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What is tea? History of tea Types of tea Making or Processing Tea Heath benefits of tea Heath benefits Is tea good and bad for children? Glossary References Q&A

1. The young, dried leaves of small tree (Camellia sinensis), prepared by various processes and used to make a hot beverage. 2. An aromatic, slightly bitter beverage made by steeping tea leaves in boiling water. 3. Any of various plants having leaves used to make a tea like beverage

 In 2737 BC Emperor Shen Nung made

tea, but there are many legends how Emperor Shen Nung, the 2nd Emperor of China, made tea, but here are one of them. The emperor was an emperor, but also known as an herbalist. He was boiling water his drinking water when some leaves (Camellia Sinesis) blew into the pot. He tasted the result water and the first tea was made.

The statue of Emperor Shen Nung

In 1516 the Portuguese landed in china, discovering the sea route to the East. In 1557 they were allowed to establish a trading station in Macao. In return for ridding the area of the pirates, but the British and other countries had to wait until 1685 to get permission to trade with China. The direct discovery of Chinese tea in the west, although the name had already been introduced through the contact with the Turks, who enjoyed drinking brick tea which they brought along the Silk Road.

 In Japan, the 1st record of brick tea being used dates from around the year 593, and the 1st planting of tea seeds is said to have occurred in the year 805. The Modern history of tea in Japan is said to have originated with the monk Eisai, who introduced the Rinzai Zen tradition to Japan .He brought tea with him upon his return of studying in China. He also wrote a treatise called the Kissa Yojoki, which extolled the properties of tea physical. Eisai’s interest of tea was shared by Dogen, his disciple. When Dogen came back from china in 1227, he brought with him many tea utensils

 Tea seems to be introduced in the 6th or7th centuries, probably by Buddhist monk returning from the country China. In Korea, Queen Sondok drank tea and King Munmu in the year 661 commanded that tea will be used in ceremonies. King Heundok is reported to have obtained tea seeds from china for planting tea.

 There are many types of tea and all teas come from the same bush called Camellia Sinensis but made in different ways. Only Herb tea comes from another bush but most teas are made from the same bush. Here are some types of tea:  Green tea, White tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, Herbal tea, peach tea, and brick tea. Green tea

White tea

Herbal tea

Black or red (Oolong) tea

 Tea plantations of a more intensive kind, with the bush planted in neat rows have been established in various areas. The gathering of leaves requires skill and speed. The job is mostly done by women of the land who can only collect a few pounds of leaves in course a day. The method of drying green tea involves the use of a revolving drum in which the tea leaves are dried by a flow of hot air. The fresh leaves are put in a boiling then are allowed to drain for a couple of hours before being placed over the fire. The leaves are not removed until it completely dries.

Asian cultures have been drinking tea for centuries. Tea is healthy to people because it kills harmful germs and bacteria that gives you disease and illness and green tea could also help to prevent gaining too much weight. Some ingredients in tea may help towards maintaining a healthy heart. Tea could calm stomachaches and could kill bacteria inside the mouth that may cause dental cavities. The tea plant is in itself a rich source of fluoride. It could stop you from getting flues and colds from viruses

Even if tea could help children, it could also harm them because it contains a lot of caffeine and should not be given to infants and toddlers. The caffeine could affect mood and sleep patterns. So you should only drink about 4 cups a day.

Removed- to moved out something into another place Method- a way Utensils-some things like gears. Ingredient-a thing that is used to make something Withering-to be dried or shriveled Processing- to make something in a special order

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- Who made tea? - Why is tea bad for children when they drink too much tea? - What was the name of the monk who brought tea to Japan? - What treatise did he write? - Who has introduced tea to Korea?

Emperor Shen Nung The caffeine could affect their sleep patterns Monk Eisai Kissa Yojoki Probably by Buddhist Monks

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