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6 Tips On Making Your Email Call-to-action Successful


Inception • Having a good call-to-action can help in improving the results you get with your email marketing campaign and drive the e-mail recipient to your preferred outcome.

Tips That Enhance Email Call-to-action • Here are some significant tips that can enhance your email call-to-action, and thus increase your performance.  Avoid using image in your call-to-action  Reduce the amount of email calls-to-action  Make your call-to-action simple & easy to understand  Give a particular reason with email call-to-action  Create a sense of importance  Make sure your call-to-action leads to an exact landing page

Avoid Using Image in Your Call-toaction

• Images and graphics surely work better on a web-page to persuade actions such as purchases or sign-ups. Though, in an email marketing template, those images or graphics may be concealed and not showed at all.

Reduce The Amount of Emails Calls-to-action

• The more actions you ask users to make, the more they will not make any choice at all. Finally, single click is better than no clicks. If you request a user to select between many different alternatives, you may find that they select none.

Make Your Call-to-action Simple & Easy to Understand

• If your email call-to-action is overcomplicated and has too many words or strong concepts, you will lose appeal and consequences.

Give a Particular Reason With Email Call-to-action

• Provide your customers with a particular reason to react upon a call-to-action. You may also want to draw attention to your value proposition compared to your opponents, such as free delivery. Ensure that it is obvious.

Create a Sense of Importance • Make your offer available for a limited period only. For instance, offer an incentive for the first fifty respondents. This kind of incentive helps in encouraging a more instant response.

Make Sure Your Call-to-action Leads to an Exact Landing Page

• Too frequent calls-to-action will take users to the home page of your web site, requiring them to look around for the definite offer. In addition, be sure there is uniformity in the phrasing and design of your call-toaction and the resultant landing page.

Conclusion • Generally, the more your calls to action are apparent and are planned to stand out, the better chance you have of getting leads.

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6 Tips On Making Your Email Call-to-action Successful