiotension converting enzyme) inhibitors and/or ARB’s (angiotensin receptor blockers) which prolong survival, strengthen the heart and reduce symptoms in those with weak heart failure. • Sometimes nitrates and hydralazine are used in combination. • Digoxin may be used to reduce symptoms and may be very helpful in slowing the

progression of weakness of the right side of the heart, especially with tricuspid valve leakage. These medications need to be taken correctly so they can do their job of either making weak hearts smaller and stronger; or relaxing stiff hearts so as to pump blood more moderately and efficiently. No one likes taking pills nor do they like wearing glasses, but if they are needed for a better quality of life, you are cheating yourself by not complying. To best control congestive heart failure and help change lifestyle, ideally heart failure patients should have regular contact with a team of registered nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and physical/occupational therapists to develop a tailored dietary, medication and exercise program and to monitor any warning signs of problems before they lead to trouble or hospitalization. Changing to a low-salt, low-alcohol and low-caffeine diet, avoiding smoking and stress, together with exercising and avoiding restaurants due to their high salt content if possible, all may help.

Hamilton Care Center Your hometown choice for Nursing and Rehabilitation Services!

ADRC: New medical appointment ride provider on board By Judy Rank Medicaid and BadgerCare (MA) recipients who have requested a ride to a medical appointment since July 1 should be aware of the options available for scheduling a ride. On Aug. 1, LotistiCare will cease to be Wisconsin’s broker for scheduling MA rides. MTM becomes the new broker on Aug. 1. The firm will utilize the same phone number for ride scheduling. They will also be contracting with some of the same transportation providers for rides. Current users of LogistiCare should have received a letter from MTM detailing some of the changes. While MTM will utilize some of the same transportation providers as did LogistiCare, they do plan on looking at expanding the options in the county. They will be increasing the use of the Maritime Metro system for those able to utilize the bus to get to medical appointments. For those unsure of how to navigate the system, a companion service will be available to help learn the system. MTM may also be looking to utilize volunteers who may be willing to use their own vehicle for mileage reimbursement. The ADRC of the Lakeshore, both the Kewaunee and Manitowoc offices, are looking for volunteer drivers for the program. Manitowoc County has three vehicles which can be used, so a volunteer driver doesn’t have to assume the liability of his own

Private and Semi-private rooms Inpatient and Outpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. Our therapists are trained in Lymphedema Therapy, Continence Treatment, Orthopedics and Neurological Treatment,including neuropathy. Licensed qualified social service professionals. Activities geared toward all levels of function. Caring, compassionate staff eager to meet your needs.

Come see the care we can provide. We are located in a beautiful serene wooded setting near downtown Two Rivers

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4 . August 2013 . 50 plus!

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1 Hamilton Drive Two Rivers Wisconsin 54241

MTM requires drivers to have a good driving record, pass a background check and submit to a drug test. Since these transports are non-emergency medical transports, first aid and CPR training is not required. Volunteers may drive as few days a month as they wish and the ADRC will work around a volunteer’s schedule. Please contact the ADRC at 1-877-416-7083 for more information or to become a volunteer driver.

Affordable Care Act Update The Affordable Care Act is on target to launch The Health Insurance Marketplace on Oct. 1. The Act will prohibit insurance companies from dropping your coverage if you get sick, billing you into bankruptcy because of an annual or lifetime limit, or discriminating against anyone with a pre-existing condition. Americans will no longer have to worry about losing coverage if they’re laid off or change jobs, since health care coverage will be readily available. A website has been set up for individuals to determine whether they might be eligible to purchase insurance from the Marketplace. The website: asks questions that provide a list of coverage options you may qualify for (after Oct 1, this list will include the plans and prices of options); answers that will help

you make good decisions; and a personalized checklist to help you get ready to apply. The website will help an individual looking for insurance for themselves or the entire family determine whether they might be eligible; and will also help a small business owner or operator determine whether the business will qualify for insurance through the Marketplace. The Marketplace is designed so that individuals and small businesses can access health insurance coverage through the website. For those unable to accomplish this, the state has provided funding in its budget for so-called navigators to assist through the Economic Support Department.

County Fair Time

Medicare Training

The Manitowoc County Fair will run from Tuesday, Aug. 20 through Sunday, Aug. 25, with gates opening at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. The senior citizens daily admission fee is $5. This does not include grandstand admission or rides, but does include parking. For those who may have difficulty walking around the fair, please contact our office in advance to see if a wheelchair might be available for use. Our office number is (920) 683-4180 and we are located at 4319 Expo Drive.

The Wisconsin Senior Medicare Patrol, operated by the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, will be

Judy Rank is executive director of the Aging and Disability Resource Center of the Lakeshore.

