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Top 6 Reasons To Invest In Server Virtualization


Initiation • Server Virtualization is a great concept that helps in escalating physical resources to get the most out of the investments you have done in hardware. In it, all the physical resources are concealed or masked from the users and software is utilized to split one physical server into manifold virtual machines, named as Virtual Private Server.

Benefits of server virtualization • • • • • •

Save Investments Decrease Power Consumption Maintenance & Management Reliability & Availability Redundancy High Security & Recovery

Save Investments • Companies who want to use hundreds or thousands of virtual servers can without any difficulty use maximum amount of space in an efficient, effective and significant manner. It is the most excellent solution for the companies who cannot afford their own dedicated virtual private server.

Decrease power consumption • This is the second most suitable benefit you will get by the use of server virtualization technology that will decrease virtual servers’ energy utilization and cooling necessities significantly.

Maintenance & management • Server Virtualization helps in making maintenance and management everyday jobs simpler and easier to do. As well as it reduces maintenance expenditures by 30 to 40%.

Reliability & availability • By using server virtualization technique, you will get an enormous boost of increased reliability and availability that permits servers and applications to be available all the times to support advanced service levels you needed for your business’s smooth functioning.

Redundancy • It provides immense security measures if in case one virtual server fails due to any trouble then you will be having another server running the same application in your hand.

High security & recovery • You will get high amount of security and recovery benefits due to the isolated environment it includes in it.

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Top 6 reasons to invest in server virtualization