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5 Significant Reasons You Should Never Purchase An Email List


Inception • Buying email lists is generally disadvantageous. Whereas it may allow you to reach thousands of clients without difficulty, it has its own set of drawbacks as well.

Disadvantages of purchasing an email list •

Here are some valid reasons on why you should not purchase email lists for your e-mail marketing campaign:  Purchased email list often has inactive email ids  Email addresses on a purchased list don't actually know you  Procured lists will get you branded as a spammer  Purchased lists generate poor ROI  It harms your email deliverability rate

Purchased email list often has inactive email ids

• Creating a new email address is very simple and due to this, it's very easy to change e-mail addresses, leaving the earlier ones inactive and quiescent. Generally procured email lists have these inactive and dormant email addresses as these lists are not updated regularly.

Email Addresses on a purchased list don’t know you • Rented lists are sometimes worn out from other websites, which is a dirty practice to obtain email marketing lists. But generally list purchase and rental companies will brag that their lists are opt-in.

Procured lists will get you branded as a spammer

• Using a procured email list could even land you in spam folder – something that could mean loss to your online business before you even get initiated. No genuine company will ever sell you the list of optin email ids. Anybody selling you opt-in email list is merely a spam outfit.

Purchased lists generate poor ROI

• As a business owner you should capitalize on any investments you make, together with the investment in e-mail marketing. Buying a list is wastage of money which spoils your sender reputation and lessens the value of any legitimate email sending method you may do.

It harms your email deliverability rate • Purchased lists generally produce high bounces, get marked as spam by email recipients and have low open rates. It means you will soon be recognized by ISP's spam filters and as an alternative of reaching prospective customers; you will be hanging out in the customers' spam folder.


• Thus, there are various effective ways to build and increase a house e-mail list. It may take a long time, but those contacts will have a much better long-lasting value as you establish your business and brand. Just do not give up because creating a healthy email list takes time, but the rewards given by these lists are really valuable.

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5 significant reasons you should never purchase an email list