Farm Market Vouchers There are no farmers market vouchers left in Manitowoc County. Kewaunee County residents may still get a set of $25 worth of vouchers at the ADRC in Kewaunee at 810 Lincoln St. Eligible residents must be at least 60 years old and a single person’s annual income cannot exceed $21,257, while a couple’s cannot exceed $28,694. Please bring proof of income, Social Security number and date of birth.

Some decisions are too

When you are looking for more than just an apartment...


to be rushed.

Let us welcome you home! We take pride in our apartments and it shows! You will be captivated by the beauty you will find in the apartments, common areas, and grounds. For those 50 & up or adults with disabilities we offer rent that is 30% of adjusted gross income & includes utilities. We also offer a low-cost DirecTV package, are located on the bus line, and have a county nutrition site.

IIt just makes sense to prepare for the inevitable while emotions are at rest and heads are clear.

Pre-planning Specialist Mike Jarzin is available to answer your questions and provide the

• Tenant and staff-led activities • Pet-friendly • Large rec room with Wi-Fi, pool table, games and puzzles

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guidance you need to make educated decisions.

Mike Jarzin Pre-planning Specialist

Call Mike today to set up an appointment.


Manitou Manor Apartments WI-5001620670

hosting training for individuals wishing to volunteer and help prevent Medicare fraud. The training is on Wednesday, Aug. 21, from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. at Generations in Plymouth. For more information and/or to register, contact Kevin Brown, Wisconsin SMP trainer, at 1-800-488-2596, ext 315 or kbrown@

818 State Street Manitowoc, WI 54220 920.682.0118

1122 South 8th Street Manitowoc, WI 54220 920.682.1568

1124 Main Street Kellnersville, WI 54215 920.732.3535

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vehicle. Kewaunee County has been awarded a grant for a vehicle that will be delivered in 2014.

50 plus! . August 2013 . 5

Aiden Huettl

An entire wall of the couple’s home in Two Rivers is dedicated to a family photo album. Matthew Apgar/50 Plus

Time well spent

Ellie Huettl

Two Rivers couple help children, grandchildren in many ways Bernie and Patty Huettl of Two Rivers have some fond memories of their grandparents, and are now helping to make some for their own grandchildren.

Grandma Huettl lived to the age of 90 and they would visit her in the hospital. Living in the past, she would talk about events of long ago, and her children would explain those events for Bernie and Patty.

Bernie’s family lived with his grandfather for about four years when Grandpa Andrew Adamski suffered a stroke. After he moved out he would visit Bernie’s family often.

“It was just so fascinating to hear about all of these things that happened in the family, we really learned our family history that would have been lost had it not been for her,” stated Patty.

Bernie had six siblings, so “Grandpa Andy” was always fixing something.

Patty is one of 17 children and her family all went to the home of her grandparents, Anthony and Mary Diermeier, every Sunday for lunch. The kids would all fight for a seat in front of the grandfather clock at 1p.m. to see the cuckoo

By Joni Shavlik, 50 Plus correspondent

“We’d visit him and eat his candy, you know, those white mints with the green gel center,” he said. WI-5001683720

6 . August 2013 . 50 plus!

Photos of the children and grandchildren abound at the Huettl household in Two Rivers. Matthew Apgar/50 Plus bird come out! Bernie bought her a toy monkey with cymbals just like her grandparents had, (and their grandchildren love it). Patty and her sisters all had matching dresses for Grandma and Grandpa Last’s 40th wedding anniversary; they made their own clothes and really made use of a bolt of fabric. The sweet strawberries that were dropped off by Grandpa Diermeier were a “no-no” for Patty, but she couldn’t resist and denied eating them as she was examined in the emergency room for her hives!

Life Lessons The Huettls thus learned from their grandparents the value of time spent together working in the garden, playing cards, picking berries. It is those lessons that they carry on to their grandchildren. Bernie and Patty were high school sweethearts and met in Patty’s freshman and Bernie’s sophomore year. They have been married 35 years but tend to celebrate the anniversary of their first date more; they are up to their 43rd anniversary of that. Patty is the chief financial officer of Holy Family Memorial Medical Center and works many hours, attends a lot of meetings

that run late, and is very involved in the community. Bernie is a retired principal of Assumption Catholic school in Durand. They have three children and six grandchildren. Tony is not married, and lives in Green Bay. Their son BJ and his wife, Jenny, have a son, Aiden, and a new little sister, Ellie, who was born in late June.

