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OMICS Group USA Announces Its International Conferences 2013-2014

Global Fora for Scientific Excellence

OMICS Group organises International conferences, World congresses, and Annual meetings in association with organizing committees across the globe.


Group conferences bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss methodological innovations, practical applications and new findings in the growing areas of Science and Technology.


Group conferences primarily aimed in Collaboration, with an environment that is rewarding, stimulating, well-organized, and affordable.


OMICS Group congress is prestigious events dedicated to bringing together industry professionals academicians and students from around the world.


Group congresses include inspirational and informative sessions and presentations that enhance and update information about latest and current happenings in science, technology and Management disciplines.

ď‚ž United

States of America (USA) is a great place for World Congresses as it has been a seat of higher learning and research for centuries, where experts, armatures, scientists, and researchers flock to live and work.


Approximately 10,000 conferences take place in USA annually and attract global network of professionals (Scientists, Scholars and Delegates) to a conducive research environment through collaborations and interactions.

ď‚ž These

fora enable representatives to meet intimately and discuss the latest research experiences on topics such as cancer, stem cell research, diabetes, and food technology development in the realm of scientific world.

ď‚ž A good

number of world-renowned academics, prize winning innovators, champions from specialized fields contribute in these fora as speakers and mutual partners.

 USA International

Conferences have a perception in combining the cutting-edge expertise with practical and experienced researchers in order to aid further research and development.

 These

conferences feature renowned personalities as keynote speakers with subsequent themes and tracks arranged in an interdisciplinary manner.

 This

encourages the delegates to explore issues within their specific area of expertise.

ď‚ž Established

in the year 2007, OMICS Group Inc. conducts series of conferences on the topics of scientific interest such as Pharmacy, Medical sciences, Clinical sciences, Life and Environmental sciences, Engineering and applied sciences annually, where scholars meet and share knowledge.

ď‚ž Until

now OMICS Group succeeded in conducting 80 International conferences and looking forward to increase the number with your esteemed participation.

 Of

the 100 conferences that the OMICS Group planned to conduct during 2013-14, more than 50% of them are scheduled at USA.

 All

the OMICS Group Conferences held at USA have addressed the latest and the most relevant issues that the humanity is confronting at present and organized various International Workshops and Symposiums.

 During

the year 2013, OMICS Group have scheduled International Scientific Conferences on Bio-diversity and sustainable energy, Diabetes, Oral Health, Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Lasers, Optics & Photonics, Materials Science & Engineering, Forensic Research & Technology, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs to a whole lot of other thematic conferences that discussed the issues critically.

 During

2014, OMICS Group has an exciting list of Science events like Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery, Engineering, Metabolomics & Systems Biology, Clinical & Experimental Cardiology, Clinical & Experimental Dermatology, Pathology, Biometrics & Biostatistics etc.

 World

renowned scientists, researchers, experts from the industry and academic have actively participated in all these conferences.

 International

Conferences at USA is known for their technological advancements, innovation and excellence with features like Workshops, Symposia, Poster presentations, and exhibitions displaying various products from Industries, collaborations with various societies, associations and media partners.


Group with the help of more than 300 Open Access Journals, virtually covers the whole gamut of scientific knowledge available free of cost to the researchers, institutions, students, knowledge centers and industry.

 All

the papers presented at different OMICS Group Conferences find a place in the respective academic and scholarly journal that this group publishes.


Group conferences include data sessions and empirical papers. Conference participants can analyze recordings of round table discussion and interactions.

Diversified Fields ď‚ž OMICS

Group organizes conferences throughout the calendar year in various parts of the globe in varied and diversified fields like Medical, Chemical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Management, Engineering and applied sciences.

Added Attractions ď‚ž Most

of the OMICS Group Conferences/world Congress hosts exclusive workshops, symposiums and exhibitions with a view to bridge the gap between the theory and practice.

ď‚ž Eminent

scholars, experts and personalities that are practicing in their respective fields are part of these initiatives and they provide firsthand information about what is happening in the industry.

 In

order to encourage students and armatures in the field, OMICS group Conferences include poster presentations and ‘Best Poster Awards’ are part of it.

 Young

and entrepreneurial scientists are selected for ‘Young Scientist Awards for their Unique and entrepreneurial projects presented at the conference.


group conferences serve as a perfect platform for learning, interaction, knowledge sharing and networking, where the juniors in the field can benefit from the experiences of the senior scientists.

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