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By Jacob Kim ,Y5B

The Route of The Trip

France Greece

It is a Trip Around The World

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Greece First, I would like to go to Greece. The trip will have 3000 packages of supplies such as food, water, my diary, and my cloths. I will sail with Nicholas, my brother. For all the trips I go, I will start out in the Han River of Seoul. We need to sail down the South China, crossing the Indian Ocean. Through the Red Sea, we finally will arrive Athens in the Mediterranean Sea. The main reason of the trip is because there is temples that match the myths of Ancient Greece there. I will see the temples of Zeus("The Parthenon) because he is the king of gods in the myths in Athens, which is the capital of Greece. Zeus was a god who was the youngest of Cronus and Rhea's kids. Cronus was afraid that his children overthrow him, so he swallowed them all. Luckily, Zeus escaped with Rhea's help. He made Cronus throw up his children who were grown to adults in Cronus's stomach. I could see many sculptures and imagine the stories about the characters of Theseus and The minotaur there. Unfortunately, a part of the temples are broken, maybe because they don't take care of them. ď‚—

France  Second, I will go to Paris, which is the capital of France. I will sail from

Greece to Paris. By going to the river.  I will get my boat fixed there. I would like to go there with a lot of histories is in Europe. I read many famous people like Napoleon and places like the Eiffel tower in the book. The Eiffel Tower was made in 1889. Gustave Eiffel thought up the idea of building it. At first, it was not accepted at all at first. It was the world's largest building until 1930. They had 300 workers 2 years to make it. Napoleon was born in 15th August of 1769. He was the emperor of France from 1804 to 1815. He was famous because he occupied a lot of land. He was out of the emperor's place because he had failed in a lot of big wars. He was sent to a faraway island. He escaped there and came back, but he lost in another war. He was sent to another island. He died there. When I go there, I want to learn more about him. 

Napoleon's Empire at its greatest extent

America Thirdly, I would go to America. The trip will bee a long journey. I will have more than 4000 packages of food and things I need. I went there when I was 5 and I really enjoyed the living in there. I would want to go there again because I forgot most of the things I did there. I would cross the pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Ocean and it will take a long time. I would like to New York because I heard of it a lot but not went there, and then I would like to go to New Jersey. America was first known to indians , then Columbus. When columbus found the land, he thought it was the indies. He thought it was there until he died. Later, another explorer came and named the land after him, America.

Last, I will sail across the Pacific Ocean and go in to the Han river. I will have my boat hooked on there and I will finish my Journey.

Places I might go with a sailboat  

my sailboat imaginary trip

Places I might go with a sailboat  

my sailboat imaginary trip