Constant Helper BJ called Bernie down to Port Washington at 11:30 p.m. the night that Jenny’s water broke. Jenny drove herself to the hospital while BJ stayed with Aiden, (age 2), until Bernie arrived at around 1 a.m., and little Ellie was born at 1:45 a.m. Bernie will be spending some time at their place this summer watching the kids when their parents have to return to work. During the school year he spends a lot of time in Kenosha with their daughter Heather, son-in-law Sam Wulterkens, and their children Bella, 8; Gianna, 6; and twins Henry and Joseph, 3. Sam is a school teacher, but when school is in session, Bernie spends his week in Kenosha caring for the children, and the weekends home with his high school sweetheart. It’s perfect for Patty, who would otherwise feel a bit guilty about her heavy workload that

leaves little time with her retired hubby. It’s also perfect for Bernie, who had a heart valve replaced eight years ago and was told to find a less stressful job. Patty wondered at first how the kids would be with her when she visits. Would they cling to Bernie and avoid her? Would they expect him to be the disciplinarian and not enjoy a visit to their house? None of the above; they are thrilled to see all of their grandparents when they visit!

Arrangements Bernie tries to let Patty have more time with the kids when she is around. He also retires to his room when the kids’ parents come home in the evening so the family can have their time. He is also careful to discipline the same way as their parents do. He is invaluable, and yes, he gets paid, but not like they would have to pay a day care center. If payment in memories made counts, then Bernie is quite a wealthy grandpa! He gets the snuggle time and the hugs, and loves to read to his grandkids. Patty is able to use the sewing skills she learned growing up to make Halloween costumes for the kids. They also take the kids on day trips; Brewers games are a particular favorite. Their annual trip to Chicago includes a visit to the American Girl Store, and a trip to the

Croc shoe store.

Learning Patience When asked what they’ve learned from their grandchildren, Bernie’s first word is “patience.” They both love their grandchildren’s curiosity and are so impressed with their knowledge base. After watching Bella and Gianna play a game called Stack the States and perfectly placing all of the United States on an empty map, Patty had to go home and practice until she could complete the game as well as the girls! When Bernie is away he calls Patty every night and they talk about their days. When away from their grandchildren, they can keep in touch via Facetime. Occasionally Bernie will be called for Facetime to help Joey take his medicine, as Joey states, “I’ll take my medicine for Grandpa.” Gianna called Patty to let her know that she lost two teeth in one day. Recently the kids went strawberry picking and picked some extras for Bernie and Patty. Patty doesn’t have to worry about getting hives from them any more, as she has grown out of that allergy; she just has to be careful of the little nibbles taken out of them by Joey. Joni Shavlik of Manitowoc is a freelance writer.

50 plus! . August 2013 . 7

Caring for Your

Aging Parents


• Personal Records are organized and recorded at no cost. • When pre-funding, traditional funeral expenses are guaranteed. • Payment plans to fit any budget. • All plans are transferable.

finance column Randall Behnke is a Financial Advisor and President of Integrity Investments & Insurance Mgmt. at 3121 Calumet Avenue in Manitowoc. He can be reached at 920.686.8222.

The first step you need to take is talking to your parents. Find out what their needs and wishes are. In some cases, however, they may be unwilling or unable to talk about their future. This can happen for a number of reasons, including incapacity, fear of becoming dependent, resentment toward you for interfering, and reluctance to burden you with their problems. If such is the case with your parents, you may need to do as much planning as you can without them. If their safety or health is in danger, however, you may need to step in as caregiver. The bottom line is that you need to have a plan. If you’re nervous about talking to your parents, make a list of topics that you need to discuss. That way, you’ll be less likely to forget anything. Here are some things that you may need to talk about: • Long-term care insurance: Do they have it? If not, should they buy it? • Living arrangements: Can they still live alone, or is it time to explore other options? • Medical care decisions: What are

8 . August 2013 . 50 plus!

(920) 684-4642

• Financial planning: How can you protect their assets?

(920) 793-1396

• Estate planning: Do they have all of the necessary documents (e.g., wills, trusts)? • Expectations: What do you expect from your parents, and what do they expect from you?

Preparing A Personal Data Record

(920) 775-4433


Mom? Dad? We Need To Talk

their wishes, and who will carry them out?

Mu ueller eller Maanor nor

Welcome Home!

Income based rent for seniors 50 and above or qualified disabled.

• Financial information: Bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate holdings • Legal information: Wills, durable power of attorneys, health-care directives • Funeral and burial plans: Prepayment information, final wishes • Medical information: Health-care providers, medication, medical history • Insurance information: Policy numbers, company names • Advisor information: Names and phone numbers of any professional service providers Caring for aging parents continued on page 10

Family Center

John Bodwin Licensed Pre-Need Counselor

Conveniently Located at 3215 Mischicot Rd in Two Rivers

Once you’ve opened the lines of communication, your next step is to prepare a personal data record. This document lists information that you might need in case your parents become incapacitated or die. Here’s some information that should be included:

• 1 Bedroom Homes • Full Kitchens • Two Sunrooms • Small Pets Welcome • Coin-Op Laundry • Community Activities - Card Games Office Hours: - Bingo Tuesday and Thursday • Parking Available 8:00 - 4:00 • On Bus Route Call to see if you qualify: • Elevator (920) 793-2105 • Low-Impact Exercise Room


Caring for your aging parents is something you hope you can handle when the time comes, but it’s the last thing you want to think about. Whether the time is now or somewhere down the road, there are steps that you can take to make your life (and theirs) a little easier. Today Americans are living longer than ever before. It’s always better to be prepared.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones.

