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• Every email marketing affiliate will begin a campaign with the sole purpose of making money online. Ultimately, making a profit is the main objective of affiliate marketing. Though, most beginner email marketing affiliates have a propensity to run in each direction attempting to make as much money as probable, without even understanding that they are making mistakes that are in fact spoiling their bottom line.

• If you want to increase your return on investment through running an affiliate email marketing campaign, you need to avoid making following mistakes:  Preferring to sell rather than helping  Failing to test the campaign  Not using call-to-action  Sending irrelevant emails  Using unrecognized subject lines

• It is quite a simple mistake to make, primarily because the main aim is to generate a profit and the fact that the word marketing is part of the depiction. Though, you essentially have a propensity to send away a prospective customer base if you concentrate too much on selling.

• It is really very foolish if you do not test before sending out an email campaign. Always analyze your text to make sure that there are no discomforting typos or grammatical errors that emerged when you were typing, test whether each link is working properly or not, and ensure whether your email displays properly when delivered.

• In order to get recognition for your affiliate marketing campaign, you have to compel subscriber to take action by using appropriate call-to-actions. Call-toactions most probably involve buying something or at least visiting a specific website. Thus, you should make use of proper call-toaction for your customers to give clear instructions.

• You possibly will have several affiliate campaigns, but ensure you are only sending each subscriber emails about all the campaigns and products they particularly asked for. Delivering information on other inappropriate products or services can annoy customers and force them to opt-out or mark your messages as spam.

• If you are making use of inappropriate email subject lines, then your user will not be able to recognize you. In fact, your subscribers should be able to recognize where the emails are coming from. Make sure your every subject line evidently clarifies the value of the message and you have sent exactly what was promised.

• Therefore, email marketing for affiliates is the best way to enhance your long-term sales, as well as get new customers. So, if you are already using email in an affiliate marketing campaign, make sure you are not making any of the above mistakes.

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Affiliate email marketing mistakes to avoid  

Every email marketing affiliate will begin a campaign with the sole purpose of making money online. Ultimately, making a profit is the main...

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