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“Who Else Wants A Google Top Listing?” Hello, my name is Gary Harvey and I’m here to get you a Google top listing. If you’re looking for an affordable SEO service that can get a Google top listing for your business, my team and I are here at your service. And what is SEO, you ask? Ah yes, that’s Search Engine Optimization… the art/science of getting websites to the top of the search engines by following their rules. It’s knowing and implementing the technical details for securing and then holding onto top Google listings. Just for fun, I call it my “page one magic” — and I’m ready to do it for you. Studies confirm what we all know to be true, and that is… when you search for something on the Internet, hardly anybody looks past THE FIRST PAGE of search results. That’s why a Google top listing is so important. It’s money in the bank. So if you want your prospective customers to find YOU (instead of your competition), then you absolutely MUST BE on page one.

But HOW do you get a Google top listing? Isn’t page one somehow reserved for the Big Guys? – the companies with the big advertising budgets? Not at all. I’ve promoted SMALL COMPANIES up to Google top listings. I’ve promoted SOLE TRADERS up to a top Google listing. I’ve even promoted HOME BASED BUSINESSES up to a Google top listing for their local markets… the exact people they wanted to reach. “All it needs is a bit of local SEO”. Perhaps I can assist you too.

Google top listing You’re probably wondering HOW our team delivers the page one magic. I certainly would be wanting to know too. Okay, here are the SEO promotional methods my team and I will be using to get you a top Google listing. More traffic and more sales, but do you qualify? If your business is selling a legitimate product or service and you already know how to convert prospects into buyers, then all we have to do is put your business on page 1 of Google, the world’s leading internet search engine, and… more buyers will find you. Despite these recessionary times, people are still buying. We’re all about putting YOUR business IN FRONT OF BUYERS when they are doing their pre-purchase research.

SEO Guarantee Have you ever heard of an SEO guarantee? Well, here’s mine… I will get your site onto page one of within 4 months for some or all of your search terms or I will refund your full payment. Now how’s that for a straight shooting SEO guarantee? No fine print. No weasel clauses. Just a solid commitment to do my BEST for you ‘coz it will cost me if I don’t.

How can I give a 100% money back SEO guarantee like this? Well, I start by checking out how strong the competition is for your keywords. In other words, is getting you onto the front page of Google even do-able? I use my experience and the metrics I’ve gathered to make a call about whether I can knock somebody off page one for you. If I don’t think I can get you there, I wont even take your money in the first place. Here’s how it works: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

You contact me We agree on a list of search terms (also known as keywords or keyphrases) You hire me My team and I promote your site and your keywords You get onto page 1 of Google for some or all of your search terms Except if that doesn’t happen in 6 months, you get a full refund. That’s how my SEO guarantee works.

This SEO guarantee puts all the risk is on me, so why wait any longer?

SEO Guy For Hire “Your offer looks great, Gary. How can I hire YOU as my SEO guy?” Hey, I’d love to be your SEO guy if I could, so let’s get started. First off, please provide me with your website address and the search terms you are wishing to target (learn more about the ideal search terms) and anything else you feel I might need to know. I will reply to the email address you enter, using this subject line… Re: CONTACT FORM –

Presented by: Fazal-e-Rehman Khan.


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