Small Pets Welcome


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Choose to stay in your own home! Compassionately serving as the Home Health Leader since 1974

RN’s • Therapists • Bath Service • Companions Hospice • Housekeepers

1004 Washington Street • Manitowoc • 684-7155 • 50 plus! . August 2013 . 9

caring for aging parents continued from page 8

Be sure to write down the location of documents and any relevant account numbers. It’s a good idea to make copies of all of the documents you’ve gathered and keep them in a safe place. This is especially important if you live far away, because you’ll want the information readily available in the event of an emergency.

Where Will Your Parents Live? If your parents are like many older folks, where they live will depend on how healthy they are. As your parents grow older, their health may deteriorate so much that they can no longer live on their own. At this point, you may need to find them in-home health care or health care within a retirement community or nursing home. Or, you may insist that they come to live with you. If money is an issue, moving in with you may be the best (or only) option, but you’ll want to give this decision serious thought. This decision will impact your entire family, so talk about it as a family first. A lot of help is out there, including friends and extended family. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Evaluating Your Parents’ Abilities If you’re concerned about your parents’ mental or physical capabilities, ask their doctor(s) to recommend a facility for a geriatric assessment. These assessments can be done at hospitals or clinics. The evaluation determines your parents’ capabilities for day-today activities (e.g., cooking, house-

work, personal hygiene, taking medications, making phone calls). The facility can then refer you and your parents to organizations that provide support. If you can’t be there to care for your parents, or if you just need some guidance to oversee your parents’ care, a geriatric care manager (GCM) can also help. Typically, GCMs are nurses or social workers with experience in geriatric care. They can assess your parents’ ability to live on their own, coordinate round-the-clock care if necessary, or recommend home health care and other agencies that can help your parents remain independent.

Get Support And Advice Don’t try to care for your parents alone. Many local and national caregiver support groups and community services are available to help you cope with caring for your aging parents. Some of the services available in your community may include: • Caregiver support groups and training • Adult day care • Respite care • Guidelines on how to choose a nursing home

Senior Apartments

Stress and Worry Free Living! NO Yard Work - NO Lawn Mowing - NO Headaches! Apartment Rent Includes Heat, Water, Sewer, Appliances! • Monthly Socials • Garages Available • Cable/Dish Ready

10 . August 2013 . 50 plus!

George Michael

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Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary information, you may find some gaps. Perhaps your mother doesn’t have a health-care directive, or her will is outdated. You may wish to consult an attorney or other financial professional whose advice both you and your parents can trust.

Regency House


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Make Your Social Security Benefits Work for You! We will help analyze: • How to optimize your benefits • What strategies a married couple can use to coordinate benefits and receive maximum cash flow • Whether you should take benefits at the earliest age possible or wait • What happens if a spouse passes away

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Call us today to learn how to make your Social Security Benefits work for you! Visit www.socialsecuritytimingcom Hours: M-F 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sat 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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• Personal Medication Counseling • Daily Delivery • Prescription Compounding • Online Refills • Bubble Packaging • Automatic Refills with our SmartFill Program • One Price Plan–Get a Large Supply of Your Medication and Save

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For over six decades, Shady Lane, Inc., its local leaders who sit on our board of directors, and its staff have served our residents and our community through a philosophy of servant leadership and a commitment to providing quality affordable care.

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Think of Us First for comfort of skilled care

Designed for living with beautifully decorated and lovely gardens, Shady Lane offers skilled nursing care for short or long-term care, therapy services, social services and hospice care. Medicare and Medicaid Certified.

for planning to get better . . .

Recovering after an illness, joint replacement or surgery is a team effort. In fact, it could be called "Team You"! We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy, respiratory services, pain management and neurological, orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation. Medicare and Medicaid Certified and some private insurances. In-patient or Out-patient Services.

Therapies provided by: Holy Family Memorial

for the joys of home without the work From two bedroom apartments to single bedrooms with private bathrooms, Laurel Grove offers a variety of assisted living options to meet your needs. Enjoy the gardens, optional activities and care-free living. Prices start at $1,450.


Now Open! HFM Clinic at Shady Lane Manitowoc’s only not-for-profit citizen directed care facility. 1235 South 24th Street • Manitowoc, WI • • 920-682-8254 WI-5001683264

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