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4 Common Myths About Email Marketing Exposed


Initiation • In today’s internet world, out of the different kinds of online marketing strategies available, email marketing is the very prominent method. It helps in increasing your website traffic and sales. In fact, it can provide you with tremendous results when used appropriately.

Common myths about email marketing • The distressing part is that there are several email marketing myths in people’s minds at present. • Here are some of the most common myths exposed for you:  Excessive emails annoy customers  Each subject line should be explanatory  Using trigger word sends you to the spam filter  Not a lead producer method

Excessive emails annoy customers • Always keep in mind that the incorrect emails irritate customers. The spam messages annoy customers. If you deliver appropriate messages with refreshing email subject lines, your customers will never get annoyed. Definitely, there are some people who will go forward and opt-out of your email list, but that is all right.

Subject line should be explanatory • It is imperative to write attractive and creative subject lines that artifice customers and make them interested to go through your awesome email campaigns.

Using trigger word sends you to the spam filter • There are a lot of trigger words that email marketers have been taught to ignore like the plague in their email marketing messages, mainly the subject line. And, the words such as Quote, Free, Cash, and Save are regarded as trigger words.

Not a lead producer method • If you have a myth that email marketing is not a lead producer method, then you might be wrong. First, you have probably got email contacts who are prospects, but not the leads at present; a well-divided list has those addresses recognized and will help in converting those prospects into leads.

Conclusion • The real fact about email marketing is that it continues to be an extremely powerful and cost-efficient method to advertise or sell products and services. The people who still believe that email marketing is nothing more than a myth, must clear their misconceptions after reading this blog.

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4 common myths about email marketing exposed