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Bobblehead dolls Custom bobblehead dolls Our experienced and well trained staff members are the number one professionals at manufacturing bobbleheads, and we have been manufacturing these unique dolls since 1999. With our factory located in the world famous city of Shanghai in China, we have for the past decade built up quite a reputation with customers and retailers alike, who see us as a company that can get things done, no matter what the request. Our aims are always to produce to a high level of quality and in a short a time as possible, whilst offering costs that are simply better than competitive. When consumers go out and buy a product, you can be sure that only a minority of them will actually know where that product came from, but we are proud of what we do, and so make sure that customers know who they are dealing with when they purchase customized bobble head dolls. There are a lot of internet start-up companies who claim to supply an original product but are in fact simply agents. We, on the other hand, are a bobblehead factory; we have a physical location and a factory that customers are more than welcome to visit. When we commence business with a client our primary focus is on making sure we get their bobblehead to them perfectly on the first time of trying, and to this end our professional team develops timelines and the approval process so that customers aren’t required to follow the process step by step.

Personalized bobble head figures One of our areas of expertise lies in taking care of the fine details of the process. We will never be afraid to ask you questions, and we will always work tirelessly to make sure that we solve any problems you may be having. Once you invite us to take care of your order, whether that’s just a single item or an instruction for us to handle over one hundred bobbleheads, you can be confident that we will handle every aspect of the process from the designing of the bobble heads to the shipping of the finished article. Our clients have ranged from ordinary folk to professional sports stars such as ball players, Fortune 500 corporations, high profile entertainers and major Ivy League universities, and as of the end of 2008 almost two and a half million bobble heads and figurines have been manufactured. So you can be sure that we have the experience and expertise to look after your every need. If you want to make your own bobblehead figures then we can assist with the design, as our reputation has been built on our ability to create a great sculpture likeness. On the market today there are some bobble heads that you would not be able to identify easily, and this is simply a result of the carving process not being up to the necessary standard to create a professional product. With us, you are getting the best carvers in the industry so a true likeness is guaranteed.

Presented by: Fazal-e-Rehman Khan.

Professional and Dedicated We invite you to shop around with other manufacturers as we are supremely confident that due to our fine details, exacting scale, and excellent lifelike facial designs, you will find our bobble head carvings to be the best on the market. In addition to our professional team of carvers we also have the most experienced painters in the industry who have been working for almost ten years in our factory. Their skill lies in their ability to perfectly capture intricate details such as tattoos, sports uniforms and company logos, and we are sure you will be very impressed with the amount of detail that they are able to add onto such a small and complex figure. For those who want to buy personalized bobblehead figures there is no minimum order as we are the factory and so don’t have to negotiate with manufacturers as with other companies you will find. Any order, from one to a million or more can be filled, so don’t be concerned with quantity and just order as many or as little as you want. We have a strict quality control process for every single piece; from the initial stages of the carving production to the end packing stage there are two quality control personnel at every stage of the production line. This ensures that products are made to customers’ approved sample exactly, and whether they have a tight budget or are in need of a rush delivery we will never sacrifice on quality.

Produced to the Highest Quality We fully understand and appreciate that both people and companies work on a tight budget, as we are a factory after all, and so we work towards offering customers a product at the best possible price in order to meet their budgetary constraints. In the majority of cases bobbleheads are ordered as special gifts for important events, so we work very hard towards getting them made on time. Of course we know of other companies who have failed to deliver their bobble heads on time and thus have ruined a bobble head being the centerpiece of a special event. Due to our ten years of experience we know and anticipate that problems will occur during the production process, but we are committed to keeping clients abreast of any problems that may cause a delay in the delivery of an order. The making of custom made bobble heads is complex, yet there have been occasions where customers have asked us to turn around an order in three weeks, having been left in the lurch by a company who has informed them at the last minute that their order could not be fulfilled on time, and we have delivered. Not all companies adhere to using lead-free paint, but we are very much aware of people’s concerns on this matter and so we only use paint that has been properly and thoroughly tested and approved. For anyone that wants to see them, we have lead testing reports on file for our paint manufacturers.

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Presented by: Fazal-e-Rehman Khan.


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